Imam Kamara Appeals for ‘Secular State’


Imam Sheik Omaru Kamara has appealed to Liberians to let Liberia remain a secular state to ensure peace and freedom of worship in the country for all.

Speaking to over one hundred worshippers at the 72nd SKD Boulevard Mosque at the regular Friday prayers, which coincided with the observance of the National Fast and Prayer Day, Imam Kamara, who is also chairman of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, said worshipping God (Arabic Allah) is a blessed privilege that must not be undermined.

According to the Islamic preacher, Liberians should pray to God for forgiveness of their sins, and for guidance and strength to serve the nation.

“That is why Muslims pray five times a day. There is no problem in the world that has not been solved by the mercy and compassion of God even during the days of Adam and Eve,” he said.

The Chief Imam condemned any proposition that could undermine the stability of the functions of other religions and their followers.

God is watching over everybody and the need for Muslims as well as every other Liberian worshipper of God to live free and in peace cannot be overemphasized, said the Muslim cleric.

Imam Kamara called on Liberians to stop insulting and condemning government officials and other leaders unnecessarily, saying it is only good to oppose a leader when he goes against the teachings of God such as denying justice to people and the freedom to have a fair share of what belongs to the general population.

He narrated the story of Jonah (in the Holy Qu’ran and Bible) which teaches a lesson on disobedience and explained that Jonah, who was also one of the prophets of God, disobeyed God and was punished by allowing a ship’s crew to throw him into the sea. “This,” he said, “was meant to teach Jonah a lesson that disobeying God’s orders meant denying himself true life.”

The Imam said God rescued Jonah and re-ordered him to go and preach the message to the people of Nineveh so they may repent of their sins and worship God.

Imam Kamara explained that the essence of Jonah’s story is to tell Liberians that God has already saved the nation from many calamities for which Liberians are yet to satisfactorily glorify Him.


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