“I’m Not Concentrating on Madam Sirleaf”

Amb. George Weah is being sworn in as President of the Republic of Liberia today.

– Weah tells Ghanaian TV Host

Bubbling with confidence that winning the runoff elections on November 7 is a foregone conclusion, Senator George Manneh Weah told a Ghanaian sports interviewer in a one hour program that he will not concentrate on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf after he assumes state power in 2018.

“There are a lot of people making ‘yo, yo, yo’…all making noise…but she is leaving; and for me, I am not concentrating on her, because she has served (the country); she played her part,” Weah told the Sports File show on Metro TV Sports Ghana in a July interview.

With calm anticipation, Weah punctuated his eloquence with careful articulation of gestures, saying, “She did some things that [were] good and some things she did that [were] not good, and we will tap in the one that was good and applaud her for it.”

Weah said what he thinks is important to consider is for his government to “know how we can protect her when she leaves and to come back to the country.”

“What is also the most important for us,” Weah said, is that “Madam Sirleaf is leaving now.”

When asked by the host wether he had “received President Sirleaf’s blessing” for his presidential bid, Weah said while he did not want to “jump the gun,” he noted, “I think there are some levels of cooperation with the ruling Unity Party (UP) government.”

Asked, “Is this the time?” Weah hurriedly responded, “This is the time (for his leadership) and that is why throughout the 12 years (of the UP leadership) I have been cooperative.”

He added: “I have been working with the government; you know I was a peace ambassador for the government, and I have a very good relationship with Madam Sirleaf.”

Weah, who returned from his trip from Nigeria on Wednesday, was welcomed by thousands of partisans of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The November 7 runoff election between Weah’s CDC and Vice President Joseph Boakai’s UP has garnered considerable interest among Liberians, who see the second-round exercise as a major decision that would determine progress or otherwise, depending on who assumes the presidency.

While many insist Boakai comes with maturity and the ability to do things differently, Weah’s supporters maintain that Liberia needs a patriot, someone whose past activities demonstrate love for country, citing Weah’s singular role of identifying with suffering Liberians during the dark periods in the country’s history (the civil wars).


  1. Georgie, what are you concentrating on? Are you ready to attack Liberia’s enemy Number ONE, CORRUPTION, on DAY ONE? Just in case you win, Georgie, please note that no developed country on earth became developed with high level of corruption. Watch videos of the US, China, Singapore, Korea, and even small Mauritius and make up your mind before you sit in that chair. If you don’t stop our enemy, where will the money come from to fund projects for all the youths and older folks going crazy for you? And politics is different from your first profession oh. If, after six months, Liberians don’t see you in the right direction of controlling the disease, Corruption, the same people will start barking at you. Boakai already knows because he has been there long enough. Most old politicians are reportedly running to CDC because they think you will be soft on Corruption. Well, the choice then will be clear, Boakai, because people running to you are afraid of him. The next president of Liberia will be judged on DAY ONE by the steps he takes to put a lid on our enemy, Corruption. Just my advice to you both.

  2. Although President CDB King was reportedly ignobly forced out of office, the incoming administration felt he had something to offer the nation, therefore, appointed him ambassador to the US.

    President Sirleaf should, after inauguration of the eventual winner, get much needed rest abroad and appointed roving ambassador to the US and western Europe. Granted that her domestic legacy would have its pros and cons, unquestionably, the foreign policy legacy is unassailable. Good governance translates to meeting citizens’ expectations, and she is “the goose that laid the golden eggs” from abroad. Whosoever is the next president forgets her relevance to his own discomfiture, or peril.

  3. Folks, this is the man that Liberia needs now. Been reading a lot of commentaries and noise about Hon. Weah not being educated but this interview should be a reminded to those skeptics that Weah is intelligent and wise.Wisdom has nothing to do with western education but common sense. He admonished the achievements of the Sirleaf administration and its short fall sand still believed that no one person or administration can solve all the Ills of Liberia, That is a sign of a wise person or good leader.Go CDC. Best wishes.

  4. Mr. Wilson,
    I admire your attempt to enlighten the nay sayers of Sen. Weah. He acquired his academic achievements through online studies as many do, due to their busy schedule . The world as a whole has sanctioned and acknowledged those degrees conferred on students by colleges and universities who have met all their academic requirements. Therefore, it’s disingenuous for those sowing seeds of doubts about the sen/ambassador’s readiness.

  5. Senator Weah is his own worst enemy. He doesn’t have confident in himself. I strongly believe, he will be played big time by outsiders… and he will fail the Liberian people
    First… Big Mistake getting closer to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and followers. These criminals have infiltrated his party with one intend to enrich themselves.
    Second… His VP selection is a poor choice
    Third: Internationally, CDC do not have the momentum to shins / deliver

    In Short, Boakai is better choice

  6. If you are looking for stupid people or people with poor judgement on the planet, all of them can be found in Liberia. This is why in the next one hundred years our people will still be backward and depending on the developed world for everything including toilet paper. The notion that a poorly educated person who lacks basic reading skills can represent Liberia to the world as its President is stupid and stupid and more stupid.I survived most of the civil war.I saw how Liberians were wicked to each other. There are nothing Liberians can do or say that will surprise me.

  7. Thank you Mr. Wilson. Knowledge does not meant acquring Western Education alone. I presently live in America, Australia. The love one country is not learnt in Western Education. Infact, the Liberian senate should pass a bill that will make presidential candidates live in Liberia, and work in the government for more than 15 years. Coming to America and the Western World shouldn’t qualify a person to become president in Liberia. Look at other African countries. Some of us come here, after 10 t0 20 years, we are hugely in debt. Run away and go home, and want to be president to steal and pay off debts. George Weah did not live and work in America, prior to him using his own money to support the Lone Star in the 90s. It was out of his own kindness. Which one of us is capable of doing that?


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