I-Help Liberia Medical Inc. Wants WHO Strengthen Capacity of African Nations

I-Help Liberia Medical Inc staff displayed nose masks

I-Help Liberia Medial Inc, a not-for-profit medical group operating in Liberia, has called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen the capacity of struggling African countries in the fight against COVID-19.

The organization made the call on Wednesday, April 15 at a news conference when they unveiled plans to collaborate with the government of Liberia and other partners in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the group, Dr. Gassimu Kaba, said African nations have a challenged health sector that needs the maximum support of international partners as such more needs to be done to ensure that these struggling countries are protected strongly against the virus.

Dr. Kaba also challenged the government of Liberia to continue to strengthen its capacity by working with the relevant authorities to enhance the fight against the COVID-19.

He is at the same direction looking forward to partnering with government, WHO and other health related partners in the fight against the virus.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kaba disclosed that with support from their USA partners, the organization has printed and prepared to distribute stickers labeled with signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.

Dr. Kaba: “We recently requested for a financial/food support from our USA partners; I-Help Liberia Project USA to enable us distribute food and other basic needed items to physically challenged as well as vulnerable communities in the country.”

He also told reporters that his entity was the first to produce and display locally made nose masks which, according to him, had motivated others to do the same around Monrovia and its environs.

He pleaded with Liberians to adhere to both national and international certified precautionary measures.

I- Help Liberia Medical Inc, he said operates under four pillars; He named medical surgical outreach, public health education, mental health and counseling services as well as medical research.

He promised the entity’s  commitment in the fight against the coronavirus in Liberia.


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