‘If You Can’t Support Our Coalition, Get Out’

President George Manneh Weah

— Pres. Weah sends caveat to partisans who want to vote for opposition candidates in pending Senatorial Election

“It doesn’t matter from which political party you come and join our Coalition; the NPP (National Patriotic Party) and the LPDP (Liberia People Democratic Party) are part of the coalition and every member of those parties must support our coalition. It does not matter who you are; if you can’t support our coalition, you can go. We don’t want trouble,” President Weah said sternly as he endorsed the candidacy of Bong County incumbent Senator, Henry Yallah, in Gbarnga yesterday.

The President, who has been traveling from county to county to express his personal endorsement of candidates from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to win all 15 seats in the upcoming midterm Senatorial Election, appears to be sparing no expense and leaving no stone unturned.

So far, he has been present at rallies in Montserrado County (for Rep. Thomas Fallah), Grand Bassa (Gbehzohngar M. Findley), Grand Cape Mounty (incumbent Sen. Victor Watson), Bomi County (J. Alex Tyler) and now Bong County, for incumbent Senator Yallah.

Now, in the name of what he calls “party discipline”, pundits suggest that his mandate that all members of the Coalition must support the Coalition’s candidates, comes as an order too tall to achieve, or perhaps to bitter to digest — more so the latter.

In recent months, partisans of the National Patriotic Party, who are by default members of the ruling Coalition, found themselves in a tussle over terms, after the Chairman of the Coalition, Mulbah Morlu, announced that all incumbent senators from the Coalition, who were seeking re-election, should earn back their seats in primaries. NPP incumbents, including Maryland County Senator H. Dan Morais and Bomi County Senator Sando D. Johnson, both of who are up for re-election, complained to the National Elections Commission, which ruled in their favor to keep the Coalition in adherence to its own signed framework document.

Nevertheless, it has been an uphill battle, particularly for the NPP.

The NPP’s highest-ranking official, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, who has had a rather rocky ride with the CDC so far, couldn’t agree more. In her own words, she once almost quit the VP post, citing strained relations with her running mate, President George M. Weah. Also, the government at a time withheld budgetary allotments to her office for several weeks, to the point that her convoy vehicles were grounded due to lack of fuel to convey her to and from her office.

So when the President sounded his mandate to “support the Coalition’s candiates, or go,” he did not have to call names.

VP Taylor, who served as Senator of Bong County before becoming Vice President in 2017, had previously already made up her own mind as to who she would support in the coming election. And Senator Yallah would not be anywhere near her list (in not so many words), given his divisionary politics, manifested, among other things, in his vision is to divide Bong County into two new counties. She once referred to him as someone “difficult to work with”.

It can be recalled that VP Taylor, while in Ghana seeking medical care for COVID-19, said she will neither support nor vote for any candidate in the upcoming December 8 Special Senator Election based on party lines, but through her own conscience.

Since then, and having returned to the country after recovery, the VP has failed to show up at campaign rallies of candidates of CDC contesting both the Senate seats as well as the Representative by-elections in Montserrado District #9 and Sinoe District #2.

Sen. Yallah, who recently resigned from the Unity Party, crossed over to the CDC in a bid to secure his senatorial incumbency in the December 8 polls.

Although President Weah did not mention VP Taylor’s name, neither any other person, he warned: “Do not let your party down because, if you don’t support your candidates, they will be out and you too will be out; so be careful of what you do.”

He added: “We are family and must stick together and, if anyone wants to bring confusion, he or she should get out.”

President Weah clarified that his statement was in no way a threat but the right thing to do in order to be party disciplined and to promote smoothly, the agenda of the ruling establishment.

He gave an anology: “You cannot be living with your parents and want to control them, even though they are responsible for you because you are their child.”

He said Yallah is the right man for the job and he will support the Pro-poor Agenda when he is reelected to the House of Senate. Yallah had earlier suggested the division of Bong County into two counties; Bong Range comprising Salala, Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts, while upper Bong remains another county, but stakeholders in Bong, who have the same culture and are of the same tribe, have vehemently protested against this suggestion.

However, Weah said Yallah is a good man and he means well for the people of Bong County and Liberia at large.

“We need people like Yallah who will help us drive our agenda through. We want to succeed but it will be difficult for us when we have people who [are] always opposed to everything, even if it [is] about the benefit of the country,” the President said as he admonished Yallah’s own fellow County denizens to vote for him on December 8.

In direct reference to the National Patriotic Party (NPP), a constituent political party of the coalition, he pointed out that NPP is a Party but cannot stand on its own without the coalition and, as such, NPP partisans who are part of the grand coalition should vote all CDC candidates.

“You cannot be in the party and in the government at the same time and do not support it; the party will punish you if you violate its mandate,” he warned.

In his response, Sen. Henry Yallah said he is optimistic that he will do better than what he did in the past nine years.

“I have learned enough over the past years and with the support I have now, I will do better,” Yallah said.

He added: “We will work together to bring development to this County and Country at large, especially under the Pro-Poor Agenda.”

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Wow ! The man who carries both the sword and the mark of the beast, 666 has spoken for all who are interested in receiving his power in order to receive their daily bread and butter, His Excellency President Dr George, Pastor of the Family Forky Jlaleh Fellowship Church has spoken for all to hear. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    It is back to square one, where a little education has proven to be a dangerous thing, in the making of Enemy Number One of the STATE , which by itself is a threat to the survival of the STATE and its Democracy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    A little education is a dangerous thing, in the making of Enemy Number One of the STATE.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Get out of my political party. No Executive decisions needed. As leader of my party and as President of the Republic, I George is in charged. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Got to love this George guy. What A Great Guy He Is ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    He has actually become the Enemy Number One of the Republic. But they like it like that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Everybody plays the fool sometimes.

    • While everyone may play the fool sometimes,
      Not everyone is a fool at any time.

      Some of us knew the danger of this leadership, but others of his flock thought he was a saviour.
      I wish them jobs and improvements.

      James Davis, stop laughing at our plight. We are in a serious mess.
      Instead of laughing, you must begin to pray, for we have only ONE country that should remain indivisble with liberty and justice for all.

  2. Classic example of useless politicians often elected to represent their people in the legislature or even the presidency. This other loser is now saying he “has learned his lesson?” After 9 freaking years, he’s just learning his lesson? Not in or after the first 12 months, nope. Or the following 48 months, nope! Or the next 84, or 96 or even 106th month, nope, but just when the teacher says “turn in your papers,” that’s when all the answers for the exam flashed to this joker? Yeh right! Henry Yallah should stop fooling himself and thinks its the people of Bong County he’s doing it to. After all, there are so many qualified citizens of that county that deserve the opportunity to serve their people and will do much better than wait another 9 fruitless years before Mr. Yallah tells us if he saw the light or not.

    Sadly as these losers bluff their times in office doing nothing for their people, meanwhile, those people are dying from preventible illnesses for the lack of basic health facilities, and other amenities that could have given them a second chance on life. But let Mr. Yallah gets sick, he is flown away to Ghana or anywhere that will take cash for service. And God forbids he dies, the GOL will be responsible not only to fly the body back (thank God no first class for corpses), but will underwrite the entire funeral expenses. In the case of any ordinary citizen, the community is burdened with that responsibility. Let Mr. Yallah go teach mehn, and give another serious and committed citizen the chance to improve the lives of h is/her people, yea Liberia.

  3. It’s amazing that the president can go on county tours to campaign for senatorial aspirants, but cannot do so to improve the lives of the citizens or thank them for their votes. Now that he wants voters to vote for his choice of candidates, he is going to these counties. It took him three frigging years to do this!!!

  4. Bong County People your please shine ur eyes, look b/w the line. Ask yourself, why Bong technical college is yet to be completed? Why Phebe hospital & other major health facilities are out off fuel & essential drugs? After spending a little over 7 Millions on BTC, the college is unable to hold a single graduation ceremony. These are people who mismanaged tax payers money with no accountability. Please vote wisely.
    It is time for us to persecute all politicians who didn’t do well. So pls shine ur eyes.

  5. Dr. Weah is right! For in a coalition political arrangement, the coalition comes first! And conformity is the order! A LUCERFERIAN MINDSET is never allowed in any political arrangement. Where votes are the sine qua non determining the preservation and triumphant invincibility of the coalition It is both counterproductive against the partisan and the coalition that one would decide to cast his or her vote for the opponent or even abstain!

    In the struggle for or of power, ACTING IN CONCERT and been aware of conflict, but ensuring that conflict resolution through cooperation prevails for the triumphant indomitability of the coalition IS THE LIFEBLOOD AND SOUL OF THE COALITION! So, Dr. Weah is right! For in a coalition political arrangement, the coalition comes first! And conformity is the order!

    • And when partisans disagree with the directions and philosophy, the end result is ” Get Out “. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Allow James Davis to get you angry by referring to you as young man. You see young man, it is the right of majority to decide, and the right of the minority is to be heard, and not asked to leave. This was demonstrated by some partisans of CDC who refused to leave or settled for the wrong decision made by some high profile of the party after consulting with George, the partisans took their grievances to the law and the Elections Commission who then decided otherwise against the party of the regime. They fought back, rather than to leave the party as George puts it “Get Out” because as partisans they refused to tow the party’s unfair political lines that were against their thinking. Unfair party’s decisions against its own members, GET THE HELL OUT. THIS IS THE PARTY OF GEORGE. SO GET THE HELL OUT NOW ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! No Executive hearing will be allowed in this party. Get the Hell out now ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! The strongman of the Mighty CDC has spoken with impunity. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! The young man says Dr. George is right . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

      • Look James Davis, I warned you silly swine not to ever refer to me as ” young man”! Does your drunken and disgustingly uncivilized head also not know that it is insulting to refer to an adult as ” young man” ?

        Your uncivilized and drunken mentality needs some serious cultivation on non offensive or non violent communication directed at the person of the individual!

        You better don’t insult me in such manner anymore!! For I shall not hesitate to respond with an extremely toxic reprisal.

        If you cannot refer to me by my nomenclature, all you have to do is counter my argument and I shall of course comprehend that you are reacting to my comment! You damn drunken and uncivilized ignoramus!

        • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Got You Kru Man. Always under the skin of Mr. Cummings, a political party leader as the so-called ” butty boy “, but this is James Davis calling a spade a spade. Reason, because young man does not think very well. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! So lets get it on young man. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sure, everybody plays the fool.

  6. Suppose those born in Bong County say that anyone not born in their county (Bong) should “get out” of Bong County; What will this mean for this country? Ask Liberians, not me.

  7. If we accept such demand in each party or if an independent candidate flashes that, than if you are not born in Montserrado county, or the cape of Mesurado, than what the hell are you doing running for this county? What does the Liberian constitution say?

  8. This will only make sense if, for example, a woman or man keeps family name(properties) and says she or he does not know the family, refuses to accept family norms and values, and is still living in family house. The owner must put you out. “get out” at once. Unlike with party politics which connects to public service and constitutional provisions.

  9. No one should be forced to support anyone. Democracy is discretionary and can lead to totalitarianism if not properly instituted. Sometimes founding or formulating an organization within the confines of human rights and abuses can be painful, the results can only conform and be helpful to the whole, if everyone or majority within can conclude a point of thought. Best of luck; but those who are in no race, as regards Liberian election activities, or have no interest in such political aspirations, party or not, even for the presidency at this present term, would like to ensure that this scramble for “in and out” does not enhance brutal situations that induced some of the motions that brought the past civil war in Liberia. We should never again fight in this nation merely because of greed for power or wealth. God has given us our own.

    Do not enter my box. Tell yours to the people.

  10. Quoting Weah, the Daily Observer reports, ““You cannot be in the party and in the government at the same time and do not support it; the party will punish you if you violate its mandate.” Is President Weah inferring that in no way can any well educated or qualified Liberian live and work peacefully in Liberia without being a CDC partisan, or subscribing to any other political ideology of his or her own?

    O well, Liberians are beginning to understand now where finance minister Tweah suddenly derived his ideas concerning transforming Liberia into a dictatorial state. Weah has been the river source or the head-stream from which these ideas that gush out of Tweah’s mouth like a mighty rushing water, have been flowing recently.

    Weah seems to be tussling with openly explaining to the citizens he intends on reverting the country to a one party state, and so in order to soothe the impact of how the well informed citizens might interpret his course of actions, he has resorted to using his CDC stooges to be on the frontline and gradually letting the public know of his hidden plans in the coming months.

    Liberians should prepared themselves for more difficult and unpleasant times under this “mob rule” called a democracy, and those CDC supporters, who do not follow Weah’s commands, will surely face his wrath. He will exact more state sanctioned killings, carry on more ritualistic killings, manipulate the voting system, and bulldoze his way to stay in power by any means necessary.

    What kind of democracy has Liberia become that a party has ascended to power, and the citizenship of anybody who does not subscribe to that party’s ideology is now in jeopardy? And that unless he or she compromises his or her beliefs, he or she cannot benefit from any meaningful employment within the government.

  11. Never again will a tyrant emerge in this land of liberty. African solidarity lacks the logistics of freedom and most nations in the continent were colonialized by slavers not likely to be Liberia. The purpose here was to come with the love of liberty, whether you travel from one county or town to another for your daily livelihood for better standards. Coastal nations suppressed in the past by imperialist have yet to measure up with the freedom that Liberia is bound to enjoy established by founders, including chiefs, elders, settlers, tribesmen, their children and those that follow. If by chance any such tyrants submerge from the imaginary slave traders, based on previous experience and mistakes made by comrades to follow educated fools to induce us to physical crisis, the nation now will reinstitute quickly to get rid of those few without affecting innocent people. They do not have the instruments and materials to counter act our God given rights.

  12. Please Educate Our People.

    Mr. Weah is right. There is no where in this world a member of a governing coalition will turn against the whole body and the agenda of the coalition. Maybe only in Liberia, because since most of our citizens cannot read between the lines, it takes some ‘pseudo political analysists’ lying to them that it is right.

    Let’s learn……..
    In Israel, even though Likud (the party of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu) could not win out right more than 50% of the vote, Those who found themselves on the other side- Benny Gantz,(the rival to Netanyahu) agree to form a coalition. Which means leader ship will be shared between the two; Likud of Benjamin Netanyahu, and Resilience of Benny Gantz. Now here come the bitter-sweet portion: Netanyahu is a right wing Jews who do not believes in two-states politics, Gantz is a moderate who believes in two-states solution with his supporters, along with the right to return of some Palestinians in the West Bang and Gaza. Supporters of Benny Gantz are willing to pushed in right wing agenda while Netanyahu is prime minister and after his term expires, they switch to pushing in Gintz’s Resilience Party’s agenda. Will that work, well, it is the mandate of each individuals to push the agenda of the coalition.

    So, in Liberia, those who agree to join the CDC and form a coalition, you have to work together or you leave. Liberians, I know it is a bitter time. Your party may not be in power, but please try to educate your fellow country men the right way. Tomorrow, it may be your term.

    Maybe in Liberia where many of our brothers and sisters refused to read. Some are depending on sound bites from others to make up their minds. I m not a Weah supporter (no ill will against him either) I never served as one, I m not a CDCian either. Even though I have been accused many times’. The truth of the matter is, one cannot be part of a coalition and work against the mandate of said coalition. It is wrong. Mr. Weah is 100000000000000% right. Also, as members of a coalition, doesn’t mean one has to be corrupt and abusive to .

    To my fellow Well-Hairston Class of 1996-97.
    Pewee Yarpazuah
    Michael Zion
    Fanbollie Jarbateh
    Isaac Philips …..and many others

    Mamadu Bah (Meridian Health)

  13. Mr. Weah Is 1000000000% Right

    No where in this world a member of a governing coalition will be against the agenda of said coalition. Maybe in Liberia where some of our brothers and sisters refused to be rationale, is where they are carried by sound bites of pseudo admirers.

    For examples, the coalition formed between Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, and Benny Gintz’s Resilience parties in Israel is a bitter-sweet marriage. Netanyahu is a right- wing , who do not believe in the right of return of Palestinians and two-states solutions. On the contrary, Benny Gantz is a moderate who embraced those policies some ways. When both men couldn’t not win upright majority, they decided to formed a coalition to govern. Which means, they will take terms, unlike Liberia, the head of the CDC is the president. Now, while Netanyahu is in power, those who have opposed his stance on certain issues from Benny Gant’s camp must support his (Netanyahu) agenda. They must throw their weight behind him to govern until his time is over and Benny Gantz takes over. Vise versa when Benny Gantz is the head.

    Maybe in Liberia we allow our personal ego to express our agenda. Mr. Weah is right. If a member of the coalition cannot push the agenda of the coalition, there is no need you he/she lingers around, That also doesn’t means that members of the coalition should be corrupts and incompetence. I m not a CDCians nor a Weah supporter. I m speaking as a Liberian to educate others on how a coalition works.

    To: the 1996-97 class of Well-Hairston High School.

    Isaac Philips
    Zubah Kolubah
    Joyce Kinder
    Joseph Nyennegboe
    Michael K. Zion. and many others. Where is everybody.
    From: Mamadu Bah (Meridian Health)

  14. Type error: second paragraph line 5, “both men couldn’t not win”
    Correction: Double negative. Should be “both men couldn’t win”


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