‘I am not Arrogant!’

LP Standard Bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine

-LP Standard Bearer Clarifies Public Perception

The standard bearer of Liberty Party (LP), Charles Walker Brumskine, says he is not arrogant, as he is being portrayed by people who don’t understand him.

Brumskine poignantly noted that this perception of him by some Liberians is not true.

Callers on a recent 50-50 Talk Show on SKY FM were of the opinion that the counselor is not only arrogant, but also too ambitious.

Besides the opinion held by those who called on the Talk Show, over the years, the first Liberty partisan has been accused of being arrogant, which many Liberians at home and abroad claimed cost him the presidency on two occasions (2005 & 2011).

On the Sky FM Wednesday morning show, Cllr. Brumskine described himself as a friendly and down-to-earth fellow who is not arrogant, as some people perceive him to be.

Cllr. Brumskine said people who claim he is arrogant and not accessible are people who don’t know him as a person.

“I may not be a poor man; yes, my father was a poor man, but he paid the price for me to be where I am today. I am not arrogant; I know where I come from. My best friends are the zogos today; they are my children because they go to the party headquarters every day just to meet me. I am a regular Liberian from a humble background trying to do what I think is good for our country,” he said, adding that it is normal when people have nothing to say about another person, they look for negatives.

“None of my detractors will tell you that Brumskine doesn’t have the requisite qualifications to be president of this country. They won’t talk about experience, temperament. All they claim is that the man is arrogant. I am not arrogant; I am a regular guy,” the LP political leader added.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Brumskine has vowed to change the country fundamentally if he is elected president on October 10.

Meanwhile, the LP leader also said he has been accused of having made a “tribalistic statement,” pointing out that he has been making every effort to untie himself from allegations of being a proponent of tribal politics, especially with a statement attributed to him that it was time to “beat dumboy in the Mansion.”

Speaking on Sky FM about three months ago, Cllr. Brumskine said as a Liberian of Bassa ethnicity, and with dumboy being the traditional food of the Bassa people, he would have nowhere else to pound it besides the Mansion if elected President of Liberia.

“I went to Nimba and I talked about the Nimba people for us having GB in the Mansion; I went to Lofa, I talked about torborgee; I went to Cape Palmas and I talked about palm butter; I went to Cape Mount and I talked about cassava leaves,” he said.

“I’m a Bassa man. Should you elect me as your President, I want to swallow dumboy every day. Do you think I’ll leave the Mansion and beat it on Broad Street?”

He said talking about preparing the traditional food of the various ethnic groups in the Mansion is only meant to show that the Mansion is for all Liberians.

Brumskine noted that contrary to how people have perceived him – as an arrogant and hard-to-reach person – he is the most accessible political leader in the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, Cllr. Brumskine also described as “nonsense,” the insinuations of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai during his recent comment about President Ellen Sirleaf’s alleged support to Liberty Party.

“I have heard this for a while from other presidential candidates and their surrogates and even surrogates of the Vice President, but had decided not to respond, knowing that it is designed to distract me from the important issue of who is the most prepared to lead our country.

“But because such a nonsense has been reiterated by a presidential candidate, who is the sitting Vice President of the country, I now feel constrained to respond,” he said. “It is totally false, and there is not an iota of truth to the insinuation of the Vice President.”

Not long ago at a press conference at the LP headquarter in Congo Town, Brumskine said: “The President of Liberia has not given Liberty Party any support in cash or kind. And she is not supporting my candidacy.”


  1. Charles Walter Brumskine is an arrogant, pompous, Congau man who thinks the Presidency is his personal property. He only picked Karnwea to hopefully get votes from Nimba but he will lose. Brumskine is power hungry and wants to act like he is a Bassa man, but he is Congau man. Brumskine is currently in 5th place and will lose again for sure.

  2. Yes, you are. If you have to say you are not, you are. Your time in various positions have been highlighted by you calling people derogatory names. You are promising the earth like this is the only way you can serve mama Liberia. You just discover Bassa but that will not fool anybody. Your throat is too small to swallow dumboy because I bet you you just started swallowing it to lie to the people. Aye God, everybody promising something to be president but please do not let this arrogant man sit in the Mansion.


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