‘I Came From Night School Background’

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The Minister of Post and Telecommunication and also board chair of the Nimba County Community College (NCCC), who holds a doctorate degree in Public Administration, has disclosed that he acquired his high school education from a night school in Yekepa.

Speaking at the NCCC career fair in Sanniquellie on Saturday, May 7, he said it was not easy for him to acquire his education, given the background he came from. And being ambitious to acquire an education, he completed his high school career at a night school.

Dr. Norkeh said he was very enthused during his school days in Yekepa and decided to further his education when he saw that the expatriates working with LAMCO were making high wages.

“I forgot about all pleasures and concentrated on what to do to be like those expatriates that LAMCO hired to work at the time,” he said. “I attended the Vocational Technical College, so I could work and pay my school fees.”

The Nimba County Community College “Career Fair” was very educative with lots of words of encouragement from the speakers, participants said.
Nearly all the speakers were master’s degree holders, and explained how they struggled to reach their goals.

Dr. Norkeh obtained his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Management and Industrial Technology, with emphasis on manufacturing engineering, at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA.

He urged the students to be self motivated and use their time wisely as they pursue their goals, and encouraged them to be ambitious towards their objectives.


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