‘I Never Assaulted Her’

Chinese national denies alligation

Officer Teta David who was allegedly assaulted; the Gate that reportedly hit her

“I did not assault security officer Teta David neither did I insult her, but it was by mistake that an iron gate hit her on Saturday, April 22, about the evening hour.”

A Chinese expatriate working with the China Union (Liberia) Investment in Bong Mining Company only identified as Lee vehemently denied a report in the Daily Observer that he allegedly assaulted the security guard employed by the Loyal Protective Guard Service (LPGS), a private firm that is providing security services for the company.

“On the night of Saturday, April 22, I have come from a meeting with some senior managers, and when I got to the entrance of the main gate where all Chinese expatriate workers live in Bermue Town up the mines, I horn the car, but there was no reply from the security on guard,” Lee told the Liberia News Agency (LINA) in Margibi County.

“I hurriedly got out of the car and went to the gate and opened it, but only heard somebody on the other side crying that ‘the gate hit on me.’ I later noticed that the person was the security officer assigned at the gate who was very much asleep when I got there,” Lee told LINA.

After that, Lee said, “I immediately contacted her Commander Klay Dormue and the Liberia National Police (LNP) PSU detail commander. After the officers noticed that she was complaining of pain, the female security guard was taken to the BMC Hospital for medical treatment.”

At the hospital, he said the doctors took her X-ray and the results showed no injuries sustained from the gate incident as alleged by the guard, Teta David.

“I never assaulted Officer Teta David as was reported in the April 27 edition of the Daily Observer newspaper.”

Meanwhile, Klay Dormue has told reporters that information circulated in the media and other places that his officer, Teta David, was assaulted on Saturday, April 22 is “untrue.”

“She was never assaulted neither insulted as Officer Teta David alleged and published in the Daily Observer,” Dormue said.

On April 27, the Daily Observer reported that Ms. Teeta David, 31, a mother of two and an employee of the private security firm assigned at China Union-Liberia was on Saturday, April 22, reportedly assaulted by a Chinese national identified only as ‘Lee’ at the company’s compound in Bong Mines.

The newspaper reported that the victim suffered bodily pains and is at present unable to walk because of severe pains in her stomach.

However, Dormue said, “Officer Teta David has a medical history of being a very sickly person, as such the LPGS management is aware of her condition, and denying that the Chinese national assaulted her.”

Prior to the incident at the gate, Dormue said Teta once mistakenly fell from the staircase of the train that carries employees to work up the mines; and has been on a series of medications in Bong Mines.

Dormue said prior to coming to Monrovia, Teta was treated for two days at the BMC Hospital following which her family decided to take her to the JFK Medical Hospital when she was not duly discharged from BMC.

As for the incident, Dormue said Mr. Lee regretted the incident “very much,” adding that he was curious enough to ensure that Teta was given the required medical attention shortly after the incident.

“Lee is a very peaceful and quiet going fellow that laughs and shares jokes with every one that comes his way since he’s been assigned with the company for the last three years. He has never been caught insulting, neither assaulting anyone,” Dormue said of Lee.

He said Officer Teta David confirmed to police in her statement that the incident was not intentional, as it was being told in the media.


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