“I’m Going to the Supreme Court with My Own Style”

Associate Justice-designate, Sinoe County Senator Cllr. Joseph Nagbe

-Associate Justice-designate Nagbe

Senator Joseph N. Nagbe of Sinoe has said if confirmed by the Senate as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, he will exhibit his own worth and style to dispense justice that will maintain peace and security in the country at all times .

Sen. Nagbe, 59, also a counselor-at-law, has been nominated as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, replacing retired Justice Philip A. Z. Banks. Nagbe’s appointment was made public on Tuesday, August 8, following nearly a month of speculation that he had been tipped to succeed Justice Banks.

He expressed thanks and appreciation to President George Weah for his preferment as an Associate Justice. He spoke of being highly experienced, educated and qualified for the post.

He told journalists yesterday in his Capitol Building office that his ‘style’ to dispense justice would include consultation with the full Bench and Judges at the subordinate courts to develop a mechanism that will reduce or curtail the overcrowding of cases on the docket.

He also suggests, that if reasonable and plausible, a Regional Appellate Court could be established to curtail every case going to the Supreme Court.

The Appellate Court’s task is to determine whether or not, the law was applied correctly in the trial court.

The Nagbe Nomination

 The Senator made the statement when news broke yesterday that President George Weah has nominated him as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, replacing retired Justice Philip A. Z. Banks.

The nomination of Cllr. Nagbe as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court is subject to confirmation by the Senate, a release from the President’s office said.

Cllr. Nagbe is the proprietor and managing partner of the Nagbe and Associates’ Law Firm.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Language Arts, and a Law (LLB) degree from the University of Liberia.

Nagbe became attorney-at-law, but was admitted as a Counselor-at-law in 1998.

Besides working as an attorney-at-law, and then counselor-at-law, he was also working in the Legislature as a senator elected by the people of Sinoe County.

He began working with the Legislature in 1987, as a research officer, and later established the research department in the Legislature, after which he became the first director.

In 2003, Cllr. Nagbe was elected as Representative for Sinoe County during the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA). Two years later (2005), he was elected as Senator for the county.

He served in leadership positions in the Senate, including Chairman on Judiciary, Claims, Petitions and Human Rights for eight years, Co-chairman on Foreign Affairs and Lands, Mines and Energy, and member on other statutory and Ad Hoc committees.

He also worked  for the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated as deputy industrial relations manager, a position he held up to his election in 2003.

According to reports, the nomination of Sen. Nagbe has already been communicated to members of the Senate, and if confirmed, it means there would be two by-elections again in the country – in Montserrado County District #13 and Sinoe County, where the electorates will be searching for the replacement Senator-elect, Saah Joseph and Senator Nagbe.


  1. Isn’t this is the same Senator Joseph Nyenebee Nagbe who allowed Russian Rapists to jump bail and leave the country in 2006? (Re “How Senator Nagbe Slipped”, Liberian Observer online)

    In 2006, Senator Nagbe posted bail as a guarantee that the Russian rapists would show up for trial. But guess what happened? When the trial date came, the alleged Russian rapists were NOwhere to be found in the country!!

    What I really want to know is how much money was slipped in the Senator Nagbe’s back pocket for him to allow these alleged Russian Rapists to jump bail and leave the country?

    This man should not be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court Bench. He violated the oath of his office. The Senate should reject Senator Nagbe’s nomination for aiding and abetting these Russian rapists.

  2. Will “his own style” be in line With the constitution of Liberia in praticising justice for all? Just what is “his own style” mean? That is a very deep statement when it comes to one who will be sitting on the top court. Hope he will be pressed hard at confirmation to expetiate on that.

  3. He will use his style and not his own law. So get it Mr. Nehsahn and for you Mr.Varmah.

    As for you Mr. Scott, you are wasting your time because Sen. Cllr. Nagbe’s confirmation will be 4G process. Take it or leave it or better still you can file a law suit.

  4. DEAR All, where are the women rights advocates? Permitting advocate of rapists to sit on the court bench? Where is WIPNET? Where is Leyma Gborwee? This time to show your juice,Nobel Laureate.

    • Trust me, you won’t a word from these so called woman rights advocates. They are only interested in using poor women to attract donations to support their lavish life style and their NOG’s !!

  5. Let me commend the President of the Republic of Liberia H.E. George Manneh Weah for the appointment of Cllr. Joseph Nagbe to the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia.
    This appointment is welcoming and I’m confident that Cllr Nagbe will contribute immensely in providing quality judicial service.
    To commend on the assertions made by Cllr. Nagbe that when confirmed, he would exhibit his own worth and style to dispense justice through consultation with the Full Bench and Judges at the Subordinate Courts to develop a mechanism that will reduce or curtail the overcrowding of cases on the docket; “in consultation with the Full Bench and Judges at the Subordinate Courts” my understanding is, Cllr. Nagbe, acknowledging his passion to serve the Liberian people through the law profession would want to see new approach to dispense justice for the good of the Country. He brings innovation, creativity, oneness, teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency in the discharge of his duty all intended for every Liberian to have equal access to justice and obtain the best value of tax payers’ monies.

  6. So they are looking at two senatorial bye-elections: one for Montserrado county and the other for Sineo county. I wonder where they will get another 3 million US dollars to have those bye elections.

    Is that the only qualified person to replace Philip Banks in the whole of Montserrado county?

  7. Sayweah, I can safely assume that you read newspapers around the world about judges appointed or selected to sit on high courts. Have you ever read or heard of a judge going to the highest court with his or her own style? In simpler terms, he is going to the Supreme Court to do “his own thing.” No judge is allowed to do “his own thing” on a Supreme Court in a democratic nation. You would be in deep trouble if you went to the Supreme Court where the judges did “their own things.” Now you know!


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