Dillon: ‘We’ll Keep The Car’

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

— Brushes aside ‘bad advisors’, discloses benefits & salary

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, has out-rightly rejected calls for him to return his official assigned vehicle, saying he will not return the US$40,000 vehicle assigned to him as a senator, arguing that the vehicle is not expensive per his job.

The Liberty Party (LP) lawmaker told members of the Legislative press corps on Tuesday, September 24 that the certified span of the vehicle assigned to him, according to the policy of the government, is three years, after which the government will buy another vehicle for the office of Montserrado Senator.

He argued that during the three years the vehicle supposed to last, it means annually that the vehicle is worth US$13,333, which is not expensive contrarily to the popular belief and perception that the vehicle is luxurious for a senator sitting in office only for a year.

“I will return the car if I am not reelected as a senator in 2020,” Dillon said.

He dismissed those who called on him to return the vehicle as “bad advisors,” and accused others, especially members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), of being responsible for the so-called propaganda.

Dillion argued that, per his position prior to being elected as a senator for Montserrado County, he would have preferred a considerably cheaper vehicle owing to the bad economy, expecting that he would have been given the ‘money’, or the money used, to purchase the vehicle allotted in his name. If that were the case, he said, he would have bought a rather ‘considerably cheaper’ vehicle, and then remit the remaining money to the county.

However, he said, the purchase of the vehicle had been through a meticulous procurement process prior to his being inducted as senator and that, the vehicle is not his to sell and or exchange for a cheaper one.

Political pundits believe that there are more questions than answers to the response from Senator Dillon because, according to them, he should know that with his level of experience as former Chief of Staff (COS) to former House Speaker Edwin M. Snowe and former Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, there is always a policy over the procurement.

“Those of my opponents who say the car is too expensive for me to ride,” Dillon quipped, buy us a US$13,000 vehicle, in keeping with government policy, and present it to our office and we will use it. If government policy is for us to use keh-keh, we will use it, especially if the policy is what we met on the books. And if we criticize the policy that was on the books, we should use our influence — our connections — to change the policy to something reasonable.”

Meanwhile, Senator Dillon has ceremoniously disclosed his allowances and basic salary in the tone of US$15,325 and L$29,700 respectively.

He said the chair on the Senate Ways, Means and Budget, Morris Saytumah, presented to him his benefits and salary on a written paper on Monday, September 23.

According to the breakdown, special allowances are US$10,000; transportation reimbursement is US$3,175, while gasoline is US$2,150; totaling to US$15,325, and when taxes are deducted, the total take home pay is US$12,000.

He said besides the US$15,325, his basic salary is L$29,700.

Besides, Dillion said when payment is made, he would subtract US$5,000, and that the remaining money will be remitted to the county, of which his chief of office staff is one of the signatories to the promised document.

He called on his colleagues to include members of the House of Representatives to emulate his example by cutting their benefits and salaries to support the critical sectors, such as health and education.


  1. Not consistent. If the value of the Office worth the allotment, why return a fracture of the amount to the same people who appropriate your service by voting you in? No money will be given as was before pocket under the umbrella of infrastructure help. Each county has its own development budget. We will not allow any lawmaker who makes promises to uphold the office in our place of birth and renege on this promise by reducing the high status of the position to a cheap ridiculously low level. If you see the seat miserable because you are not used to good things, get out. These are some of the things we must watch. They come in to serve and change their course for personal gains when they get in. The people of the counties have enough resources to give to officials who intend to consciously serve them. If you would like to help development, built your own structures on your personal income. It looks suspicious when you return the people’s money they give you to serve them. When the new bank notes are again fused, we will observe every such steps. Do your lessons. Do not reply this box. Tell Liberians why.
    Silent to the 57% majority.

  2. Build personal structures with your personal Liberian earned dollars (monies) that will bring returns to the low or investment to Government, with development to the nation. We are talking about Liberian currency upgrade as well. Standard and Liberian economic status.

  3. Dillon, if yo na inside, you na no. Atleast liberia will have peace. Lgically, with the transparent manner your benifits were arrived at, it can be deduced that legislature is corrupt as you painted it as you were scheming to get there. “I am going to strsithen things” campaign theme has been proven wrong. It is
    now clear that your desire to run for the senate was about yourself, not the gullible youth you and “COP” put in the street to gain undeserved popularity. You have sponken again, all doubts sourrouding your political sincerity has been removed. have a nice vacation in the senate!

  4. Some guys have low reasoning, was it Dillon who purchase the vehicle? Why should he returned the assigned vehicle back even if he do will the money be given to him n what are you guys if he returned it, give he the car u want he to us n he will returned it (2) Dillon is force to cut his salary n give it to the county, how many of our lawmakers doing this?

    • Do not allow Senator DD’s low pole, teke BM speed to carry you away. “he would subtract US$5,000, and that the remaining money will be remitted to the county, of which his chief of office staff is one of the signatories to the promised document.”

  5. All of these folks commenting against Dillon are political stooges of the ruling position. They fear to bad mouth their own so they can’t look for them and ambush them and their families. I challenge anyone of them to bad mouth Jorweah, Acarous Gray, or Nathaniel McGill. They know what will happen.

  6. Ekay Tuu

    You are right Ekay.

    That’s how Liberians are. They would crucify the ones, who often stick their necks out for them.

    Since Weah came to power, which senator or representative has been this transparent? We can clearly see now why these senators and representatives have joined Weah in refusing to declare their assets as the constitution stipulates.

    Assets declaration will reveal why one sector of the economy is doing so fabulously well, while the lifestyle of those in the other sector continues to deteriorate.

    The living standard of the common people will never improve as long as this kind of ungodly thievery and highway murder continues to thrive.

  7. Hey,
    Let’s face the facts. Other civil servants are not assigned government vehicles. They are not even paid the salaries senators are being paid. I would suggest that the Liberian Government get out of the business of assigning vehicles to those who can buy one with no financial difficulties. These senators are making enough money to buy their own cars.

  8. A wise person once said, “The truth about a man lies first and foremost in what he hides.”
    Senator Dillon has finally let the cats (Lawmakers’ salaries and benefits) out of the bags.

    Do not let the expensive US$40k vehicle which Sen. Dillon inherited from his predecessor be a distraction to his important message of protesting government waste and the huge salaries government officials are receiving while medical facilities, schools and other infrastructures remained in ruins. Sen. Dillon did call for government to purchase cheaper vehicles in the future for all government usage in order to save money for future developments.

    Below is the transcript of Senator Dillon Q & A showing his official disclosure of how much money and other benefits Senators in Liberia make. This can be viewed on YouTube in reference to the title below:

    “Huge Salary of Lawmakers Uncovers As Senator Dillon Opens Up.”
    iTV-Lib 9/24/2019

    “Huge Salary of Lawmakers Uncovers as Senator Dillon Opens Up, Says He does Not Want To Be A Humanitarian On Government Money. Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon Tuesday unveiled Lawmakers monthly salaries in the tune of US$15,325.00 and L$29,700.00 respectively.

    According to him the amount is too much for them and there is a need as policy makers to take some decisions intended to benefit the people who they represent. In a brief break down Senator Dillon said US$10,000 of that amount goes to special allowance while US$3,175.00 is for transportation reimbursement and US$2,150.00 is for gasoline noting that after tax reduction the total of about US$12,000 remained with them.

    His disclosure was as a result of a written version of their salary which was ably presented to him by Bomi County Senator Morris Saytumah. “I believe that this amount is too much as such I am embarking on a self protest, “Dillon noted.

    He told reporters Tuesday that he does not want to be humanitarian on government money especially when he is a policy maker who should give more to the people and take less, something that is now the opposite.

    The Montserrado County Senator added that if they pocket the over US$15,000 which the people believe they normal pocket their money, they will eventually come back to them for it.

    Explaining further he stressed that with a total of 103 Lawmakers at the national legislature and if they give back US$10,000 each they will generate including saving about US$1.3m dollars monthly and if said is calculated yearly they will be generating over US$12.4M. Said amount he added, can be used to address some of the challenges in the health sector to include: the upgrading of the sector, increment in health workers’ salaries and the provision of medical supplies and many others.

    Moreover, he indicated that said amount could also be used into the Education sector to ensure that Education facilities are affordable, free as well as making it quality for the students in general. His latest disclosure is in fulfillment of a promise made to his people during the just ended by-election in which he assured them that he will make public his monthly salary and take only US$5,000 and give the rest back to the seventeen electoral districts of Montserrado County, this was evident today.”

    Yes indeed, transparency is lacking in the corridors of the Liberian Government.

    A wise person also said, “Leaders in every walk of life act shortsightedly when they refuse to take suitable opportunity to afford the public a chance to get acquainted with them. Half this world’s troubles spring from misunderstanding, from mistrust, from secrecy.

    The remedy (to Liberia’s problems) lies in letting in the daylight, in allowing the public to know how our leaders won their way to front (how they function), in bringing home to the rank and file that those at the top had to work hard and climb hard to get there.”

    This message is a wake-up call that nothing remains a secret forever, not even the massive salaries of Liberian government officials.

    Well done Senator Dillon for letting the problematic cats out of the bags!!

  9. I am not for or against Sen. Dillion.
    We the best educated will come in; its is our country. Liberia has to be setup; it was never done.
    Liberian do not believe in Education; totally opposite to the rest of the World? Be a high school dropout, become Rep, Sen. or President and make lots of money. Do you still remember the phrase “Da Book we le eat” ? We means Liberia doesn’t need education?
    You should compare these incomes to that of the Medical Doctors’s? The country will never develop if the setup of Liberia stays as it is.

    God bless us and our ways of thinking.

    • Correction:
      It means Liberia doesn’t need education?

  10. The vehicle was U.S40 000 at the time of purchase. Depending on accumulated mileage and age, it’s no longer a 40,000-dollar vehicle. Motor Vehicles are valued/worthef as per age and mileage. That VEHICLE may be worth; less than U.S$20,000. Thus, The Senator is saving the government mich needed “MONEY”.

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