‘I Am the Right Man at the Right Time for the Job’

J. Aloysius Tarlue, Executive Governor, CBL

CBL Governor-designate proclaims at confirmation hearing, as his outdated resumé causes stir

Although Mr. J. Aloysius Tarlue, Executive Governor-designate of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), informed the Senate committee on Banking and Currency that he is the right man at the right time to clean the weaknesses and discrepancies detected by the Kroll and PIT reports, as well as the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) assessment at the CBL, his confirmation hearing was marred by discrepancies of information in the nominee’s Curriculum vitae (CV or resumé).

On Thursday, December 5, Tarlue told the packed Senate Chambers on Capitol Hill that monetary policies are not necessarily in short supply at the CBL and, therefore, “I submit that the key challenge that continues to undermine the monetary policy implementation is the lack of effective enforcement of regulation, and that compliance measure comes in place.”

“Investigative reports issued by the Presidential Investigative Team (PIT), the USAID-Kroll report, and the IMF assessment…all show variances of discrepancies and weaknesses in the system; these are the current realities,” nominee Tarlue said, adding that the weaknesses call for someone to come and clean the house.”

“And I am the right man at the right time for the job,” he declared.

Mr. Tarlue, whose resumé shows that he worked at some of the top banking institutions in the United States and Germany, told the hearing Committee chaired by Sen. Marshall Dennis that his vision for the CBL is an independent, non-partisan Central Bank, “a Central Bank that is in line with the tradition of a Central Bank, non-interference in our activities.”

Tarlue assured the hearing Committee that he is here for a good purpose, and not to undermine the democracy the country is currently enjoying.

CBL Headquarters in Monrovia

According to him, the issue of printing money is “fundamental” to the banking sector, but it is necessary to ensure that “the conditions are in place so that the public will not have doubts in what you are doing, and that is where I come in.”

Tarlue observed the lack of soundness in the bank supervision area, “and we make it optimized. Under my leadership, the main objective of the Central Bank will be to regain and maintain price stability on the market.” To put value into the Liberian dollar, Tarlue said, the CBL has instituted a new monetary policy, from an exchange rate policy to an interest rate policy by placing 30% interest rate on savings.

CV in need of update?

However, when it came to question and answer period, Mr. Tarlue, who currently serves as chairman of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Committee (LERC), made what appeared to be contradictory statements, when he was asked what form of identity he used for the 17 years, when he worked at the various foreign banks.

“I used Resident Permit status,” he said.

A Resident Permit or Permanent Resident card, or “green card,” is a plastic card with the individual’s biographic information, photo, fingerprint, and expiration date issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It authorizes the green card holder the right to live and work in the United States.

On another question of Mr. Tarlue’s date of birth, it was observed and displayed on his National Identification card that he was born on May 12, 1962; but on his CV and a police clearance he obtained, showed a date of birth as 1952.

“I will say it is an error that can be corrected.”

On his professional experience, Maryland County Senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown, who was cross-examining the nominee, observed that on his CV, he stated that he worked at Merrill Lynch from 2004 to 2007; but on the same page, showed that he worked at HSBC at the same period, 2004 to 2007.

HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company…The origins of the bank lie mainly in Hong Kong and to a lesser extent in Shanghai, China, where branches were first opened in 1865. The HSBC name is derived from the initials of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

“Honorable Senator, if that is the case on the CV, then it will be corrected,” Tarlue said.

On the same CV, Senator Brown also observed that from March 2013 to present, he is worked for JP Morgan Chase. Again Mr. Tarlue answered yes, but informed the Senate that he has not updated his CV, but indicated that that job actually ended in 2018.

Mr. Tarlue also failed to mention his current job as chair of the LERC on his CV.

Asked whether he was scrutinized, and vetted for the job as promised by President George Weah during a nationwide address, Mr. Tarlue answered; “I believe I was, I was vetted and spoken to earlier.”

“That is what I wanted to know, because the process would have determined what we do, if we were not sure that you were vetted by the Executive, then it places a greater responsibility on this committee to do enough vetting, which in my view in this short time, we cannot do…,” Senator Brown said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tarlue has informed the Committee that he is not married, but has a relationship that is blessed with two girls. Our report continues.


  1. The CBL nominee is not qualify for the job. He lied on his resume about working on two different jobs at the same time. The resume show a lot of discrepancies for a Governor designate. He should be denied because he also lied about his citizenship status. You can not use work permit to obtain a job at the bank here. You must be a citizen and he is a United States Citizen. How long can you keep your children mom in girlfriend status. This is a sign of irresponsible character

  2. Hahahahaah hahahahaah hahahahaah…..hahahahaah hahahahaah hahahahaah hahahahaah…..this hahahahaah hahahahaah…..this hahahahaah hahahahaah…..this hahahahaah…….he didn’t say anything about banking, momentary policy, inflation etc…hahahahaah hahahahaah hahahahaah………

  3. Ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Promotion of mediocrity at higher places!!!!!!

    Dear God, help my country Liberia. Deliver my people to open their eyes to never make such historical mistake again in our nation Liberia.

    The fearful thing about it is that they have 4 more years to guess, goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  4. Only God get us in this country. From
    my observation….with all the contradicting statement he won’t do better….. It’s Clare he is corrupt. I don’t understand why liberian always lie for short term benefit. What kinds of man be this? He’s not qualified for such position. President Weah need to stop appointing liars. That institution is not a play institution. Fake Leadership.

  5. Hahaha… Buying a wheelbarrow, and expecting it to perform like a truck, is a visible sign of mental illness. What do you expect an incompetent president to do? Are you expecting the president to nominate a competent person? How can he possibly detect deficiencies, when he is grossly incapacitated. You can continue to harbor your illusions, but the facts are glaring, and no amount of denial is going to alter it. This country is finished!

    • Paye, don’t be a pessimist. Liberia is not yet doomed. There will be a click in people’s brain to take the right decision soon, I am hopeful.

    • Hello my brother,
      ProphetKey told you how this dude got appointed. Our leaders are grossly incapacitated. Liberians are waiting for that brain click to wake up.

  6. Shame on George Weah for nominating such an idiot and lying fool to such a highly responsible position. In fact, the man even seems to be totally unfit for his current assignment as Chairman of the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Committee (LERC). What a mess. Weah needs to give serious thought to the suggestion that he step down peacefully and thereby save the state. That may be the wise and honorable thing to do. Right now he looks like a little 9-year old boy trying to drive a huge 90-ton truck. “He na able.”

  7. Mr. Tarlus is not ready for the job. He came very unprepared for this interview with the Senate and all his records are broken in bits and pieces. Outdated resume? What is he thinking? WOW, this too is Liberia . “‘When the competent is not-available, the un-qualifed becomes available”. Remember? What are his fiscal and monetary policies with respect to the Liberian economy? This is all a big bluff . Please send Mr. Tarlue home to better prepared for the next three years because he is not ready now! Please stop this disgrace in its trap.

  8. Has Mr Tarlue resume been investigated? Did he really work at the places he claimed? If so, in what capacities? What are his educational backgrounds and experiences? These are minor things that can be verified. Please do the research.

  9. George Weah has made another disastrous blunder by nominating this very unqualified guy to run the CBL. With such a terrible economy, then you appoint an idiot who has a fake CV? Come on Weah. Doesn’t Weah have educated people advising him? What a disgrace. I bet he lied about his employment history. The man doesn’t even have an economics degree. What was his job at those banks, they should ask him to explain what he did.

  10. A wise person once said, “Insanity is doing the same (stupid) thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

    How low can this government continue to go when Liberia’s moral, ethical and professional standards are becoming the laughing stock of the world? The international community is rapidly losing confidence in this government. It is up to this government to restore its image if it wants to be taken seriously among the international community.

    How did President Weah nominate a candidate who was not properly vetted? This joker did not go through a thorough background check for a highly important position to be nominated as head of Liberia’s top financial institution: The Central Bank of Liberia.

    If Mr. J. Aloysius Tarlue cannot keep up-to-date with his own CV, how can he keep up with a large financial institution as Central Bank of Liberia?

    If not for the careless errors on this man’s CV, he would have easily been confirmed by the Senate without a thorough background check on him. He was going to be confirmed as usual just by presenting unverified bloated/embellished CV.

    There are simple steps to take that would help avoid such national embarrassment:

    1. No confirmation hearings of a candidate or candidates until full background checks have been completed on the candidate CV: on Education, former place of employment, and on character witnesses.

    2. The Senators have staffs that are on government payroll. These staff members can save the nation some embarrassments by doing their due diligence. They can do thorough background checks on all future candidates slated for confirmation.

    3. When it comes to critical positions in the hierarchy of government, why should there be selective justice (no foreign citizenship question asked) for some candidates selected for these top government positions despite the fact Liberians are not permitted to hold foreign citizenship for these critical positions?

    4. Why not change the Constitutional provisions to allow dual citizenship to widen the poll of candidates since many well qualified Liberians live in the Diaspora and some hold foreign citizenship?

    5. There are many highly qualified and very experienced Liberian economists and financial experts out there (some retired in the diaspora). Why settled for mediocrity Mr. President?

    If this government wants to solve some of the mess that is going on in Liberia, it is time for President Weah to change course. Find the best and competent people to run the country.

    Remember, “Insanity is doing the same (stupid) thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

    • Let me touch points 4 and 5 of your expose: we have qualified Liberians without dual citizenship even right in Liberia right now. What the CDC wants is a “Yes Sir” guy who will not be an obstacle in their drive to print new banknotes or remind them of regulatory banking principles and practices. They yearn to print banknotes, thereby hoping to resolve the ongoing economic quagmire. But we are watching to see.

      By the way, Mrs. Mawine Diggs, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, was just in Abuja to beg for Nigeria’s intervention in the ongoing political affairs to guarantee peace.
      To that end, let me assure the president that the hard-earned peace of Liberia will not be derailed. Do the right thing, Mr. President. Deliver on your promises to the Liberia people. At least, ensure that their meagre salaries are paid on time every month.

      “The child that can’t hear, can feel!”

  11. How could he work in Germany and still have a green card because when you have a green card you have to stay in the United States for majority of your time. Basically he’s lying he is a citizen because there’s no way he could leave the country and go to Germany and work in Germany on a green card that means he did not live up to the demands of the green card which says that you have to live in the United States and you cannot live in another country and still maintain a green card.

  12. Why is it Liberia doesn’t do any background checks. There’s a problem with tarlue, the minister of agriculture (she was a clerk as that was her only professional experience; she lied about graduating from u.l also) and many others in top positions ! There is another guy who went to college for one semester in the USA and now he is entrusted by weah to handle a $48 million dollar grant

  13. This time I blame the Gov”t functionaries who submitted this the nominee and the nominee himself…golly you did not update your CV and they did not ensure the proper documents were forwarded. If anything negative happens to your confirmation …blame it on yourself. The President cannot be blamed for this. Sylvestine would check and over check her resume or CV….even if it was for a gas station attendant position.

  14. Yeah. CVs/Resumes need an update irrespective of what! Mistakes can be made. In this murky debacle we’re now faced with, no one knows the absolute truth. Whether the appointee was born in 1952 or in 1962, no one really knows the truth….. only he and the good Lord know. The bottom line is you never take things for granted because sometimes, things have a tendency to flip! Sadly, the nominee is slowly flipping in the deep. And that’s not good.

    In this resume development, I take a different position. I have acknowledged that the president’s appointee should have browsed over his CV before handing it in. So that’s it. Without doubt, members of the Lower and Upper Houses have a job to do. But, I think the gentlemen and ladies of the Lower and Upper Houses need to have their CVs scrutinized. The question is who evaluates the lawmakers? The lawmakers’ CVs need an update. The job they perform for the country is ridiculously below par.

    Then there is the issue of money. They (meaning the Liberian lawmakers) are always referred to as “do nothing” legislators. If that’s right, why is it that the citizens of the Liberia do not rebel against them because of the kind of money they earn yearly. I think it shouldn’t be forgotten that Liberia is a poor country. As such, it makes no sense to pay its lawmakers over $175,000 US per year when students do not have textbooks or when hospitals do not have medical supplies.

    Yeah. A change is needed in the Upper and Lower Houses too.

  15. My Heart Bleeds!

    It is often said if you cannot lead you will be led.

    I have said time without number, and I have sustained my position in support of President Weah. However, I am not going to sacrifice my integrity in the midst of Weah decision to build his fruitless political dynasty.

    I am very close to with drawing my unflinching support to the president, if he fails to listen. I have nerver supported the CDC in any manner or form, and I am not ready to shift my political direction towards a promising failure.

    President Weah decision to remain stagnant and political immature is hunting Mama Liberia. If his direction is not twarted, Liberia is soon to slip back assp.

    Unstoppable and uninterrupted political pressure to keep him in check.
    Demanding for financial fitness and credibility at every level

  16. Wrong man at the wrong time for the job , common sence if he can’t get his own resume together what makes any one believe he can get a country financial institution together, foh.

  17. Hello here.Where are the lazy defenders of the pro poor agenda .What a shame Mr. Tarlue.The president told u to come and get your share of the national cake?

  18. His CV shows lies, he is a man with girl friend and 2 kids, his date of birth shows 2 different years, he could be another high class inept criminal


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