‘Rusty…’ Cummings Gibes at Boakai’s Race Car Analogy

Alexander Cummings

The standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party might have shot himself in the leg with an analogy he made at the recent presidential debate that he is a race car that has been parked in the garage for the past twelve years – and as a result has been dormant for those many years. According to ANC presidential candidate Alexander B. Cummings, it is obvious that the car is obsolete and, as a result, should have no place in the elections.

Speaking on a local talk-show on Monday, Cummings criticized the Vice President’s analogy, indicating that there is no way that the Chief Lieutenant to the President can divorce himself from the ills of her administration. “I am a huge fan of Formula 51, so I know a bit about race cars.” Formula 51 is the world’s leading automobile racing competition.

“From what I know about race cars,” Cummings continued, “if you park a race car in the garage for 12 years and it doesn’t move, it becomes obsolete. Its parts get old, rusty, and no longer work. After 12 years, the car itself would have become outdated, unable to compete with newer models on the road.” Cummings indicated that the analogy does not suit the VP’s case, who although he received over US$2m, had nothing substantial to show for such huge salaries every budget year. “The best thing VP Boakai can do to himself is to apologize to the Liberian people,” Cummings said. He pointed out that his running mate, Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh, would never “park.”

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai analogized himself to a ‘race car’ that voters should put on the road to test its worth.

It may be recalled that during the first presidential debate, Vice President Boakai, when asked about the shortcomings of the Unity Party government and his position as second in command to the president, he responded that, “You cannot keep a race car in the garage; put a race car on the track and see what that car will do.”

On yesterday’s talk-show, the ANC leader, when also quizzed on national security, said: “The biggest threat to our national security is the large number of unemployed people we have in Liberia. Our country’s unemployment rate is almost at 70%, meaning thousands of Liberians are living meal to meal. When people are hungry and desperate to find their next meal, they are easily to incite, because they feel like they have nothing to lose. That’s a very dangerous place for our country to be in.” He added: “Our administration will work aggressively to address our unemployment challenge. We will empower our people by creating job opportunities, providing them with skills training and development, and attracting investors who will create labor-intensive industries that will provide a high number of low skill jobs our people can fill in. We will also ensure that our security personnel is paid fairly and on time.”

Mr. Cummings maintained that as part of his strategies to fight corruption, he will forgo his salary as president and dedicate it to fighting that societal ill. “I will personally pledge my salary to fund an anti-corruption court and establish an anti-corruption czar, as an illustration of my commitment to fighting corruption. We will appoint an anti-corruption czar whose job will be to coordinate and direct all of our country’s already established integrity institutions and ensure that they are working together and effectively. We will also identify the positions where individuals are most likely to engage in corruption, and publicize them so that identifying corruption becomes a public engagement. Lastly, I will ensure that there is a balanced distribution of government spending, especially in terms of officials’ compensation. We will reduce the compensation and benefits received by high-level government officials and increase those of teachers, health workers, and police officers.”

Alexander B. Cummings is the presidential candidate of the Alternative National Congress. The former Coca-Cola executive, who announced his decision to run for president not too long ago, has become a front-runner in the race, and has said he will give voters the Liberia they deserve.


  1. If the Presidential candidates were a car salesman, Joe Boakai would be trying to sell us a rusty Jalopy, and Alex Cummings would be trying to sell us Corvette Stingray!

  2. Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress-ANC has hit the nail on the head by redefining the Vice Presidency role just like his running mate Amb. Sulunteh did last week in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County. It is totally disingenuous for Boikai who Ellen beat her chest when Cllr. Sherman was outing for his job in 2010 three Parties meager would now be bad mouthing the President saying she kept him as a racing car in the garage. This is very clear that the VP can not make it to the Presidency because he doesn’t take responsibility as a leader. Some say the VP role is nominal so we should not expect much of him, but Amb. Sulunteh last week described the VP role as one step away from the Presidency and cannot be a nominal role except that that person is weak, lazy and suffering from fatigue. The VP needs to find a better excurse to justify his role in the Ellen-Boikai reign.

  3. If you park a car for 12 years it won’t even start.

    Let Boakai Jeseph go on retirement. He’s too old anyways. Liberia’a problems are many and we need someone younger and vibrant to lead. Not someone who is way passed retirement age.

  4. If a race car is parked, though not racing but is maintained, would it not work? My understanding of the VP’s race car analogy is that, it is well maintained and is in a perfect state, but has not been tested on the track. He did not need to make that basic assumption.

    So, Mr. Cummings missed the mark.

    Of equal interest to me is, if Mr. Cummings claims to have all the answers to Liberia’s problems, eventhough we know the dismal record of Corporate America from whence he comes(for examples, ERON, Lehman Brothers, 2008 Financial crisis precipitated by dubious activities in the subprime housing market of USA);
    why has he not ensure the elevation of Cocoa cola Liberia ( at the least) to the level of cocoa cola Nigeria, let alone USA? Ooh! lest I forget, what did he do to uplift the economic life of Maryland County, specifically Harper when he claims to possess the magic wand to our problems? The last time I check, Harper has been in the economic dull drums since the collapsed of LIBSUCO( Liberia Sugar Company) founded by late President Tolbert. Did the Bible not say, he that is not faithful in least, cannot be faithful in much? If a man cannot say ABC, can he say SO?

    What bemuses me about Liberians, they live in the West where institutions are well run, and they want to take credit for such efficient operations because they worked there. No. Liberia is a complex society with intractable challenges that the transposition of Western policy prescriptions cannot easily fix. Some of us are not deceived by this corporate America talk. Neoliberal economic policies as espoused by Mr. Cummings does not serve the interest of developing countries such as Liberia. the sooner we realised this, the better. God help Liberia!

    • You want Coca-Cola to do what exactly in Liberia invest billions in Liberia with a population of 4 million and 90% of which live below the poverty line? Nigeria’s population is almost 200 million and it makes good business sense for Coca-Cola to invest more in the Nigerian market. Nigerians have a way higher purchasing power compared to Liberia. So what are you talking about Mr. Cummings not making Coca-Cola Liberia bigger?

      How much have you invested in the county you come from? How many jobs have you created in your county of origin? Why do you expect Mr. Cummings to fix all the ills of Maryland county when there is not even road that connect it to anywhere in Liberia? Oh, you want him to build the road from Monrovia to Maryland too?

      Boakia as vice president of Liberia for 12 years has had some advantages and privilegesee to do somethinges in Foya,if not the whole of Lofa county. Point to one worthwhile project that Joseph Baokai undertook in Foya/Lofa since he became vice president of Liberia.

      We don’t need UP to lead Liberia for another 12 years. We need to give other people the chance to lead.

      After 12 years, where will the new ideas come from in the UP? If they had any new things to offer Liberia we would see/ lknow by now. Saying “roads,roads,roads” don’t make the roads to automatically appear out of thin air.


    • It is so difficult to follow your argument when your writing is full of grammatical errors. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you don’t use the proper tenses and your sentence structures are so poorly formed? Don’t engage if you are I’ll prepared.

  5. Tolbert’s race car was parked for over 18 years and change broke loose when he took over the country. In a few years of his presidency, Tolbert did so much. So, I wouldn’t underestimate the strength of an African Veep. Maybe our Veep needs to start the car now so Liberians can hear the sound. Open up and articulate what you will really do for the country.

    Are you your own man or you are running on past records of Unity party? What would you do differently about the economy, corruption, employment, education, light, toilets, the traffic in Monrovia, etc.? I intentionally left out roads bcuz da your area.

    • How can you compare Dr. William R. Tolbert with Joseph Boakai? Do you not know the amount of businesses and farms the Tolbert family had running, creating employment while he was serving as vice president? Do you not know the many international high profile positions and association Dr. William R. Tolbert had while he was vice president of Liberia.

      Please make the right comparisons.

  6. VP Boakai is a good man but I’m not sure he is the right person to lead the country at this juncture. We need a leader with high energy and new ideas to make changes. Boakai will fall asleep at the wheel of his race car and crash. Liberians will be fools to re-elect a party that failed them, given there are other good candidates to pick from.

  7. We owe no apology for the Ellen-Boakia’s 12yrs rule because it lifted Liberia from the ashes of 14yrs destruction that threw us back 100 years( record what then US Ambassador to Liberia said when the war broke out 1989?)

    Today, I can criticise anybody, including the president without worrying about changing my sleeping place at night for fear of “Demon Forces(ATU) or SATU coming after me. Today, the national budget is not a society bush for few people, so much so every Tom, Dick and Harry can see and know if it is being spent as allocated or not. Today, civil servants don’t take pay twice a year( July 26 and December 5) even though the minimum wage was 20USD. While recognising that there are challenges, including corruption which is systemic and everyone of us one way or the other is responsible since we continue to celebrate dishonest people and pay bribes to get things done, I will not waste my energy to name the many other achievements of this poor woman, despite the naked, envious and out right jealous comments of so-call opponents. They are blinded by greed for power. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Some of you people should thank God for President Sirleaf and VP Baokai that should have enforced the UN Asset freeze to ensure that economic criminals didn’t have the effrontery to contemplate wanting to be president. You better thank God for Ellen and Boakai, because had it been other type of African leaders, most of these clowns wanting to be president will not be making noise around here.

    Before criticising Ellen, truly search your heart and ask, “where indeed Liberia was when this woman took over. And where are we now?” Only those with hates in their hearts will not see. Ellen has her shortcomings, but she restored our respectability as a functioning nation. Today, we a not a collapsed state. Moving Liberia forward is beyond the presidency. Everyone needs to play his or her part.

    God blessed Liberia and save us from people with minds of pharisees(a self-righteous or hypocritical persons) who are desperately seeking the president. But we got news for your!

    • How can you credit Joseph Boakai with the achievementsame of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration when he claimed that he has been parked like a race car for the whole duration of the administration?

      What did he do? If he were an effective vice president don’t you think everyone would know and want to support him?

  8. Come on folks we need a change in direction. Not the UP party, they have nothing m.p.h. to look back on fir another chance. The people are the one due all the credits. They were able to sustain twelve years of hardships under this administration,than while not a change. My thanks and appreciation to all the ordinary people for hanging in there .

  9. John Doe, so you agreed with me that charity begins at home. If Cummings is serious cares about Liberia, would he not have demonstrated that in his home county, Maryland? If a man cannot lead his family, how can he lead his community? If he cannot lead his community, how can he lead his county, let alone country?

    You sycophantic supporters of Cummings who cannot muster the courage to show their true ID, but going by a fake name call John Doe, please your go sit down and find place to sell soft drink.

    And by the way, quality of the product is not the same as size. So the size of Nigeria has nothing to do with the quality of the product. And the crux of my argument is , if he Cummings occupied such high level portfolio in Cocoa Cola, he should have remembered to ensure high level quality investment in Cocoa Cola Liberia such that it could have been the hub for West Africa. But nothing. And you expect us to entrust our nation in his care? You think that soft drink we selling here?

    • Looks like you are not really educated. How can Coca-Cola make Liberia it’s hub for west Africa? What road or rail lines will the Coca-Cola products be transported to the West African countries? Have you traveled out of Liberia before? You would not he making these childish comments if you have seen other countries who qualify to be the “hub” of Coca-Cola….if there is any such thing.

      Being the vice president of Coca-Cola doesn’t mean that you can just snap your fingers and the board of Coca-Cola will agree to invest billions of dollars in Liberia. Grow up.

      When Jeseph Boakai was heading LPMC, what special and new did he do with LPMC?

      Weren’t LPMC staff still being supplied imported paroled rice? My uncle’s wife was Joseph Boaksi’ s special assistant and she used to get two bags of imported rice from LPMC. And you think LPMC was about marketing Liberian farm produce….but here it was, underJoseph Boakai, spending millions of dollars yearly to buy rice from America for his staff, not from Liberian rice farmers.

      Is that the experience and good leadership skill he boasts of? Get outta here!!!!

      Of what importance is my name to you? I thought the issues at hand should be our focus?

  10. Alex Cummings showed his real character when he sat on the heads and shoulders of those poor-Liberian villagers for a ride. Just imagine what a President Cummings will do to poor Liberians. If young Alex Cummings can’t walk, how can he possibly lead a Country?

  11. Age is not a “DETRIMENT” to the Presidency of Liberia. Liberia has no age limit for the Presidency. Being younger, does not translate to a more active and effective President. There are younger persons who are plainly lazy, bumps and just want to be PLAYBOYS. Ronald Reagan was one the most active and effective Presidents of the U.S.A. He was a Senior Citizen; in his late 70s. As a matter of fact, age TRANSLATES to experiences that spread over many years. That’s an advantage Hon.J.Nyumah Boakai have; over all his opponents. JNB goes a long way. He knows Liberia’s PROBLEMS better than anyone else. As such, he has the best SOLUTIONS. J.Nyumah Boakai, is most QUALIFIED to become President, Republic of Liberia.

    • I have asked you once before to list the qualifications and experience that set Joseph Boakai apart from all the other candidates, but you haven up till been able to do so. I don’t know how you cone here trumpeting Joseph Boakai’s qualifications and experience and can’t even name a single one of them.

  12. J.D; I’ve made an outline. I suppose you should understand. If you don’t, too bad. Keep asking. Come October 10th, you will get the answers to all your derogatory remarks and questions. That’s when a vast majority of the Liberian People will vote for Hon. J.Nyumah Boakai, President Republic of Liberia. JNB, is a Man of the People for the People by the a vast majority of the Liberian People. He is the one PRESIDENTIALCANDIDATE, who most Liberians can truly identify with. Under J.Nyumah Boakai’s LEADERSHIP, Liberians will own what they earn. He will diversify Liberia’s ECONOMY like you’ve never known before; creating a the most sustainable Liberian Economy. JNB IS A MAN OF THE SOIL. HE WILL DEFINITELY USE THE SOIL TO PULL LIBERIA OUT OF THE CURRENT ECONOMIC RUINS; CAUSED BY THE COLLAPSE OF THE PRICES OF IRON ORE AND RUBBER, LIBERIA’S MAIN SOURCES OF INCOME. Join a winner, J.Nyumah Boakai; for a “BETTER LLIBERIA.”


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