“I am in this for Liberia”

Ms. Macdella Cooper, the only female presidential candidate in the October 10, 2017 poll.

— Senatorial candidate McDella Cooper

Montserrado County Senatorial candidate, McDella Cooper, has said that she is not vying for the glamour or prestige that the position brings, but a chance to do right for the people, especially the many young ones who are yearning for better living condition.

Ms. Cooper said with the modest blessing she has received so far from God, she has since decided to give back to her country, and to those whose future would forever be bleak if meaningful inventions, like what she is doing, are not made to them.

“I am not in this for the benefits but to serve,” she said.

The former presidential aspirant, who recently spoke to the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview, said that she is the best candidate for the post, “because I see myself as the embodiment and the aspiration of the people of Montserrado County.”
Cooper says she has a proven track record of development; support and assistance to those in need, and the successful establishment and operation of a privately-funded education center that provides free education, shelter, feeding, medical care to scores of the less privileged and orphans.

“Through my struggle, I have been blessed and so I thought to give back to my people. This, I believe, is the mark of love, because giving with no expectation of getting anything back is my hallmark. I will therefore continue whether in government or not, I am in it for Liberia,” she said.

If given the chance to represent Montserrado in the Senate, Cooper says, she intends to collaborate with the lawmakers to pass meaningful bills to protect the interests of women and girls against sexual and gender-based violence and intimidation; to promote the economic revival of our neighboring districts and county; to expand our job market so that our university graduates can find employment in their respective disciplines.

Despite her expression of intent to ably represent the people of Montserrado County, Cooper acknowledges a lot of those currently in the legislature, and even those who previously served have let the voters down.

“I intend to remind us all that our challenges are enormous, yet we have that capacity to answer each and every one of them. In order for change to occur, we must first recognize that change is necessary. It requires sober vigilance coupled with real integrity,” she said.

To ensure that the government adheres to the tenets of good governance, she said that the rule of law must stop being a catch phrase, rather an achievable set of ideals.

Ms. Cooper wants people in leadership set the standard for honesty by living according to its precepts if the country is to tackle impediments to its advancement.

If elected, she intends to advance dialogue with some of her colleagues in an effort to find solution to some of the challenges.
It is her drive to help others she says, puts her in the right place, and the right time to represent the county.

Ms. Cooper: “Montserrado is faced with serious challenges at the moment…No jobs, a poor education and healthcare system; no redress for women and girls who are being sexually abused; no social intervention programs to address the marginalized in our county. Rather than expanding and creating jobs, our economy is contracting and losing jobs. The current business environment is not very conducive to entrepreneurial expansion.”
On the state of the economy, she laments the high unemployment and the risk the vulnerable society is posing to young girls and women, who she said are more vulnerable in society.

Cooper, who doesn’t see herself as any lesser than her male counterparts in the race, wants to press a reset button among Liberia’s international partners, who are “feeling weary of corruption or at least the perception of it in the country.”


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