IE Team Manager Receives Donation from ‘General’

Team manager Lahai receives the items from Mrs. Lydia Gibson-Jones

The former skipper and current team manager of IE Majestic Sports Association, Fallah Lahai, last Friday received a consignment of items on behalf of the team in Monrovia.

The items included six pairs of practice boots, 15 t-shirts, and two additional yellow t-shirts.
The donation came from the president of the IE Philadelphia (USA) Chapter, Mrs. Lydia-Gibson Jones, as her chapter’s contribution towards the rebuilding of the team.

Invincible Eleven, one of the traditional champions, are presently in division two and still struggling to maintain their space and may likely go to division three if help does not come, according to team manager Lahai.

Presenting the items to Lahai, Mrs. Gibson-Jones regretted the sad condition in which the team finds itself and the lack of support from team alumni who are in positions of privilege and influence.

“We are making this donation with the hope that other IE fans can see the need to follow our example,” Mrs. Gibson-Jones said.

Receiving the items, team manager Lahai commended Gibson-Jones, otherwise known as ‘General’, for her chapter’s support and appealed to other chapters in the United States to follow the IE Philadelphia chapter’s example.

“To get IE back to her former self, we will need close to U$75,000,” Lahai said. “This is possible because we have IE former players in good positions that could make it happen.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Gibson-Jones is expected to leave the country for the United States, soon.


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