“I Would Flog That Teacher, If I Were Not A Senator”

Sen. Gueh with participants at the National Youth Legislative Policy Dialogue

–Senate education committee chair vents anger, recommends 10- year imprisonment

River Cess County Senator Dallas A.V. Gueh said if he were the father of the 16-year-old 10th grade female student of the Soltiamon Christian School System (SCSS) who, it has been reported, was  flogged by Solomon Joah, Jr., a teacher of SCSS, he (Senator Gueh) would have personally dealt with Mr. Joah, Jr., and perhaps flogged him as he did to the girl.

Joah, or junior boy, as he is popularly known, serves as the dean of students. It is alleged that he single-handedly flogged the female student.

According to Sen. Gueh, Joah’s attitude was not only gruesome but done intentionally in order to abuse the pupil, because he knows he is the first son of Reverend Solomon Joah, Sr.

“His father is my former classmate and a personal friend, who many think is my brother,” Gueh said as he expressed his anger in session.

Sen. Gueh, a former classroom teacher for 32 years, chairs the senate statutory committee on education in the 54th Legislature. He also served as district education officer and county chief education officer (CEO.)

He said the senate committee will also recommend to authorities at the Ministry of Education a 10-year imprisonment for Joah, “because he physically abused a female student without justifiable reason.”

Joah Jr., is the son of Reverend and Mother Solomon Joah, Sr., proprietors of SCSS. He has been accused of cruelly and physically assaulting a 16-year-old 10th grade female student recently. The girl has since been suffering from pains, especially in her groin.

Gueh made the statement on Thursday, June 27, 2019, when he served as guest facilitator to the National Youth Legislative Policy Dialogue. The dialogue was organized and funded by NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development and held at the Legislative Information Service (LIS) at the Capitol Building in Monrovia.

“It is unacceptable, gruesome, cruel and, moreover, how can a man, who claimed to have gotten his teacher’s training from the USA, be so wicked, as if he was never trained as a teacher?” Senator Gueh wondered.

He added, “Nowadays, no one beats on students anymore — our education system subscribes to different punishment.”

“Besides the MoE’s decision, of which we were informed that the Sotiamon teacher will be banned from teaching or working as an administrator in any school in the country, with the school being fined L$250,000 to be paid into government’s revenue, the school will also be responsible for the payment of medical and other damages. We will also recommend that he go to jail for 10 years,” Gueh declared.

The dialogue is aimed at creating a platform for a predominantly youthful citizenry, to interact with representatives and senators of the 54th Legislature.

Sen. Gueh spoke on the theme, “the Role and Responsibility of the Senate Education Committee and its Impact.”

‘Nonsense’ system

Besides, venting his frustration over the unmerciful flogging of the 16-year-old female student,  Sen. Gueh termed as ‘nonsense’ the educational sector, saying that a majority of the education reform Law of 2011, including the decentralization of school boards in all the counties, have been ignored, leading to about 70 percent of untrained teachers in the classrooms. This also includes the lack of issuing licenses to teachers, the free compulsory primary education and the US$5 million student loans.


Sen. Gueh said the Committee has formally recommended to the MoE that all ‘nursing schools,’ which are offering certificates, be shut down. The MoE, according to the recommendation, must personally issue licenses to teachers and supervise and create a standard or ban schools’ graduations.


  1. Funny, funny, churches all over the place using the Bible to beat on students. Who told you God wants you to treat a rude student in such manner? The parents of this kid are playing with your this is why we are hearing sorry for what happened. Pay some boys in town to visit the very Dean of Student next time he will relate. Why should people do ugly things in Liberia and go free in the name of some stupid discipline? Mr. Senator we share the same view beat Dean or the very owner of the school.

  2. A Senator speaking in that manner, explained why the culture of violence is so high in that trouble country. But one will hear all the time ” Liberia is all we got ” . And the is one of violence and impunity .

  3. If that child was mine, i could do the same, i could openly flog that teacher/administrator. He”s wicked, no one could do that to his child

  4. With all due respect I honestly disagreed with your plan of action. I know the Dean of students is very wrong for what he did but taking the laws into your hands isn’t the right thing to do.

  5. What in the world will paying money to the government do for this or any other child who is abused? He should have been arrested and any money that is paid, should go to that child.

    • in your mind you say the senator is right. agreed that the teacher was wrong for beating the girl. done support violent like the senator. He should be saying its time to make laws about this and recommending to the citizens and not encouraging violent. that is what we are paying him for. please don’t support the senator in this manner. someone could get angry and go for this teacher life just by the senator words. He is from a place that majority of his people agree and do what he says that is why they elected him. yes the teacher should be punish, I agree but not like what the senator say. God save My Mother Land Liberia

  6. Govt officials beating citizens, soldiers beating citizens, citizens beating other citizens for breaking laws. In this new Liberia we need to cut out the beatings of our brother & sister like we are animals in the jungle. Practice civilization.

  7. what Does the law say about beating a student. if there is no law, lets forget it. this has been ongoing for ever. there girl was actually badly beaten, agreed. but the news should not have posted her private part (Butt) in the public. photos could be kept for court if there will be any form of legal aspect or a case. the teacher was actually wrong to beat the child like that. there are other punishment that could be given in place of beating her. If we want to punish, lets start from the teacher to this news paper and senator. the two abuse the girl and senator recommending violent. we need to be careful how we report things. even the senator, maker of the laws, should be held for saying he will harm the teacher. Now the teacher can say his life is in danger remember under the law he too has rights. even a killer has right. he did not kill. senator recommending 10yrs in jail, Why? if the teacher had killed the girl, I am sure he would have said he would have kill the teacher also. Again the teacher was wrong for beaten the girl in that form and manner. so lets be mindful and follow what the law says. I am sure there are ways through the education ministry to handle this and not fighting. this guy must be punish so is the news paper and the senator. for the senator, if it was your child, you would have broken the law and now you are telling people to be violent and break the law. the next thing you will see someone going after the teacher to pay back without the law. I believe from the level of the president to senators and representatives and citizens all of us need to recognize the laws of the land and implement them that is the only way Liberia will be change or better. ( the president who said after his speech no one will walk in the street and speak against or insult the president again, is a threat against every citizen and the law) senator should look for laws that apply to this issue and if nor, its time that he recommend instead of sitting and eating our taxes without recommending laws in place of brutality. lastly the teacher should be punished by the education ministry in some way to avoid this kind of incident and not by the parents, not the senator words. God bless Liberia, my mother Land.

  8. @Kae, it’s easy for you to disagree with the Senator especially when it was not your child that was inhumanely treated under the guise of discipline. The act was extreme torture. Where in the history of discipline in academia have you ever heard of a child being given 50 or 75 lashes as a means of punishment? This is sheer evil. Another thing is that many of you rush on social media to post response without digging into the actual facts relative to the character of individuals involved in a story. Solomon Joah Jr. took advantage of that child because he’s aware of the weak justice system that will let guys like him go with impunity, that;s why the Senator suggested his flogging.

    Had it been my child, I would rain punches in his face, forgetting that I ever knew his parents.

    Do you all know the attitude of this fellow? Has anyone ever beaten a student in the Soltiamon school such number of lashes? While some of you are so fast to post response, did you ever make such inquiry.

    Solomon Joah Jr. had been on drugs while living in Ghana and he continued it when he came back home to Liberia. His parents pressured him to close down his night club in Ghana and return home. Upon his return home, instead of his parents admitting him for drug rehabilitation, they put him in the school’s workforce, thus posing threat to the students. It’s not strange about Solomon Joah Jr. hitting on female because on numerous occasions he beat on his wife and his parents are aware because they all live in a large two story family home in Chugbore. At one time, he beat his wife so badly, blood set in her eye and her face was swollen so bad she could not easily come outside, ashamed for what her husband did to her.

    Such a person that habitually abuses female should not be exposed to interactions with students nor should he form part of the school’s workforce.


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