IAA Director Nyeswa Promises Vigorous Audit

Mr. Nyeswa says the validation will ensure the proficiency of IAA’s agents and ultimately advances standard of internal auditing.

The executive director of the Internal Auditing Agency (IAA), Emmanuel B. Nyeswa, has promised a vigorous internal audit at various government institutions to help save government resources from going to waste.

Director Nyeswa spoke with newsmen on Monday at the start of the entity’s five-day annual retreat in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, aimed at validating documents that will bring the IAA up to speed in delivering its mandate.

Mr. Nyeswa said IAA’s five-year strategic working documents would ensure proficiency of the entity’s agents and ultimately advance standard internal auditing that would salvage government of waste expenditure as well as minimize corruption in government.

Most often, Nyeswa said, “we want things to be done right, but do not want to follow procedures. Again, it is important for us as officials or employees to engage in what the law says. We have to comply with the laws to make our institutions credible.”

According to him, authorities of the various ministries and agencies have begun complying with auditors; although challenging, it will be done across the country.

“When there is a change of officials at those ministries and agencies, some people come with open arms to learn, while others decide to remain the same. We will ensure that only those on government payroll get paid,” Nyeswa said.

“We are validating our strategic plans, the human resource, procurement, the audit and the accounting manuals,” he said.

According to him, the retreat will also set the basic for IAA’s working plans for the entire year, which runs from July to June.

“So we will validate every piece of work planned for this year; because we are internal auditors, we hold people responsible to do the right thing.  So, we have to set the basis for which we can hold Liberians accountable for what they do,” Nyeswa said.

Among the many anti-graft agencies in the public sector, IAA believes that it is the only institution with a high level of integrity, structured to actively support more than 50 institutions of government on a day-to-day basis. The IAA offers the first line of defense in the fight against corruption, and has the legal mandate and institutional design to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Monday’s ceremony brought together lecturers and participants, including Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) executive director James Dorbor Jallah,  who spoke on the topic, “The Importance of Procurement Manual in Public Service Delivery.” It was held in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Mr. Jallah said it is vital to have a procurement manual, because it shows consistency in the performances of IAA’s report; otherwise, it stands to crumble.

“As senior government officials, we have to stand with our junior staffs, especially when executing mandate given to them. Sometimes, we give instructions, but failed to do the proper follow-up when there is something or someone engaging them roughly while implementing their assigned duty,” he said.


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