Husband Killer Found Guilty of Murder


Defendant Madusu Mallah’s open confession that she killed her husband, Amara Fofana, and afterwards dumped his lifeless body in an abandoned septic tank was enough yesterday for the jury of Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice to declare her guilty of murder.

The jury also found guilty codefendant Samuka Kanneh for admitting that he criminally conspired with Madusu to bury her husband in the old septic tank.

Though Judge Boima Kontoe has about five days to announce his prison term for the two (2) convicts, each have spent two (2) years behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison.

For Madusu, she could face life imprisonment. But because of her confession, Judge Kontoe may likely reduce her prison term, possibly to ten years.

As for Kanneh he may be sent to jail for five years including the two years he has already stayed behind bars, because of his crime of complicity, and his confession, which under the law carries five years imprisonment

The incident occurred on July 29, 2014, in the Chicken Soup Factory Community.

During her confession, Madusu in cried and told the court that she killed her husband because he had informed her that his (Fofana) family had advised him to marry another wife from Guinea.

In her testimony, Madusu said, “I have nothing to say about my husband’s death and I regret it.

“I confessed that I have done wrong to the state and jury. Please forgive me for what had occurred that lead to his death.”

She further explained that after she noticed that Fofana was serious in getting another wife, on the night of July 29, 2014, she went in the market and bought spaghetti, eggs and mayonnaise to prepare his supper.

While preparing her husband’s meal, Madusu added that she tore apart three pairs of old batteries and poured the acid water from the batteries in Fofana’s food.

Thereafter, her husband began to experience serious abdominal pains and helplessness.

She said she sat there watching Fofana die slowly and after noticing that he had died, she said she contacted her cousin, Kanneh, who also resides with them and they dragged the dead body from her room and dumped it into an old septic tank.

Her confession came after co-defendant Kanneh, in his testimony, admitted that he helped Madusu to bury Fofana, who, according to him, was his cousin-in-law.

It was Kanneh, who said that he narrated the story about the death of Fofana to his family, which lead to their arrest.


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