ICA Distributes Gifts to Children

Some of the Kids who benefited from the celebration

The International Children Alert (ICA) Incorporated recently distributed copy books, book bags, children play toys and other gifts to less fortunate children and school going kids.

The ICA, whose goal is to reduce the child mortality by at least 10% every year through its monthly care package that comprises food, medical supplies and clothes, held its second county seasonal festival with less fortunate children from across the district.

The program which was held under the theme, “Put a smile on a child’s face” brought together to over 200 children in Suehn Mecca District, Bomi County.

The all-day event was characterized by games, jokes, remarks, and refreshments.

Ms. Zoe Yarwhere, ICA Program Coordinator, in her overview statement, said the organization was established on January 13, 2011, by passionate young Liberian women with the focus of helping and monitoring children from 4 to 16 years.

Yarwhere said the mission of ICA is to help sustain the lives of Liberians and needy children in remote areas with education and safe drinking water.

She said ICA’s motto is to bring a smile to every child’s doorstep, which was achieved through their Christmas and New Year’s party.

Yarwhere said the organization has conducted a workshop, taught children about the importance of education, personal hygiene and helping adolescent discover their dream.

Ms. Quinenette Siah Mbakellah, ICA head from the United States in a brief remark said the organization is pleased to share love, care, and gifts with less fortunate children.

“We hope you enjoy the program, especially the games, prizes and all the good stuff we have come to support you and ensure you have a bright future,” Mbakellah told the children.

She disclosed the organization’s intent of establishing its head office in the Suehn Mecca District.

Mbakellah thanked the people for leaving the surrounding community to honor their invitation and celebrate with kids and make them smile again.


  1. Thanks dear. ICA is pleased with your work. Indeed it was a success and we look forward to making our promise alive.

  2. Thanks for the report,n thanks to all the hard working staff of ICA who help one way or the other to make the event a success… Thanks Miss Mbakellah for ur tirelessly as well.

  3. A very big thanks to our CEO ms Quienette Mbakellah for the many support you continue a give to the children of LIBERIA and our high working team I say Brove.


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