Illegal Drugs Worth L$50K Seized in Nimba

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The Nimba County detachment of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) over the week seized about 2,000 grams of illegal drugs in Ganta from two Nigerian nationals with the street value of about L$50,000.

The LDEA has reported that one of the suspects is the run.

According to the LDEA–Nimba, the two men entered the country through one of the porous border posts in the Buutuo area, bypassing the Buutuo main border crossing point.

LDEA County Commander Julius C. Kanubah told this newspaper that the two men, Chidi Obi and Sam Eze, entered through the Buutuo Town, where they hired a motorbike to transport their bag ahead of them to a nearby Gbanwea Town.

Folling a tip off, the LDEA set up a surveillance team that was able to track down the motorcyclist and the bag, while the two men were yet to cross over into Liberia.

“We persuaded the motorcyclist, who then called on the Nigerians to come over and take delivery of their bag; and so when they came, he took them to the LDEA compound where the bag was kept,” Kanubah said.

“We asked them to open the bag and they did, but the drug was concealed in the bag with the surface sewn; so we instructed that the part of the bag should be torn up.

“It was in the process of tearing the bag that one of them (Sam Eze) fled into the bush.”

Kanubah said although officers could not find Eze, his partner was, however, placed in custody.

LDEA identified the illegal drugs as Codeine (an opiate). “It appears like cocaine, but it is not,” officers said. It is a powder-like substance.

The LDEA said officers are still searching for Sam Eze, while Chidi Obi is being investigated. Officers meanwhile quoted Chidi Obi as saying that the bag in question does not belong to him. He said he is an auto spare parts dealer.

Last August, the LDEA arrested a Nigerian national with some parcels of cocaine concealed in his slippers, who said he was coming from Nigeria and passed through several countries, including Benin, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana.

The accused, Paul Omeny Ikegbunam, was charged with unlawful possession of narcotic drugs and sent to the Sanniquellie Magisterial Court.

Many Nigerian nationals are residing in Ganta, with some engaged in legal businesses, including auto spare parts and cell phones.


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