IB Bank to Provide Sherman’s USD Account Statement Today

Varney Sherman’s bank statements are in question

International Bank (IB), one of several banking institutions operating in the country, is expected to today, Wednesday, March 22, appear before Criminal Court ‘C’ to give the status of Senator Varney Sherman’s United States dollar account.

Global Witness had accused Sen. Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County and others including former House Speaker Alex Tyler of Bomi County of soliciting bribes in the Sable Mining saga.

The bank was among eight banking institutions that were on December 23, 2016 issued a 72-hour ultimatum to surrender all the United States dollar bank statements of defendant Sherman and the others accused, including Tyler.

The management of IB Bank had informed the court that Sherman holds an account with the bank.

Up to yesterday, according to information the Daily Observer gathered, the bank is yet to produce in court all the documents the court had requested from them.

Although the other financial institutions have complied with the court’s demand, IB had managed to submit only 14 of the 26 bank statements for some of the defendants, including Sherman and Tyler.

It was the bank’s attitude that prompted Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay, who serves as both judge and jury, to authorize the bank to appear and give reasons why it has not complied with the court’s mandate.

The bank’s management was also seen yesterday holding discussions with Judge Gbeisay in his chamber.

The GW bribery report alleged that “the defendants received bribes in the amount of over US$950,000 from Sable Mining to alter the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) procedures to award the Wologizi Mountain in Lofa County to the company without going through a competitive bidding process.”

The report alleged that the money was placed into the bank account of the Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, owned by defendant Sherman, at those commercial banking institutions, of which IB is yet to comply.

The court action was due to a request by state lawyers to allow them access the defendants’ bank accounts, despite the defense team’s contention. The Supreme Court had authorized the banks to comply with the order.


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