Court Dismisses CNDRA’s IT Specialist Falsify Divorce Document

Angel Gabriel Kartee, who was in court for forgery

Months after the Monrovia City Court, at the Temple of Justice, failed to continue the case brought by Steve Wright against Angel Gabriel Kartee, for multiple crimes, which include alleged forgery, counterfeiting and issuance of false divorce documents, the court has now declared Kartee a freeman.

Kartee is an IT specialist at the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA), whom Wright accused of soliciting the US$500 in exchange for his divorce document.

Wright has earlier married in Ghana and while in that country, he used his marriage document to file for a visa to travel to the United States of America. Unfortunately, the U.S. Embassy in Accra denied Wright the visa.

Afterward, Wright returned to Liberia where he had another opportunity to travel to the United States of America. It was when he said he decided to give Kartee US$500 to prepare him (Wright) a divorce paper, indicating that he had divorced his previous wife in Ghana.

Meanwhile, Wright had struck up a new relationship with another woman who was residing in the US and she had filed for him to join her in that country. That was how Wright claimed he chose to give the US$500 to Kartee to prepare him the divorce document.

It was when Wright allegedly gave the US$500 to Kartee prepare the divorce paper to enable him to obtain a visa to travel to another lady whom he claimed he had married and was residing in the US, who had filed for him to join her in that country.

Steve Wright, the man who abandoned his case against Kartee, apparently because of no evidence

Wright also claims that he transferred the US$500 to one of his brothers to find a lawyer that would help prepare his divorce document as he was outside of the country, particularly in Ghana.

In an interview with journalists at the premises of the Temple of Justice, Kartee said, it is a sad day for him, because for the past several years he had worked with the document and records section, he has never been involved into any criminal activities there.

“Go and check my record at the CNDRA, if you will see whether I have any prior criminal record,” Kartee sadly said.

Kartee wondered, “Am I a lawyer or a judge to divorce people in this country? Why would Wright accuse me of damaging his travel to his wife in the US? Am I a court?” He added, “Why did he not go to the court to process his divorce document? Why could he not pursue the matter after attempting to damage my reputation?”

Wright also accused Kartee of duping people, particularly in the preparation of divorce documents, and that he had received over thousands of United States dollars from his victims.

Kartee in reaction asked, “Who are my victims? Since the publication of the story, why has anybody not supported Wright’s accusation against me that I duped several people?”

Before Wright’s visa was denied by the US Embassy, the court’s records claimed that Wright had broken up with his past wife in Ghana, for which he needed a divorce paper to substantiate his divorce during his interview at the US Embassy.

At that juncture, Wright claimed that he transferred the US$500 to one of his brothers to find a lawyer that would help prepare his divorce document as he was outside of the country.

Based upon that, the records claim, Wright’s brother was introduced to Kartee as the person who is in the business of preparing divorce documents for people since he was an employee of the National Achieves of Documents and Records.

Immediately after receiving the divorce papers, the document alleges that Wright’s brother presented them to the US Embassy near Monrovia as part of his visa documents.

The embassy in Monrovia later scheduled Wright’s interview, and it was based on that schedule that Wright came back to Liberia for the visa interview.

“Upon receiving the call from the US Embassy in Monrovia, I immediately returned to Liberia, but I was denied the visa on grounds that my divorce paper was fake,” Wright claimed.


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