“I Will Support Pro Temp for President If…”


Gbarpolu County Senator Daniel Flomo Naatehn said he will support Senate Pro Tempore Armah Jallah, if he desires to run for the presidency.

Senator Naatehn in an exclusive with our Legislative Reporter at his Capitol Building offices Tuesday asserted that every hurdle between him and Pro Temp Jallah has been cleared and that the two are now ever prepared to put the past behind them for the forward march of the development programs of their county.

“I understand he (Pro Temp Jallah) wants to be president; I am a member of the ANC, and I don’t know which party he will be going to, maybe he will end up with my party. If he ends up to my party, I will be under obligation to support him. God is responsible for every movement in human’s life, and I believe that God has decided for us to work together; and in our conversations we are very sincere with each other, I don’t see deceit in our conversations,” Naatehn said.

But there are developing reports that the ANC is deciding on carrying Alexander Cummings, former vice president and Chief Administrative Officer of the global beverage giant Coca Cola, as its presidential candidate in the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Speaking on the recent development between him and Pro Temp Jallah, Senator Naatehn said they were now holding consultations on the way forward in bringing relief to the people of their county; “so that is what you saw us discussing this morning when you captured us on camera, we are very set and clear in our minds that we have a responsibility to a group of people, and we will be doing fair to ourselves if we work together.”

Senator Naatehn regretted that the county had experienced four years of silence in the development drive, not understanding that being divided would carry the county nowhere, “so we have a lot of brainstorming to do as to what we need to do to catch-up; we need to make sure that we maximize on the various opportunities that we have to catch up.”

He described as unfortunate, their decision to work together was coming at the time that one of the sons of their county, Finance and Development Planning Minister, Amara Mohammed Konneh, is taking another assignment out of the country.

“Gbarpolu County is blessed, Naatehn said, adding, “Finance Minister and one of the deputies are from the county, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a good friend of the county, and the President Pro Tempore is from the county; “so if other counties are suffering, we should not be among those counties because we have enough in our favour.”

On their recent conference with President Sirleaf at her office, Naatehn said realizing that the county would be losing all of the opportunities in their favour right now, “I thought it wise that the Pro Temp and I should sit with the President so that she and us can reason together, because I told the Pro Temp that the President was in a confused state, as she did not understand what was happening with us in Gbarpolu; so we need to get out of that confused state. And by seeing us together she felt very relieved.”

Speaking on post-election promises he made to reconcile citizens of the county, Naatehn declared that the most important and starting point was for both of them to come together, and the next step forward is to encourage others to join them to work for the common good of their people.

“We are informed that an electoral district meeting is being scheduled by some of the citizens to invite us to follow up on what we have done, and I am sure that other stakeholders will see reason to also let bygones be bygones,” Naatehn said.

The bad blood between Senators Jallah and Naatehn came to boiling point recently when Naatehn accused Pro Temp Jallah of stalling the confirmation of local government nominees for Gbarpolu and suppressing bills that he had submitted; as well as influencing the work of committees in the Senate to the extent that the Senate has now lost its independence, thus making it a rubberstamp one and obviously rendering all Senators a weakling body, whose committees he considered not independent, but rubber stamp and manipulated.


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