“I’ll Not Apologize”

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Nearly two days after the Lower House of Legislature declared “Vote of no confidence” in Superintendent Fong Zuagele and Assistant for Development Teeko Yorlay, the Assistant Superintendent has voiced out another defiant statement saying that he will not apologize to anyone claiming that he has done no wrong.

Speaking on Radio Saclepea Morning show on 25th September 2014, Mr. Yorlay said as far as he is concerned, anything he did was in the interest of the county and therefore doesn’t owe anyone an apology and again he will not resign his post.

“Even though the lower House said they will not work with us, we are still in the county doing our work until President Sirleaf can decide what decision to take,” he said.

“I knew that the position of assistant superintendent is not a lifetime job and once you are born, you must expect to die. So if we are afraid to leave the job, then no need we accept the job,” he said.

Mr. Yorlay said he would only apologize if he is guilty of what he was accused of, but if he had not done what he is accused of, then, he has no reason to apologize.

“I have a life to live beyond the assistant superintendent for development, and I am going to create a checkpoint of thinking just because I want the assistant superintendent for development job,” he added.

“I am not going to apologize for doing the right thing and for people saying the wrong thing about me,” he maintains.

There has been no understanding among the 53rd Nimba Lawmakers and the Nimba County leadership headed by Fong Zuagele since the induction of Zuagele as superintendent of Nimba in March.

The problem was impeding development activities across Nimba till this Ebola crisis.

Even though, Fong Zuagele during his induction vowed to unite Nimbaians regardless of tribes, the level of division under his administration appears to be widening.

Those who listen to Mr. Yorlay’s statement this morning expressed some disappointments and called on him to come down and show respect to the lawmakers.

Robert Mehn of Saclepea City, “I want the superintendent to come down, because the way the money was used was not appropriate; even now the holding center in Ganta is yet to open due to lack of materials.  So some of the money could be used to purchase these needed materials, but, instead, they divided the money among while people are dying.”    

Superintendent Fong Zuagele was very moderate in his approach concerning their visit to Monrovia where they faced legislative inquest.


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