‘Illegal’ Convention


    Embattled National Patriotic Party (NPP) chairman Cllr. Theophilus C. Gould has termed as illegal, a recent convention of the party as announced by some National Executive Committee members of the party.
    Representatives James Banney, George Mulbah and Abraham V. Coneh, along with several others are holding a political rally in Congo Town for the purpose of conducting the 6th Biennial Convention of the NPP.
    In conversation with the Daily Observer Thursday, January 09, Cllr. Gould described the rally as “George Mulbah and others illegal rally.”
    He maintained that the rally is for a few renegade members and does not cover the entire membership. He announced that NPP has a planned convention as mandated by the electoral governing body and not an event recognized by an illegitimate body.
    Cllr. Gould said he remains chairman who has the all- legal standing to conduct the convention, according to the laws of the party and the National Elections Commission (NEC).
    However, Rep. Banney told reporters that the convention is legal and considered by a two-third membership of NPP.
    Rep. Banney agreed that chairman Gould will not attend the convention as presiding officer but failed to name who chairs the convention in the absence of NPP chairman.
    NEC recently suspended NPP for failing to conduct its affairs properly in accordance with party policy and electoral laws.
    According the Commission, the party remains suspended until a convention can be conducted under the authority of Cllr. Gould as chairman, Joel Kennedy Media and Outreach Director of NEC told this paper yesterday.
    The “so-called convention” as claimed by Cllr. Gould started yesterday with only two counties' delegates in attendance, River Cess and Montserrado.
    Interestingly, the ‘James Banney and others convention’ started with delegates having no access to the party’s building that remains lock with Gould in possession of the keys to the building.
    For hours, Representatives Banney, Mulbah and Corneh were lockup in a car strategizing how to begin the process that is heavily guarded by police officers. Up to press time, delegates could not get in the main headquarters and setup tanks for shelter.
    Rep. Banney accused Cllr. Gould of leasing NPP property in Sinkor to Ezzat Eid for 60 years without the consent of the National Executive Committee members; but Gould rubbished the allegation stating “the party leadership does not need the signatures of the entire body for such a legal document or arrangement.”
    NPP headquarters was Wednesday, 8 January a scene of disorder and rioting with party authorities nearly engaging in a fist fight. Police had to quickly rush in to save lives and property.

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