‘I Won’t Run Away from Liberia’

Mr. Lindstrom addresses reporters as Liberty operations manager, Charles D. Davis, listens keenly.jpg

In the aftermath of the publication of a damning report on alleged corrupt practices in Liberia, the author of the book: “CORRUPTION 101-LIBERIA STYLE,” said he will not run away from the country, even though there are reports of threats to his life.

The author claimed the reported threats are being made by unknown persons following the publication of the book. He promised not to be frightened by that, but rather to remain and fight his case (Liberty vs. the Ministry of Lands, Mines, and Energy) through the court in Liberia.

According to Mr. Len Lindstrom, since the news of the publication of the book broke out, he has allegedly received numerous phone calls on restricted numbers, and has also come in contact with persons, who reportedly threatened to get even with him.

“I am not running away from Liberia, because I love this country and its earnest (sincere) people and their hospitality. I will not run away, because, to do so would mean abuse of trust and confidence from the Liberty International Mineral Corporation and Liberty Group of Companies as well as its employees,” Mr. Lindstrom assured.

According to him, in the midst of all the past shenanigans (mischievous acts) and failed promises to regain the company’s seized licenses and properties, the company remains confident that justice in Liberia will do the right thing. He said the only decent option was returning the properties and allowing the over 300 employees to return to work, because the company operates as a legitimate investment in the resource sector.

He also expressed the hope that Liberty eventually receives all that is legal and equitable in damages. Mr. Lindstrom believed the public release of the book would serve as a powerful instrument to make all the citizens of Liberia and the international investment community aware of the corruption taking place in  their midst.

The book’s author also said its release would hasten a just solution to the long overdue matter which has already destroyed and crippled far too many lives just so a handful of corrupt officials could escape being exposed.    

On Sunday, January 5, 2014, Mr. Lindstrom, a Canadian investor in Liberia since 2004, released a powerful new book, entitled: CORRUPTION 101-LIBERIA STYLE in Monrovia at a press conference hosted at a resort.

The book exposes what the writer catalogued as the white collar crime, corporate bribery, and government corruption in the natural resource sector.

In the 618-page book, Mr. Lindstrom documented issues regarding key events, facts, and laws pertaining to the case of Liberty Vs. Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and the government in the company’s fight for justice in the midst of alleged corruption, extortion, economic sabotage, impunity, violation of court injunctions, bought-off lawyers, tampering with official court records, and repeated flagrant assaults against the sanctity of the court

Since the book was launched on Sunday the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy has not reacted. According to a source at the Ministry, it is only the Ministry’s public officer, Joseph Matady and Minister Patrick Sendolo, who would be allowed to make a statement concerning the book. Both men have reportedly been out of the office since Monday reportedly handling official duties in the field.     


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