‘I Am Ready for JIC’s Investigation’

Judge Roland Dahn

Judge Roland Dahn says over secret calls log conversation with Senate Secretary Sinbgeh

Days after Hans Armstrong, a British national, accused Judge Roland Dahn of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba County of unethical behavior and filed a complaint against the judge before the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC), Dahn said he is taking the complaint seriously.

Speaking with a team of journalists by mobile phone from Nimba County, on Monday October 26, Judge Dahn said, “I am ready for any investigation with the JIC.”

When quizzed further about a telephone call log that linked him to multiple phone calls and messages sent via SMS between him and the Senate Secretary Nanborlor Sinbgeh, the judge responded: “I don’t want to talk with any journalists about the matter; I just want to appear before the (JIC).”

Initially, Judge Dahn told Judicial reporters that he spoke directly with the Sinbgeh.

“I remembered discussing with him and I told him to discuss with his lawyer. He knows me and I know him and once someone knows you, he or she can call you.” Judge Dahn said, adding “It’s true that I communicated with him, but not often.”

Before Judge Dahn’s admittance, the court had indicted Armstrong based on an accusation by Sinbgeh that he (Armstrong) allegedly stole two machines, valued at US$650,000 belonging to MHM Eko Liberia Inc, a company whose majority owners are from the Czech Republic. However, Armstrong is the attorney-in-fact for the majority shareholders, Pavel and Martin’s Miloschewsky, Czech Republic investors.

Sinbgeh holds 30 percent share.

It was the hearing of the case that the call log exposed. The call log, copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, listed Judge Dahn’s numbers as 0775164034 and 0886516385. While Logan’s number is 0886510206 and Singbeh number is 0777223338.

The leaked record alleges that on June 17, 2020 by 8:09 a.m., Singbeh called Judge Dahn for 164 seconds (or 2.733333 minutes). Again on the same day, Judge Dahn responded to Singbeh’s call by 8:12 and they both talked for 352 seconds (5.866667 minutes).

The record also alleged that on June 26 2020 by 17:03, Singbeh called Dahn for 11 seconds. The record showed messages sent via SMS between Judge Dahn and Singbeh.

On April 3 2020 at 09:24, Singbeh sent text messages to Judge Dahn. Again, the calls log claimed that Judge Dahn also communicated with Singbeh’s accomplice, Champan Logan, on both their Lonestar Cell MTN numbers.

On March 3, 2020 by 16:34, Logan called Judge Dahn but the judge did not answer.

Later the same day, by 17:14, Judge Dahn responded to Logan’s call and they both talked for about 174 seconds (2.9 minutes).

Judicial Canon Twenty-eight, entitled ‘Self-interest’, states that, “A judge should abstain from performing or taking part in any judicial action in which his personal interests are involved.  If he has personal litigation in the court for which he is assigned, or is a resident, he need not resign his judgeship on that account but he should, of course, refrain from any judicial act in such a controversy.”

Canon Five also entitled, ‘the court as the last place of hope’, provides “the court is the last place of hope for man on earth and therefore the judge therein presiding must live above reproach; he shall not receive or demand fees for approving a bond or signing an order; nor raise unreasonable technicalities in the hope of receiving prerequisites before approving the bond or order duly present.)

Also, Canon Twenty-five, ‘Influence of decision upon the development of the law’, says the judge should be mindful that his duty is the application of general law to particular instances, that our government is that of law and not of men, and that he violates his duty as an administrator of justice under such system if he seeks to do what he may personally consider substantial justice in a particular case and disregards the general law as he knows it to be binding on him. Such action may become a precedent unsettling accepted principle and may have detrimental consequences beyond the immediate controversy. He should administer his office with due regard to the integrity of the system of the law itself, remembering that he is not a depository of arbitrary power, but a judge under the sanction of law.”

The government in 2016 drew up an indictment at the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba County against a British national, Hans Armstrong, for allegedly stealing two machines belonging to MHM Eko Liberia, Inc., a company whose majority owners are from the Czech Republic. According to the indictment, Armstrong subsequently rented them to ArcelorMittal Liberia which is operating in Yekepa Nimba County.

The indictment against Armstrong claimed that he took the machines from MHM Eko company compound in Margibi County before transporting them to the ArcelorMittal concession area in Nimba County. The indictment was served even though the government had also indicted Sinbgeh of duping his Czech Republic partners of US$5 million in both cash and equipment and materials.


  1. Was this Judge presiding over this particular case? if not I do not see what did he do wrong, Judges as well as Lawyers lived in Liberia; went to schools, attend churches and social functions with these party litigants that appeared before them; so they know/ or might have known these people for years if not decades, before they became judges or lawyers, but the public expect these lawyers and judges not to ever say “hello” to these once acquaintances, but keep on frowning, when they see them, this is impossible for the kind of society we lived in today.
    A lawyer friend of mine, once told me lawyers or judges are not inanimate object, but human beings who has blood running through his/her veins and has relatives and friends, so cannot isolate him/herself from them , just for a single case, so the most practical thing to do, is to recuse oneself in the event of an issue coming before you, where a friend or relatives are involved. So, let see where the judge went wrong.


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