iCafé Launches New Online Educational Platform

Mr. Morris: “Increase your income, make money for helping others with their lessons."

-Tutor service tailored for students experiencing difficulties in particular subjects

A new online platform aimed at enhancing Liberia’s education system and empowering young people through the provision of employment opportunities has been launched in Monrovia.

The platform, called studyclassteacher.net, is a teacher-student platform through which professionals or people with specialized skills especially teachers and instructors share their knowledge with people who need learning assistance in their fields of study.

Study Class Teacher, which was launched recently at the 2017 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises conference organized by the Ministry of Commerce, will also provide 15,000 jobs for Liberians.

Created by young and progressive Liberian Information Communication Technology (ICT) technician Caesar Morris, Study Class Teacher will serve as a repository of expertise(s) where the works of professionals/teachers promote academic and intellectual exchanges—where students or young professionals can interact with a teacher or instructor to help tutor them.

Information sharing or simply put, knowledge sharing will form the basis or serve as the core of the platform’s operations, Morris told the Daily Observer in an interview on Tuesday, December 6.

He said with this new initiative, anyone can learn anything at any level from ABC to PhD with a personalized, one-on-one tutor (Study Class Teacher) to help the individual better understand difficult subjects. “This will help people reach their goals faster,” he added.

“Regardless of one’s location across the city, we can get a study class teacher to where s/he is, and not the other way around. We work around your time,” he stated.

The tutor, according to Morris, will come directly to the student at his/her specific location, and fit in his/her schedule.“So, we want you relax and let us come to you!”

He urged people who are good in any subject or any professional discipline to make use of the new platform.

According to Morris, iCafe and collaborating partner ‘All-bright’ is trying to work with the government through the Ministry of Education and other institutions of higher learning to encourage them to make use of the platform.

“Increase your income, make money for helping others with their lesson; be your boss!!! Be a study class teacher now – fill the form. We create your study class teacher profile; we contact you for available tutor opportunities around you.

“On the other hand, Study Class Teacher stands to pay individuals for what they know. Interested people, from high school students to professional graduates, will begin to get paid from this initiative,” he stated.

Morris said a nation’s greatest asset is her people, and with Study Class Teacher each has a guaranteed personalized, one-on-one tutor to build confidence and give each student the knowledge and victory in any subject from ABC to PhD level.

The iCafe boss said he strongly believes that tutoring can empower a student to scale difficulties and be more confident in the classroom.

“From 1st grade to 12th grade, we will get you the right study class teacher that will help you or your loved ones understand difficult subjects thus empowering you or them to make good grades in school.

“Extra time with the right knowledge person can make all the difference in understanding the subject better and performing to the best of your ability; and because we want to help, distance doesn’t matter.”

Morris said the new platform is working with other partners including the National PTA network of Liberia to ensure that the system reaches up to 15,000 students monthly, particularly those that are struggling or experiencing difficulties in particular subjects.

Some of the most popular but difficult subjects Study Class Teacher covers in grade school are: English reading and writing; Literature; Phonics; Elementary Mathematics; Junior Mathematics; High School Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry); Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology; Foreign Language: French; Social Studies: Liberian History and Civics.



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