Immigration Border Patrol Arrests 67 Aliens, Illegal Miners

Armed Immigration officers in surveillance patrol in Grand Kru County

 At least 67 aliens and illegal miners have been arrested over the last few days at borders and gold mining camps in Grand Kru County, following Surveillance Border Operations, headed by Hendris Daye of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS).

The arrest of the foreign gold miners, mainly Ghanaians, has disrupted mining activities and sparked a widespread letup in the County.

In a telephone interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, LIS’ compass man, Prince Tobee of Surveillance Border Operations, said they have submitted a preliminary report to the headquarters of LIS in Monrovia regarding the aliens who are currently being detained  in Sasstown.

Tobee said the operation has confirmed the entry into Grand Kru County of large numbers of foreign nationals, purposely in search of gold and diamond, a situation which has drawn the attention of local authorities.

“Moreover, we have observed that these foreign nationals came in the country with lots of mining equipment,’ Tobee told this newspaper via mobile phone.

Tobee is also the Grand Kru County LIS’ commander of the Border Patrol Unit.

He said Surveillance Border Operations is expected to formally end any time soon, “but there will be lots of  off-the-record border patrols to curb aliens based on headquarters’ instruction.”

However, the Daily Observer spoke to a Ghanaian, only known as Nana, in Sasstown. Nana said the head of their community is working with the LIS as well as the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy in Monrovia, to regularize their status.

“Over 50 of us were arrested from about three gold mining camps and brought back to Sasstown, a nearby security hub, because we don’t have the proper papers. We are here, and our head is  trying his best to obtain the necessary papers from the Liberian Immigration authority and any other agency,” Nana said.

“The reason for the gold rush in Liberia is to develop our lives. We cannot be suffering in Ghana, when there is news of gold and diamond in Liberia and we can come and work to benefit our families,” he told this newspaper via mobile phone.

Two weeks ago, LIS’ detachment of Grand Kru County intensified its patrols, following warnings from the agency’s Commissioner General Lemuel E. Reeves, alerting security personnel assigned in the County to stop the illegal entry of foreign nationals.

According to the tentative schedule of the Surveillance Patrol, the LIS said there will be an intensive patrol in the Sasstown region and its environs, including surveillance patrol at the Buah region.

Additionally, the scheduled patrol will include Barclayville City, the County’s political capital, and its environs. This, accordingly, will be inspected intensively, while there will be an intensive patrol of the entire Forpoh Region, where gold and diamond minerals are heavily concentrated.

It may be recalled that Grand Kru County District 2 Representative Jonathan Fonati Koffa told a news conference recently that illegal mining is on the rise in his district, a situation, he said, that poses a serious security threat to residents.

The Chairman on the House’s Committee on National Security Representative Alfred Koiwood of Gbarpolu County, via mobile phone yesterday, said, “the reported influx of illegal aliens and/or foreigners nationwide, specifically in mineral rich communities, raises concern among his colleagues, particularly law enforcement agencies, including lawmakers who are the direct representatives of the people.”


  1. These are very important national security concerns/issues for all Liberians to really worry about. If a Liberia does that in Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea etc., he/she will be beating apparently to death, or sentenced to life in imprisonment.
    As we speak, there are Liberians sitting in prison camps in Ghana for the same illegal mining operations. We must take into consideration that our forefathers protected the motherland with their blood and sweat and this is why we were able to meet it not occupied by foreigners!

    My grand father Huloh-Hollo was working alone side with President William V.S. Tubman as regional Chief for maryland County from the 40s-60s and early 70s and his regional security teams from Sasstown, Barclayville, Kanweaken, Webo, Pleebo, down to coastal Fishtown were being protected not really by the

    Liberian immigration service and police force, but rather by the regional Defence Force of the Grebo-Kru regions at the time we apparently did not have Grand Kru and River Gee Counties respectively. They were under Maryland and Cape Palmas as regional capital.

    However, the regional Defence Force would instantly destroyed the life or killed any invaders and intruders/foreigners (law enforcement) on state property, or for any attempt to steal or do illegal mining and gold digging in the region was straight under a life or death game changer!

    This is why all the resources and forest in the region were
    in good and protected thereof prior to the Civil War, even doing Doe time, no Ghana or Nigerian or any invaders being it black or white were stupid to come invade the motherland., (Why not armed the local village youth to provide protection)?

    Again, this is a very serious national security threat to the very survival of the nation State and the national economy of Liberia in general.

    I hereby and with due high esteem, calling on the George Manneh Weah government to put the motherland first, and stop invasion on Ancestral land, simply by empowering our local regional and local town Chiefs and the village youth with fire arms to start protecting our forests and reserves for generation to come., (Liberia is not for sell, and any attempt to do so will be met with fire for fire and blood for blood).

    I see that most of these guys working in the Liberians government these days are not even nationalistic, they do not visit the motherland and consults with the Zoos and the Elders as to be aware of their own spiritual standing.

    But they rather sit in renting houses in Monrovia, drinking expired beers and fucking small small girls, eating fat food, and growning big beg belly. This is a shame on the Country boys!

    I am not proud of my own generation as to regard how they see themselves and the regard they all showing to the Ancestral land is physically and psychologically un-acceptable.

    I want to remind you all here hereby, that given yourself white man name such as: Davis Norman, Charles Gibson, Roberson Klark; insted of naming your son Geebya, Gyude, Soetie, Toe Dweh, Doe Nimeley is a complete mockery of your own status quo and disregard for the Ancestral land. Simply because democracy and human rights met us here, and shall leave us here!

    The reason we are not developing as a Nation is simply because we abandoned our Ancestral land, tradition and our Ancestral spirits are crying in their graves. We are force to delink inorder to improved!

    Again, I call on this government to empower local youth by arming them to protect our forest and Ancestral values against all forms of invasion from illegal activities, from cutting down of timbers, to gold and diamonds mining. If we are not careful in Liberia, foreigners will come and get rich over night just by using us.
    Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of Africa are stay protectiong their Ancestral land, cultural values, tradition, because without your recognizing where you are from, you are living in world of great uncertainty, regardless of using internet, mobile phone, drinking whiteman beers and driving on dusty roads. Again, we will not get want we all want until we put Liberia first.

  2. The head of the illegal Ghanaian gold miners said, “The reason for the gold rush in Liberia is to develop our lives. We cannot be suffering in Ghana, when there is news of gold and diamond in Liberia and we can come and work to benefit our families,” Really? There are Liberians suffering in Ghana too as refugees but you don’t see them rushing into Ghanaian gold mines to dig up gold or diamonds. Ghanaian laws are very strict and enforced. If you do not have the legal papers to even enter Liberia, you should be deported back to Ghana. Liberian resources are for the people of Liberia and not Ghanaians.

    • Point of correction, according to the Ghana Refugees Board, there are no Liberian refugees in Ghana. Their status expired some years back. They were given the option of reintegrating into the Ghanaian society or repatriate to Liberia. This has also been corroborated by Liberians at Buduburam Camp at Kasoa, in the Central Region of Ghana.

      Notwithstanding, it is very sad to have Ghanaians perpetrating illegality in Liberia. Laws must work irrespective whoever is found culpable.

      But the suggestions of deportation and going to the extent of arming local youths must be relooked at given the recent past history of Liberia.

  3. Well said Christopher Luke, all of them most be deported. We can’t take this lightly, we need to know how they entered Liberia, by land or sea? after, we must beaf up security to protect our people and natural resources.

  4. No, let them come in droves. Africa belongs to all of us and the present borders were a creation of the white man.

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