If the Bar is Weak the Administration of Justice Will Be Weak


Chief Justice Francis Korkpor has reminded members of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) that if they were to allow the Bar to be weak, it means the administration of justice in the country would be likewise.

“The Bar, to which every one of us belongs, is the umbrella body of justice in this country and we as Supreme Court Justices have done everything possible to strengthen it,” Chief Justice Korkpor told the nation’s legal practitioners assembled for their annual convention.

His determination and that of the other Justices on the High Court bench to do all they can to help strengthen the Bar was necessary because they realize that “if the Bar is weak, this means that the administration of justice would also be weak,” said the Chief Justice.

During the convention, held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County at the weekend, a new slate of leaders of the LNBA was elected, including Counselor Moses Paegar, managing partner of the prestigious Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, as president.

The High Court Chief described the Buchanan convention as one that “surpassed all other conventions.” It was held at the Unification Pavilion, on the outskirts of Buchanan.

“We placed a premium on this special election. That is why the Full Bench of the Supreme Court is represented here by all of us. We did so because we are interested in strengthening the capacity of the Bar,”
“I want you to understand that the fees and dues we paid to participate in this election process exceeded US$100K,” the Chief Justice disclosed.

Commenting on the election process, Chief Justice Korkpor said it was “uniquely organized and it was free, fair and transparent.
“This election is clearly an example of what the country would be tomorrow, because you lawyers organized and executed it,” The Supreme Court head noted.

Admonishing the losing candidates, the Chief Justice told the gathering, “If you did not win, you did your best and I want to congratulate and assure you that you can fight another day.”
“There are other good leaders whom I know had fought and lost, but came back victorious. You can be like them by continue trying,” the High Court advised.


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