ICC Constructs Modern School In Gbi and Doru District, Worth US$78k

The newly constructed ICC school in Tiah Town, Gbi & Doru Adm District in Nimba

The International Consultant Capital (ICC), a logging firm operating in the Gbi and Doru Administrative District, have dedicated a modern six-classroom school building in Tiah Town, one of the remotest towns within Nimba. Dedicated on March 2, 2019, the edifice is now the only modern school in Tiah Town.

At the dedication ceremony the citizens of the town, headed by chief Harris Bore, named the school in honor of the ICC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. McDonald Wento, for fulfilling his promise made at the onset of the company’s operation in the district.

There was great jubilation at the ceremony by the locals who were happy to see such a modern school for first time in the Doru Chiefdom, which is close to Rivercess County.

“We are very happy to see this kind of school building in this town,” said Chief Harris G. Bore, the head of the Traditional Council of Chiefs in the district. “We have suffered for a school for our kids for a very long time, leaving them to grow up as hunters, gold miners and farmers.”

“We thank the ICC family for this kind of work they have done for us,” he added.

International Consultant Capital (ICC) executives with students and local school authorities cutting the ribbon for a modern school in Gbi and Doru Administrative District, Nimba County

Mr. McDonald Wento, accompanied by his senior manager Mr. Cesare Colombo and local government officials from Nimba, cut the ribbon and turned the building over to the local authorities.

The school is one of the modern schools in the district, next to the school built by Senator Thomas Grupee, which is located in Glann Town, about 50 kilometers away.

The General Manager of ICC, Mr. Cesare Colombo, said the project cost about US$78,000, including a solar panel that could power several computers and light up the building.

He also said the company is working through the Community Forest Development Committee/CFDC to undertake other developments, including a guest house, clinics and hand pumps in the district.

According to the citizens the town has been very unfortunate for schools, leaving their kids without any education.

“We managed to construct a school here before, but it collapsed, because we did not have the materials to maintain the school,” said one of the elders in Tiah Town.

The six-classroom building is powered by solar panels, giving all the classes light. It also has modern toilet facilities and hand pump.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wento has welcomed the school being named after him. He said the company will do all it can to furnish the school and help with other supplies but called on the Ministry of Education, through the District Education Office in Tappita, to take charge of the facility.

He also called on the citizens to utilize the school by sending their kids to the school and not let the school be empty.

“The only gift ICC can give you is the school, because when the kids are educated, they will build your town and carry on more developments here,” he said.

“Don’t send your children on the farm or gold field, for the school is not the empty building, rather when the kids are there learning,” he concluded.


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