“I Am A Record Breaker, Talk-and-Do President”

President Weah says in his less than two years in office, he has achieved more than any of Liberia's past presidents.

Tells marketers as he warns Liberian media against “negative reportage”

President George Weah has referred to himself as “a record breaker, talk-and-do” President, calling on Liberians not to listen to those in whose care the country was entrusted for more than 100 years and had nothing to show in terms of their achievements.

Though the President recently decriminalized free speech through the legislature, he has challenged the Liberian media to report the “positive developments,” and desist from reporting what he portrayed as “negative image” of the country.

He said while he does not intend to influence the content of the media reportage, it is important that media reports facts and truth of happenings in the country as their professional, and national responsibilities require.

“To my friends who are members of the Fourth Estate, let me indicate that we need the image of this country to be portrayed in a very positive way. When you see good things, you must talk about it; when you see bad things, you can also talk about them,” President Weah said.

The President’s remarks were delivered extemporaneously on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at the program marking the official dedication of the Old Road Market. He said that it is “unhealthy and harmful for the peace and development of Liberia for the media to report wrong in the face of truth.”

“You cannot see the truth and report the wrong,” he said, stressing the negative effects of growing “misdirected media reportage,” according to a release from the Executive Mansion.

The President’s remarks appear a bit less rash than remarks he delivered at the dedication of another market, the Duport Road Market, where he threatened that “anyone caught insulting the President will be dealt with, according to the law.” The statement, delivered on the eve of the much heralded “Save The State Protest” held on June 7, 2019, was received with shock and dismay and seemed to earn him more negative feedback, amid the pending protest.

Pundits are now wondering whether the President has started a trend to air out his frustrations with free speech every time he dedicates a new market. This is only the second instance, and may be too early to tell.

In a related development, the President then informed residents of the Old Road Community that the construction of the “state-of-the-art market” is part of the government’s development plan to build roads, markets and invest in agriculture, as enshrined in the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

“The construction of the Old Road Market,” according to the release, marks the second time President Weah has intervened to give the facility semblance of modernity. He had earlier raised the roof of the market, which was virtually falling due to decay.

He told the marketers and other cheering residents that Liberia is bound to progress with development when Liberians learn to bear patience and work with his government.

“You have given me a six-year mandate; it will not take a day to reconstruct the country or two weeks to revamp the economy,” President Weah told the crowd in an effort to dismiss growing criticisms that his administration is not working to improve the lives of Liberians.

The President said that his government was working “untiringly” to fix the bad economy it inherited, and said that no other President before him has achieved what “I have achieved in less than two years in office.”

Though the President did not categorize his achievements over his less than two years in office, a student of politics at the University of Liberia informed this newspaper on condition of anonymity that the president has nothing positive, “except that his administration has brought untold suffering to Liberians, and has equally sanctioned the free movement suspected criminals onto the streets.”

However, the President said: “Our agenda is to develop Liberia, because my plan is to ensure the realization of promises I made to develop the country through roads construction and improve the agriculture sector.”

“This is why we are building roads, we are making sure that all untidy structures are changed and Liberians are empowered to be able to grow their own food,” the Executive Mansion release said, quoting the President.

He bemoaned the fact other Liberians continue to criticize in spite of the tremendous efforts being made to develop the country, adding, “There are other citizens, who still criticize this market to insinuate that the government is doing nothing.”

Weah continued, “Twelve years ago, you never had paved roads in your communities, because those who were in power continue to say the roads are not good, and not well paved. I am doing everything for you—something that those who spent 12 years in power did not achieve.”

He added, “I want you to join me so that together we can fix the broken economy, because criticisms will not help the situation.”

The President pledged that the government will do its best to fix the economy, but called on Liberians to maintain the peace, as there cannot be development amid conflict and confusion.

Weah: “What was damaged during the 14 years of civil war,” he said, “cannot be fixed in a day’s time. This government is focused on rehabilitating Liberians whose lives were damaged. I want you not to join those who are undermining the country through protests. Join me to rebuild the country.”

As part of his development plans, President Weah said the government was exerting efforts to change the lives of Liberians, by building concrete homes in place of the huts they have been living in over so many decades.

He promised that concrete structures for indigent Liberians will be built across the 15 counties. He said those Liberians, who worked in past regimes, and are sincerely willing to work with this government will be welcome while those that are not willing will be weeded out.

The President used Wednesday’s occasion to disclose his government’s plans to support Liberian farmers to enable them grow food and make the country self-sufficient in food production.


  1. Mr. President , your economy is FAILING, oh! What are your thoughts on THIS important issue???
    Ok, now ” How do we improve the economy to benefit the quality of life of the Liberian citizens “? What really matters to the poor man is feeding his family
    What incentives are you going to give to hundreds of thousands of “disenfranchised Liberians ” willing to come home from western Europe & America & elsewhere abroad to invest in their countries? Why can’t Embassies be initially implementators to capture the ideas and business plans of those “disenfranchised Liberians ” and help co-coordinated with the National Investment Commission so those coming can have a smooth path to success. The co-ordination process can include MOU ( memorandum of understanding) in regarding to banking, assuring foreign creditors of the viability of the business with certain assurances from the government. This will delay a lot of “back & forth” in being vulnerable to bribery and many “red tapes” that prevent small foreign business growth in Liberia from foreign entities with foreign sources of Capital. This would mean equipping Liberian embassies with employees with those skill sets to interface with those foreign businesses and the NIC ( national investment Commission). These “disenfranchised Liberians ” are a “missing component ” to Liberians economic growth. They were mostly born in Liberia. are sending remittances faithfully to help relatives, they are importantly skilled in vital professions to help the country and they have access to foreign capital from the various countries they hold citizenship in. Let’s open our arms and identify those willing to “do good” for Liberia but in an accommodatacc and predictable fashion to both the government, the individuals and the NIC to ensure a “smooth transition “.
    PROGRESS for the people and economy is the preferred “end goal”! Hopefully, like Ghana and many other countries
    In Europe, south America, etc. we can establish requirements to make some of these “disenfranchised Liberians ” citizens. Those who demonstrate a desire to improve the wellbeing of Liberia.

  2. Oh yes! You are a record breaker Mr President. No one can take that from you,that is why you started breaking down your house(s) to build new ones immediately you toke office. No president has ever done that! Indeed you are truly a record breaking man! The private jet, the 40 plus brand new homes built along the RIA area is a world record breaking for a president who is fresh to the presidency! I mean who can’t take that from Weah? Tolbert,no. Tubman…I don’t think so! Taylor,well you might want to argue and Doe,the evidence is right in Tuzon, where his multi-million dollars home is yet to be completed. Becareful how you break record….you might not want to end like ,Doe or Taylor!

    • KZZ… Please stop… You know well and good we aren’t discussing entertainment. At the rate which Liberia economic and corruption is going ..No one should be surprised when the worse case scenario happens… For goodness sake man, we are appearing in the economist… This is ALARMING

      • Eaddy, be realistic. There is no country or government free of corruption. Corruption can only be curtailed at a minimal level after a protracted period. Are these “entertainments” – the implementation of policies on education, infrastructural social capitals, market complexes, working with the IMF, World Bank, housing, jobs, energy, etc.etc. or the president been fluent in the first major language in the subregion?

  3. Shut-up M.Cammue! Truly and correctly, George Weah is a record breaker! Which footballer in Africa before Weah ever became World Best, Europe Best, Africa best? Whoever in Liberia? Which Liberian President ever hailed directly from the masses and won his presidency By and through one of the most transparent, free, and fair democrartic multi-party elections in Liberia? NO OTHER but George Manneh Weah!

    Which Liberian president prior to coming to power had already made and broken Records of been popularly known on the word stage? No other but George Weah! Cammue, which Liberian Presisdent ever introduced PRO POOR AGENDA? That is only the record breaker George Manneh Weah. Cammue, tell us which Liberian Preaident ever ensured tuition free universities and colleges throughout the country? That´s this true son of the soil George Weah!

    Tell us Cammue, which Liberian President can any Liberian be proud of of speaking both english and french?? Its this great and dynamic leader George WEAH! Which Liberian president have ever focused on the reconstruction of roads throughout the country? Which Liberian President the international community have ever said they have confidence in his leadership so much and are willing to work with this much? No other, but Pres. Weah! Which Liberian politician can boast of founding and been the leader of the largest followers ever in Liberia? No other but President Weah!

    • If you truly understood what I wrote, your response would’ve started without an insult! Go back and read what I wrote, perhaps you will digest the content well and make an informed rebuttal.

  4. Y’all please stop been delusional. How can you have peace when corruption is at this level… When our judiciary, legislature are criminal minded. This isn’t all on George Weah and he sure isn’t helping… No amount of praying will fix this…. We can’t keep selecting/electing bad characters and ignorant people and expecting things to change

  5. Lmao….record breaker lol…ok , well he is absolutely right , he’s a record breaker at being the worst president in the history of Liberia, corruption and hiring of extremely incompetent individuals for positions they are clueless about is at its highest level in the history of Liberia, this president seems to still not understand the plague he is leading this country into, Liberia which is the oldest country in Africa right now is rank , the poorest, most undeveloped and most corrupt country in Africa, smh.

  6. Folks, I read all your comments and they all make sense for the most part. How can we collectly help the present regime to mitigate the problems that have existed in Liberia for the past 172 years?
    In this world you either lead, follow, or get out of the way! I think that we need to come up with sound suggestions to the present Government of Liberia on how to improve the various sectors in the country . I am not sure if the Government will listen to our ideas but, it is better to present it and see if they will act on it than to just criticize without any suggestions or solutions or recommendations.
    Keep in mind that in this world there are 1)Spenders 2)Investors 3) Bankers. Which one do we need in Liberia at this time?
    I wait to hear any feedback from my comments.

    • My dear bro,all the best suggestions and recommendation has been submitted to this government but they all are have been ignored. The recent one was from COP( Council of Patriots petition). The major problem in Liberia is fighting corruption and the rule of law. If this government is serious on that,we will save a lot of money on things that don’t matter.for instance,the huge salary disparities in government. More to that is the endless allowances and benefits that comes with certain individuals in government. Imagine in a country that depends on outside support but paid it’s government officials more than those countries that supports their budgets. Imagine that! Are they serious?

      It is unrealistic for a government that wants to fight corruption when they can not give us justice on the so called mop-up exercise that this government dish out for mopping up assess liquidity. $25m is not a small amount to just let pass by without finding individuals who are responsible for such a broad day corruption! Another thing is putting people into position that they are competent for. If you hired people who lacks experienced in government,you will always have problem with cooperation and understanding.

      Another thing that is very important is known what your strategies are and how you going to implement them as it relates to what you intend to achieved. Moreto that, is having a government that is open and transparent!

  7. Peace and unity among various ethnic groups is very essential in any country’s national development endeavors. But what is most baffling about President Weah when he talks about unity is always his reference to the the word, “They.” I wonder how can he achieve unity when he speaks in this kind of divisive dialect?

    The personal pronoun, they, is a cop-out word for blaming shifting and a good communication ingredient for putting people into hostile groups. Sadly, it has become one of the president’s catch phrases, which he often uses to belittle the achievements of Liberia’s past leaders. And former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is the most mention of all his punchlines.

    In President Weah’s world, she is the worst president that Liberia has ever had. Yet, since he came to power, Liberians have watched him and continue to watch him dedicate many meaningful economic infrastructures all of which came to fruition through Ellen’s administration.

    Ellen’s administration is history. The baton has been passed to Weah now. However, the qualms that the people have about him is the fact that he has made his reckless ambition for the accumulation of wealth, his sole purpose for ascending to power. And as the result, it is causing unprecedented hardships for the poor people.

    He needs to pause a little bit and desist from this kind of logic as it takes him and his followers nowhere. It only gears up more public sentiments against them.

    And now Liberians can clearly see why President Weah would re-instate Mr. Eugene Fahngon, deputy information minister, despite his xenophobic rants and also, they can clearly see why he refuses to dismiss people in his government, who are bent on spreading ethnic hatred and tribal discord.

    This is because the president’s speeches give support to ethnic hatred, social strife, tribal bigotry, and sexist epithets. A fragile democracy like ours needs a president who can speak in an all-inclusive and conciliatory tone if he or she is serious about social cohesion or unity.

    Instead of: “they?” why can’t it be, “we”? Instead of: “them?” Why can’t it be, “us”? The resounding theme in Honorable Gbowee’s oratory was, unity.

  8. “The glass is half full”. Give the President his credit. And per the so-called student of politics at the University of Liberia, I feel sorry for Liberia, if you are the product of political science dept. because your analysis is one sided and not critical in your discernment. Wow! Do comprehensive assessment of Liberia’s political life, 14 yrs of civil wars, then 12 yrs of Ellen’s regime with international good will and fund that were most mismanaged and misused vs. a presidency of a less that 2yrs and what he has done(not perfect) and yes, we have issues as a country, don’t blame it all on the President.(illiteracy is our #1 problem). To the Observer, to quote a student who does not fully comprehend the political realities of our country debases your analysis and is shameful as a public opinion formulator, it very shameful and disappointing because your assessment is not professional per our national circumstance…The international community reads the nonsense you are putting out here.. Where are the solutions to our problems that are been advanced? God bless Liberia. Peace and Blessings!

  9. When partisans and inciters masquerade as journalists, a plea for accuracy and fairness in reporting would be nonchalantly dismissed as “frustrations with free speech”. Unsurprisingly, even before the 2018 Inauguration, it seemed clear that a crisis-obsessed adversarial press was going to be the spear of an anti-establishment vanguard. And the last eighteen months didn’t disappoint, obviously!

    • Then just shut the F up and ride along. Darn liar! If the press is so “anti-establishment,” then why in hell’s name haven’t you leeches countered that with your version of “the press?” You and cohorts are nothing but a bunch of paid agents thriving on the ignorance and ineptitude of the other bunch of semi-literate fools driving our country in the ground. Find somewhere else to spew that nonsense. Darn murderer!

      • sylvester baghdad moses former nsa director when people were being tortured and killed. you shoiuld get the hell out of politics your ruthlessness has cause the lives of many citizens. shut the F. Up . explain why your lord Weah has 12,000 shoes. did you see his home before 2018 ? i have been there

  10. Liberia is in an apparent “DECLINE”. Yet, President Weah continues to stand by some of his “APPARENTLY INCOMPETENT” appointees in important-senior positions in his administration. You call that progress? No! Liberia is fast becoming a “FAILED STATE”.

  11. I am not a fan of George Weah but he is the chosen president and skeptics must allow him to serve his term. I have one question for all the skeptics that are critical of Liberia’s President Weah and are always whining or crying like wild dogs. If you can do better, why not run for President? Why are you trying to turn the free elected president into a dictator by asking him to do things that the senators, representative and superintendent are supposed to do? Have you once put together a suggested plan to replace his, since you claimed his economic plan is failing? Why are you not protesting against the representatives, senators and superintendents that are stealing the country money, given themselves raises for doing nothing? Are you sure you understand how the Liberia’s government functions? If you can’t put up, then shut up. Basically, this is what it boils down to. Stop the lips service propaganda and do some critical thinking before you pollute the minds of the uniform Liberian warlords. Stop trying to inflict pain on the already fractured citizens.

  12. We had to make one thing clear for your records, there’re no truth in all President Weah have said in his speech. The document is full make believe promises which the President had never fulfill and will never fulfilled.

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