‘I Will Clean-up the Police’

Robert W. Budy, Police Deputy Commissioner for Operations-designate.

– Deputy Police Commissioner-designate promises

Robert W. Budy, Deputy Police Commissioner for Operations-designate, on Friday promised to clean-up the police, if confirmed.

Budy vowed to further conduct an in-house clean-up of the operational department of the police to identify officers’ weaknesses and ensure that those obstacles are immediately resolved to give the police the desired morale.

He said he will take corrective measures to ensure professionalism among the officers, which would make them more effective and efficient while discharging their duty to protect lives and property.

“I am going to work with police authorities to take the necessary steps that would help reduce some of the reported unprofessional conduct on the part of officers as well as fight to contain suspected criminal activities,” Budy promised.

Budy said he hopes to work with citizens to ensure that crimes are prevented in all communities around the country, and to build a strong community-police collaboration, which he believes is one of surest ways to curb crimes.

“In the past, it was the citizens that usually come to the police, but under my leadership as deputy for operations, things will be different, because I will ensure that the police constructively engage the citizens to restore public confidence.

“You cannot only engage the citizens when crime has reportedly occurred in a specific community, but the police should engage the citizens even in areas where things are relatively peaceful, so that residents will endow unto the police the confidence they deserved,” Budy added.

Prior to his recent nomination by President George Weah, Budy served as Deputy Commissioner General for Operations at the Liberia Immigration Service. He previously  served as Assistant Director of Police for Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Acting Chief of Leeward Counties CID, and Commander, Bong County Police Detachment.


  1. Hi Robert. I am happy to see you are doing well. Congratulations on your promotion. Your old Cuba Vision Case Pack Area, Charles.


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