Hyde Investment Company Constructs Hand Pumps for Inhabitants in Caldwell

Anthony Borbor, local manager of Hyde Sand Mining Company, looks attentively as a technician installs one of the several hand pumps sponsored by the company within the Taylor Major Compound in Caldwell.

A Chinese Sand Mining Investment Company, known as Hyde, has begun the construction of several hand pumps within its operational area in the Taylor Major Compound in Caldwell, Coffee Farm.

Hyde is one of the biggest sand mining companies in the Caldwell Township that is responding to the needs of the people around its operational site.

The hand-pumps, according to the company’s manager, Anthony Borbor, is aimed at ensuring that the children and women have protected access to sufficient safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Borbor said the project, which is estimated at US$5,000, will serve as a major source of life for community dwellers many of who have over the past time suffered for lack of safe drinking water.

According to him, the project is also part of the company’s corporate social responsibility to the community dwellers, adding that that the project is in continuation of the company’s effort to address safe drinking water problems for the people in Caldwell, especially in the Taylor Major Compound, where the company is currently operating.

He made these remarks recently to reporters after a day-long tour and installation of the first two hand pumps in the community.

Borbor named few blocks within the Taylor Major Compound, including A, B, C and D, that are expected shortly to benefit from the Company hand pumps gesture.

He further cautioned community dwellers to take full charge of the management of the hand-pumps, stressing that, “the safety and health conditions of the residents here remain a paramount concern to the company.”

However, Borbor, used the occasion to clarify that the construction of the hand pumps in the community are not the only projects that the company is carrying on. He during the heat of the Coronavirus outbreak in Liberia, “we also provided basic health care materials to the community leaders and we are planning to do more for this community.”

Earlier on, Chris Logan, another manager of the Hyde Investment Company, said the vision of the company is to identify and give back to the community dwellers, who reside around the company site.

Mr. Logan said the project is just the beginning but “we, the company, are willing to do more for this community.”

He promised that the company will always try to meet up with its obligation when it comes to the company’s relationship with the community dwellers.

“The Hyde Sand Mining Company remains a strong partner to the community, as evidenced by its continuous financial and logistical support,” he said.

Meanwhile, the company on Saturday, November 7, 2020, dedicated and handed over the first two hand pumps to the community leadership.

Caldwell is one of the historic settlements in Liberia that predates the founding of the Republic. Established around 1825, the Township of Caldwell remains an underdeveloped district that is being populated now by many Fulanis who are acquiring huge portions of land from landowners and building thereon. 


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