‘Hurricane’ Broh Sweeps Point 4

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If the mandate of the Presidential Taskforce is to ensure that structures built on government lands are pulled down, many victims say the exercise is leaving them poorer.

Last Friday, General Services Agency, (GSA) Director Madam Mary Broh, known as ‘Hurricane Broh’ as a result of her passion to get the job done no matter who is injured or left in tears, tore down several structures already marked for demolition by the Ministry of Public Works.

Hurricane Broh and her team of ‘avengers’ swept through the Point 4 Community on Bushrod Island tearing down every earmarked structure, as residents fled the area for dear life.

“It came like a hurricane,” a victim told the Daily Observer as members of the taskforce flattened her structure. “I was able to take some of my things out.”

Many of those affected said they are already poor, with some admitting they were aware that the area was marked for demolition, but because they had nowhere to go, they had to remain until the taskforce came to destroy their structures.

However, the owners of some marked structures appealed to the taskforce to allow them a few more days to get their personal effects out before they are destroyed, a request that was granted by the team.

“They will be back today and tomorrow (Wednesday) to complete the job,” a man who successfully negotiated his structure’s temporary reprieve told this newspaper in an interview Saturday, as he unhinged the doors and windows from his marked structure.

“I don’t know where to go. I have no choice. I must find somewhere else to stay until the storm can clear from my eyes and I will be able to do what is necessary.” He noted that losing his residence was costly.

Taskforce sources told the Daily Observer that structures marked ‘remove’ by the Ministry of Public Works are doomed regardless of who is occupying them.

“Since we want development it means that we must do the right thing by not building structures on lands that belong to the Liberian government,” a member of the taskforce said.

Since the Presidential Task Force began tearing down illegal structures and buildings erected on government lands, many losers have blamed the government for not seeking their interest, though many agreed that they were not supposed to build on these lands in the first place.

Some said they were misled during the sale by supposed ‘owners’ of the lands, who claimed that the lands belonged to their families.

Meanwhile, another area that may face the wrath of ‘Hurricane’ Broh is the stretch of properties built on the train track from NPA’s main office to the Bong Mines Bridge.

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