“I am Qualified”

Dr. Emmanuel Bravy Daykeay

Dr. Daykeay rejects dismissal by AMEU president

The African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) graduate school is gradually edging towards a leadership crisis as a war of words continues between Dr. Emmanuel Bravy Daykeay, who has fallen out of favor with the president of the college, Dr. Joseph T. Isaac. Dr. Daykeay is the one who reportedly helped to establish the graduate school.

He is the founding Dean of the AMEU graduate school, but the college administration has said he is ‘unfit’ to lead the institution because his credentials are not weighty enough to allow him to hold such a position permanently.

Dr. Isaac has therefore preferred another colleague to occupy the position.

AMEU President Dr. Joseph Isaac

In his letter of termination, a copy of which is in the possession of this newspaper, Dr. Isaac stated that Daykeay’s credential is ‘weak.’

However,the latter continues putting up a defense for his credentials contrary to what Dr. Isaac believes. “This is a blatant lie only intended to destroy my hard earned reputation and experience in academia,” the young Liberian educator said.

In a recent interview with journalists, Dr. Daykeay considers himself amply qualified and competent for the position of dean of the graduate school. Daykeay is the executive director of the Association of Liberian Universities (ALU) and he is instituting a lot of reforms in that position, he stated.

Dr. Daykeay obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Liberia; a Master’s degree from Moody Bible Institute; double Masters degree from Strayer University, USA, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Ministry from Atlantic Coast Bible College and Theological Seminary in Florida, USA. “These were all legitimately earned,” he said at a press conference.

Currently, Dr. Daykeay is a graduating senior at the Grand Canyon University in Arizona, USA, where he is concluding studies for a Doctorate Degree in Higher Education after defending his dissertation last July.

To substantiate the claim, he displayed to journalists the original copy of his Doctor of Philosophy degree which he said the AMEU president has wrongfully attacked.

In further clarification, Dr. Daykeay said that in a global society, it is not possible for someone of his personality to return home from academic pursuits in the US to contribute his quota to bettering the ‘messy education’ sector by presenting himself as a product of higher learning institutions which do not exist or are unaccredited by any authority.

He provided a web link where the validity of the Atlantic Coast Bible College and Theological Seminary, from which he earned his Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, can be checked.

He called on authorities of the National Commission on Higher Education to intervene in the ‘unfortunate impasse,’ which he said Dr. Isaac created by his failure to professionally handle.


  1. This is very unfortunate to deny this young educated Liberian citizen the right to serve his dear country. How did he set up this graduate program if Dr. Daykeay was not qualified. Dr. Isaac, do not discourage this young man. This is exactly what we have been praying for many years. God indeed had answered our prayers. I am so proud of this young man. Ghanians and Nigerians will do behave like this towards to their fellow citizens. He does not have to graduate graduate from Harvard University to head a graduate program at AMEU. What do you mean his degree weak? He helped to establish this program. Why are you selfishly denying him his right to head what he helped to create or edtablish? Dr. Issac, do you have a personal friend in mind to give this position rather than the man who struggled and suffered to establish it? This is a personal jealousy you are perusing against this young educated Liberian. President Sirleaf has said it is time for generational change.

    • My opinion is if he’s not tenured then the school has the right to ask for his resignation or fire him for good cause. This is a private institution so what’s all this noise about?

  2. Dear ALL,
    It is not surprising, these are some of the traits of Liberians against each other; perhaps, he will employ a foreigner to head such a position. This deanship is purely administrative, I do not see why you are saying his degree is weak; if he worked hard to establish the program, why deny him?
    Think better than this.


  3. I don’t think the president is Playing any Scare Tatics here.
    Dr. Daykeay has a very bad way of relating to his students and colleagues. I have loved him from the day he entered where I am but his presentation and time given to the messy system he claim to be cleaning has brought me to a total discouragement about the young man.
    I think we need to give the president a vague to prove to us what was stated against the quote on quote Liberian Educator.
    Truly, he is not qualify to teach. I am not discrediting his Degrees but the way he instill fear into students and threaten failure at all time even to the very best students is very bad.

    Let’s clean our system in a manner that will benefit us all. Being messy doesn’t mean that we should introduce guys that won’t help it at all.

    Bravo Dr. Joseph T. Isaac for your bold steps into handling such an issue. I am sure and confident that you will feed us with evidences to substantiate your action.

  4. Honestly, this guy credentials are weak. The Atlantic Coast Bible College and Theological Seminary in Florida, USA where he claims to have a PhD from is a diploma mill. It’s not a University. Strayer isn’t a traditional university either. It may trained you for a professional role but a degree from Strayer cannot get you an academic position in any serious university. In short, Strayer isn’t a school that an academic should graduate from. The Moody Bible College is also a diploma mill. The only serious degree this guy have is the one from UL.

    • Excellent observation, Groona Pekin. Apparently, quality and excellence means very little in our country today. The fact that a so-called academician would make these choices in institutions clearly raises question about his judgment, if not his character. This is not what we want our young people aspiring to.

    • “Pekin,” you need no attribution from me, because you are right and appear to understand the topic. This gentleman’s credentials are “weak” and would not qualify him to be on the staff of any institution of high repute. First of all, most “Bible-based” institutions do not seek accreditation from regional or national accreditation institutions. Let them justify their reasoning.
      This could go on forever, but finally, if I had to have a life-saving medical operation, I would rather have the best qualified person do it (regardless of national origin) than a nurse simply because he or she is a Liberian.

  5. Most of us in Liberia always value any degree once it is from AMERICA. Don’t take anything at FACE-VALUE.
    It pains me to say this: The Young Man in Question degrees are not up to standard. The MA and Doctor degrees are from a DEGREE MILL colleges, which is what you paid is what you get. And the DOUBLE Masters are from an ONLINE UNIVERSITY, which is also another what you paid is what you get.

    True be told, the Brother degree is ABSOLUTELY WEAK. He only has one tangible degree and that is from the UNIVERSITY of LIBERIA. He might have come up with great idea, but to lead the administration with the type of degrees he has will be unjust to those who have obtained a proper DEGREE.

    When you want to do something, do it the right way so it can’t caught up with you down the line.

  6. “Atlantic Coast College of the Bible and Theological Seminary online study programs are designed to provide you with a self-paced fast track degree completion format. Also, the combined degree programs give you a seamless study from the B.A. to the doctorate.You will benefit from lower tuition fees, a financial Scholarship, or Grant, and the accelerated subjects completion schedule for faster graduation.”http://atlanticseminary.org/

    Grand Canyon University is a for-profit Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona

    Is there any legitimate degree this man has that he can work for without it being on-line or for profit? Yes, we need educated people but they have to be qualified. With these degrees, this man cannot find any position outside of Liberia. And now students complain that he is rude and arrogant. My brother, what are your real credentials?

  7. “This is a blatant lie only intended to destroy my hard earned reputation and experience in academia” – what experience is that? The only experience you have is sitting in front of the computer. Unfortunately these online schools do not teach you human to human interactions and administration.

    • The only experience this gentleman had in America was either driving a Taxi, working in a Nursing Home cleaning, or a crazy home. All of which are honorably and better than stealing; therefore be proud of what you did.
      While in school here, I also worked in a nursing home as an orderly. It was not till I graduated that I moved on.

  8. I knew, and always had in mind that JESUS was a black man, infact a PALESTANIAN JEWS born in Palestine (present day occupied WEST BANK and HEBRON) . That’s the reason he never had a fair trial.
    But nothing is mentioned in the BIBLE about BLACK MAN. Black man and Browm men are still fighting DESTITUTION……even in their “OWN HOME”.

  9. Dr. Isaac and the school have good reasons to separate from Dr. Daykeay.

    Liberia is backwards today because some of our leaders continue to place people in the position.

    1) You cannot make a farmer the head of JFK Memorial Hospital or the ministry of Health and expect the healthcare industry to thrive.
    2) You cannot employ a Medical Doctor (MD), for example; Dr. Gornigalee who ran Phebe Hospital for years as the governor of the Central Bank of Liberia and expect him to run the banking sector flawlessly.
    There is a reason why students specialize is specific areas of study — so, they can bring expertise to the position.

    To the best of my knowledge, AMEU is NOT a Bible Training School, instead, it is an institute of general learning.
    So, no body qualifies to be Dean of the Graduate School because he/she was a founding member (SKD built the SKD stadium, so should we give all the financial benefits of the stadium to the Doe family?) or based on the mere fact that he earned a doctorate degree.
    If Daykeay had earned degrees in Education and/or school administration, I would have sided with him.

    Going around the world and picking up lightweight doctorate (Dr.) degrees does not make you smart … Hmmm, I wonder why is he still in school trying to get another degree if he is so qualified?

    I almost forgot. In Liberia, most people believe that if you’re called Dr. Somebody; that means that you are capable of performing in any position. NO! THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    we need to start separating the goats from the sheep, or else Liberia will NEVER change for the better.
    Thank You, Dr. Isaac!!!!!


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