ICT Heals UL’s Registration Woes

Dr. Allen addresses the occasion

-UL systems to be fully digitized by October 2018

By Bill E. Diggs (Intern)

Perennial challenges students face to register at the University of Liberia (UL) has been alleviated, Dr. William E. Allen, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), has said.

The relief was a result of the application of Information Communication Technology (ICT), which is part of a process to digitize all the systems.

That digitization process began in April with the introduction of an online registration portal, which has reduced the long queue that usually accumulated at the university’s Electronic Data Processing (EDP) center.

“In April this year, we began the registration process [at the university]. And the process will end on the 30th of [June]. So far the alarming headlines we are accustomed to have not happened. This is because we have introduced a new ICT system to handle the registration process quite efficiently,” Dr. Allen said.

He was referring to some news headlines that have appeared about the UL in recent months as a result of series of students protests over registration process. Dr. Allen said with optimism that such headlines would not recur, “because the system has been automated.” The protests at the time led to misconceptions in the public that the university was a place of chaos rather than an institution for developing young Liberians into future leaders.

Dr. Allen spoke at the university’s ICT Career Day program, hosted by Lonestar Cell/MTN on June 21, to give students the needed knowledge about opportunities and benefits the ICT adds to a nation and its people.

He expressed the hope that the digitization of the systems, which is the vision of its President, Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks, will be completed by October this year.

“By October when we begin the academic year, the system will be fully digitized,” he assured.

“What it means is that students can stay from the comfort of their homes and use their mobile phone and register,” Allen said.

The digitization process is made possible by an ICT firm called MWETANA Consulting and Technology through a School Management system known as SchooLink.

The system provides a user-friendly interface with secure login access for students, parents/sponsors, teachers, non-teaching staffs and management personnel. It offers advantages for everyone involved in the academic process –from administrators who oversee the school operations, teachers, staffs, parents/sponsors, and to students who anxiously await completion of the academic semester. The system allows each student to register and have an up to date database of all students, classes as well as other bio/educational data.


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