“I’m Strong, My Mind Is Functioning Well”


Ellen reacts to statement attributed to her that she’s “80 years old and cannot remember anything”

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dismissed reports claiming that she told investigators of the alleged missing L$16 billion that she is 80 years old and cannot remember anything.

In a BBC interview with Jonathan Paye-Layleh about the statement attributed to her, which has been trending on social media, Madam Sirleaf categorically denied ever making any statement of such, describing the article as “tricky propaganda.”

“Anybody who said that, needs to go and look at themselves. Do I look like somebody to say I’m 80 years [and that] I cannot remember? Come on. You have a foolish paper here that is always doing sensational things, and those sensational things are not true. So we are accustomed to that,” Madam reacted.

“There is absolutely no fact to that,” she continued. “I am very strong, my mind is functioning well and so that’s tricky propaganda and nobody should listen to that.”

The former President explained that when she met with the investigative team, she told them everything she knows about the alleged missing billions.

“There were some investigators that came to see me and I told them: everything I do, every decision I have made, every action I have taken, is not by word of mouth; is by paper, is by document. Anybody wants to know anything that I’ve done, please go to the records of the Ministry of State. It’s written there and they will get full clarification on anything. Because I don’t just talk, I write anything I do. So if somebody says that I said, I don’t have to talk because it’s written! Go and read the records and if you need clarification of the records, then you come back to me.” she told the BBC.

In a related development, the former President yesterday celebrated in grand style her 80th birthday at her Fish Market, Sinkor residence, nine months after she turned power to President George Weah, who led an array of government officials, to the former President’s natal day celebration.

The guests were entertained to a round of laughter when they saw Madam Sirleaf on the dance floor with her elder sister, Jenneh Bernard, partying to their favorite Oldies and Goodies tunes, including “Happy Birthday” by the late Prince Nico and the Rocafil Jazz band.

This year’s celebration of the Madam Sirleaf’s 80th birthday coincided with her induction into the International Women’s Forum (IWF) Hall of Fame, held in Florida, U.S.A. Madam Sirleaf was inducted alongside Alice Walton, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Wangari Maathai and Ruth Baders Ginsburg.

This is the second international highest honor Madam Sirleaf has received so far since she stepped down as President of Liberia at the end of her second term in January this year.


  1. Good. So you can remember all the ways you screw up our country, your rebel ways and arrogance, your gossiping nature, how you oppressed people while giving envelopes to to do your bidding, how you overlook votes to put cronies in. You are reviled by your own people while the West celebrates its pet project.

    • I disagree with some of her policies and the corruption she allowed to prosper under her leadership but generally she was a good president. Overall she did a very good job to bring Liberia back from the ashes. That was not a small feat my friend. When I visited Liberian in 2003, I thought it would take hundreds of years to rebuild. Now you can barely see bullet holes on any buildings. She’s not perfect but she has brains.

      • Mr. George, I hope others can read your post. I also saw the street of Monrovia early in 2006. I saw mess running behind the Ministry of finance, on the Carey street side. When I went back in 2010-11-15, I saw a different Monrovia. so you have people who have forgotten What Monrovia was like at the end of the war

  2. Mmme. President; Who ordered the printing of L$16BILLIONS; when Liberia’s Legislators authorized that only L$5Billions be printed? And, Why?? If Liberia doesn’t have the “NEEDED ECONOMIC CAPACITY” to asorb the excess L$11Billions printed, Liberia will definitely have “HYPER INFLATIONS”; as it’s beginning to show. Any “Economist” should know that. Won’t you?

  3. E.J.S

    Yes, I may have become disenchanted with some of your policies at times but I did it with love; objectivity, and being cognizant of the fact that as a human you were not perfect and that you truly love Liberia as much as I also do.

    It only takes an individual capable of gearing-up his or her cognitive faculties to be able to fathom what it is to inherit the prodigious tasks of salvaging a country that the world community had categorized as a “failed state”. Unlike the current administration, you inherited an absolute Tammany Hall where the system of governance ran absolutely amok.

    I will always be inspired by your great courage and fortitude. Go girl! You did your best!

  4. Totally wicked. Our people dying from no hospital and you getting good healthcare around the world. Liberians are very stupid. Costas was right, we should let them suffer. This woman join Charles taylor and now want to talk nonsense. She gave all her friends jobs , her family and our children are suffering. Witch

  5. Hi Ma’am .
    Happy belated birthday . I wish you many happy returns.
    Thanks so much for the humanitarian sacrifice.
    Thomas T Tengbeh

  6. “Madam Sirleaf was inducted alongside Alice Walton, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Wangari Maathai and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Really, alongside such highly accomplished people? Wow, how much did she take from the Treasury or Central Bank to pay lobbyists to hustle her into the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame? Oh well, enough already with all these fake awards. The Liberian people know who she really is – a big fraud who should be facing trial for economic and war crimes.


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