iCampus Launches Liberia Learning Awards 2020  


Liberia Learning Awards 2020 has been launched in Monrovia, with more than thirty-five guests in attendance on January 22, 2020. As the first-of-its-kind development initiative to build a vibrant learning community, the learning awards program is an approach to share ideas around learning so that organizations can learn from each other about how they can effectively collect data and use the information for adaptation and improvement in their work. The program thus seeks to build on the nascent learning community, by developing a network of engaged, connected learning advocates from across government and civil society.

Overseen by an expert panel of judges from top development institutions including USAID Liberia, the Liberia Learning Awards runs annually with Community Development and Research Agency (CODRA) having won the first edition in 2018, alongside Youth Coalition for Education (YOCEL) and NAPTANOL, as the second and third place winners respectively. Following month-long application and vetting proceedings, the awards are offered to Liberian Civil Society organizations that have exhibited concrete examples of how learning has been integrated into their programs to improve outcomes, using the methodology developed by USAID’s Collaborating Learning and Adapting (approach) in their learning case competitions. CLA is a USAID Learning Lab’s framework for strengthening organizational learning and conditions that enable it throughout the Program Cycle to improve development effectiveness and support countries on their journey to self-reliance.

At the launch ceremony, Mr. Luther Jeke, the Manager of iCampus Liberia, facilitated a quick workshop-training to showcase aspects of the Liberia Learning Awards. Luther told participants that the program is an iCampus approach, through its partnership with USAID Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI) and Liberia Strategic Analysis (LSA), to address learning gaps stated in the Accountability Lab’s 2017 Learning Mapping Report.

The Lab had recommended in its learning report that in order to address for instance the practice of confining monitoring roles to single individuals across organizations, there is a need to create a platform that does not only increase organizations’ understanding about institutional learning but as well as connect all actors in the development curve to learn from one another. Among the high-level delegates were Stanley Lukenge Goloba, USAID LAVI Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Maureen Sieh, USAID LAVI Communications Specialist. “The Liberia Learning Awards was created to serve the right purpose since many organizations in Liberia lack understanding of organization most often lack an ability to apply and track learning at the organizational level”, said Mr. Stanley Lukenge Goloba.

Ceremonies marking the 2020 edition of the Liberia Learning are slated to take place in February. However, the program is currently receiving nomination and applicants can visit iCampus’ website for more information www.icampus.io  or make an inquiry to [email protected]

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