“I Remain Committed to More Development, if Elected”


— Grand Gedeh Senatorial Candidate Nyanue Says

As the campaign begins for the senatorial mid-term election, one of the nine contestants in Grand Gedeh County, William Grear Nyanue, has reassured people of his county that he will do as much as he can to remain committed to ‘development’ in the county if elected.

Even though development project implementation is not the prerogative of the lawmaker, candidate Nyanue who claims to have constructed two plank bridges on the Nikawo and Niplue Rivers in one of Grand Gedeh County’s most populous districts, Gbarzon District, added that the provision of quality education, better healthcare and support to smallholder farmers to improve productivity within the county are paramount on his agenda if given the chance to serve.

Grand Gedeh is one of the heavily contested counties where the incumbent, Alphonso Gaye is not contesting. Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, a sitting Representative who has been in the Legislature since 2005, is also contesting the Senate seat in the county on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). With his prominence among Grand Gedeans, he is the formidable force among the candidates to reckon with.

However, Nyanue who seems to be new in the political environment in the county feels that he can do more and better than his opponent and is therefore seeking the endorsement of Grand Gedeans to direct the support to him to show his juice.

“My primary concern is how best I can help serve the people of Grand Gedeh County to enable them to take their proper place in development, not partisan labels,” Nyanue told the Daily Observer.

Nyanue is an independent candidate who is for the first time contesting a political position in his county. A civil engineer by profession, he once served two-year consecutive terms as National President of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA) prior to declaring his intention to contest the Grand Gedeh Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Alphonso Gaye.

He noted: “What should matter most to all Grand Gedeans in particular and Liberians, in general, is how they can be empowered to put food on their tables; keep their children in schools; keep a roof over their heads and initiate major development such as good road network.”

“My primary focus at the moment is to make an immediate impact on the lives of the people whose mandate I am seeking to serve in the Liberian Senate,” he added.

The one-time National President of the Grand Gedeh University Student Union which also included the University of Liberia and the Cuttington University College (GGUSA), described bridges and roads construction as key to people’s empowerment.

Road connectivity is a serious impediment to Liberians especially the south-eastern belt where Grand Gedeh is located. The main road leading from Nimba County to that county is always inaccessible during the rainy season. Without road building equipment in most of the counties, feeder roads are inaccessible that farmers hardly get vehicles to transport their farm products to the market, a situation that makes agricultural productivity to be at a low scale in the country.

Therefore, having a plank bridge like that of the one built by the senatorial candidate is a big political achievement among poverty-stricken communities.


  1. A plank nonsense at that! What is really wrong with Nyanue? He must be running mad to believe that by jumping from nowhere as a total stranger, we will just vote him into the senate because he has thrown some plant over a creek he calls bridge. We will never vote for you William Nyanue. As far as we are concerned, you are are a total stranger who over the years have only been concerned about only yourself.


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