‘I Will Not Fail This Country,’ Says Nagbe, Confirmed as Associate Justice

Cllr. Nagbe: "I have lived my life sufficiently so I will not fail this country."

–Senate decides on amendment to Article 83 (a); Land Rights Bill Today

Supreme Court Associate Justice Cllr. Joseph Nyenetue Nagbe has declared that his appointment to the Supreme Court bench has further invigorated his resolve not to fail Liberia and, by extension, the current government.

Nagbe made the statement Tuesday, August 21, 2018, minutes after news filtered through the public that the Senate in Executive session had unanimously confirmed him as successor to retired Justice Philip A. Z. Banks on the Supreme Court bench.

“I can assure all Liberians that I will do my best not to fail this country, not even the President, who has, among several lawyers, picked me for this high profile position on the Supreme Court bench,” Justice Nagbe told Legislative reporters in the presence of some of his former colleagues of the erstwhile National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA).

Cllr. Nagbe, who spoke while sitting behind his senatorial desk at the Capitol Building for the last time, specifically admonished his former NTLA colleagues, among them Isaac F. Manneh, Eric Vincent and Musa Ballow, who had gone to congratulate him for his preferment that their effort may not be recognized, “but let’s continue to work for this country.”

Justice Nagbe decried, “One thing that is absent in our way of life in this country is that we do not celebrate one another; when a Liberian is somewhere making progress, we do not pray for him to succeed to make more progress. Liberians, let’s celebrate one another.”

He lauded his former colleagues for calling on him, to thank God and President George Weah for his preferment. He said that a courtesy visit should be the example all Liberians should follow.

“We all have our shortcomings, our likes and dislikes, but let us try to identify something good in each one of us; for it is the good side of all of us that we can combine to make this country great. To the media, let’s hold together to build our country,” Cllr. Nagbe said.

He recalled that during his confirmation hearing on Friday, “I told my colleagues that I have lived my life sufficiently, and that there is nothing out there that I have not tasted; it cannot be money, because I started working for government since 1979 at age 19, when my name entered government’s payroll. How much more do I want; so I am grateful to God for my ascendancy in life.”

Further, Justice Nagbe continued: “I am well settled in mind and in spirit; what I am working for now is a good name, character and legacy that will inspire young people of this country to become productive citizens, because I know that life is a stage.”

In a related development, the Senate is again expected, as always promised during previous sittings, to take a decisive action on some crucial bills that have been in committee rooms for long periods.

One of those bills include the Amendment to Article 83 (a) of the Constitution that states that, according to recommendation contained in a report from the committees on Judiciary and Autonomous Commissions, elections for the president, vice president, and the legislature be conducted on the first Saturday of December of each election year.

The chairman of the committee on Lands, Mines, Energy and Environment Senator George Tengbeh, meanwhile, has assured plenary that the Land Rights Bill is now ready for passage and that such will take place today, August 23, 2018.


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