‘I’m Seasoned Enough to Redeem You


Hundreds of residents of Montserrado Electoral District #3 were over the weekend enchanted by representative aspirant Kollie Massayan Sorsor, telling them how seasoned he is to rescue the district’s poor and failed leadership.

Mr. Sorsor’s petitioning ceremony, interspersed with a grand parade on the principal streets of the district and a musical jamboree, was held in Wood Camp, Parker Paint, Paynesville.

When he accepted the petition to contest the district’s seat, Mr. Sorsor said he is seasoned enough and adequately prepared to make the residents feel the impact of true representation at the Legislature if elected in the October poll.

Over 500 persons, on behalf of thousands of their fellow residents, presented the petition statement to Mr. Sorsor.

Sorsor said because he understands the long suffering of the residents, he will do away with complacency to face the realities of the district’s 11 communities.

“With your support, mainly by voting me into the office of the House of Representatives, we will realize the benefits of good leadership and forget the frustrating days of the past,” he assured his supporters.

Mr. Sorsor noted that he will do nothing to hurt the residents’ interests, adding, “I know your pains, sufferings and frustrations in our district, but I assure you that the needed change will come after the October elections.”

According to him, Liberian history is replete with negative developments when compared to the positive, a situation that requires heroes who can sacrifice their comforts and desires to change things for the better.

“Most of our lawmakers lack the courage to reject bribes simply because they have not fairly worked, neither earned good sums of money for themselves prior to assuming public office,” he said.

“They think that poverty is a curse and as such any opportunity is worth taking advantage of, even if those whose interests they represent are being threatened.”

He assured the residents that money from the Capitol Building intended for development will not be misappropriated as he is neither hungry nor selfish, but rather development-oriented.

Mr. Sorsor is the founder and CEO of “Ten Thousand Best Friends (TBF),” an organization that scouts youth in the district to benefit from his scholarship program; help clean the district; assist jobless women to start their own petty businesses; and provide food for the elderly.

District #3 is currently represented by Bill Twehway, who is also in the race to retain his seat.

Other’s interested in the seat are Atty. Kanio Bai Gbala, C. B. Barshell and the district’s former representative, Kuku Y. Dorbor.


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