IBLL Supports Students Skills Training Project


-Provides LD$285K for to two technical and vocational institutions

The International Bank Liberia Limited (IBLL) has provided LD$285K to two institutions to help provide technical and vocational skills to over 150 high school students who are currently on vacation since the 2017-2018 academic school year came to an end.

The Bank, in a release, highlighted the significance of keeping students engaged with skills enhancing and life building, extra-curricular activities during the vacation period.

As a result of this understanding and its commitment to “Building Liberia Together”, IBLL said it is proud to sponsor “two vacation programs that cater to students with a combined total of 285,000.00 LD (two hundred eighty-five thousand Liberian dollars), in support of training and feeding of the students.”

The technical and vocational skills training programs are being run by the St. Thomas Episcopal Church located on Camp Johnson Road and the Calvary Empowerment Team in Chugbor, Old Road. Both organizations were provided LD$125,000.00 and LD$160,000.00 respectively for their projects.

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church is training about 68 students with vocational skills including arts and craft, tailoring, music, home economics and mentoring them in business and good citizenship.

The Calvary Empowerment Team is an organization that trains students in music, culture, home economics and basketball at the Tubman High School on 12th Street and the Effort Baptist School in Paynesville. They are currently training 90.

Both programs run from July to August and have been of significant impact to the beneficiaries and IBLL is proud to be contributing to the full development of future competent citizens while calling on more groups to get involved with organizing and supporting such initiatives for young people.

It is no secret that the lack of technical skills for vast majority of the young people who make up over sixty percent of the country’s population is the major contributing factor to the massive unemployment rate in the country.

IBLL believes tackling this problem from the high school level will go a long way in impacting employment across the country. “It is this concept that drove us in supporting these two programs. It says the young people need technical skills that will ensure help them get employed and live better lives.

“IBLL believes in community centered programs that enhance citizenry and promote principles in line with the company’s values of Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Teamwork & Excellence. Therefore, while the vacation period is a time for rest from scholarly activities, it is also beneficial to ensure students are introduced to other skills that will foster career development and make them well-rounded individuals,” the release said.

“IBLL also notes that keeping students engaged during this period also keeps them away from harmful practices that could occupy their minds in idleness,” the Bank noted.



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