Hurdles to Print New Banknotes Remain

Senate Pro Tempore Albert Tugbe Chie

— But Pro Tempore assures senators, staffers 2 months’ pay

Senate Pro Tempore Albert Tugbe Chie has maintained that conditions which prompted the Senate’s declination to authorize the printing of new banknotes remain unattended to as of last week.

“I don’t know yet whether we will return in November, because there were issues with donors authorization, so the Senate declined to give that authorization, because we felt that the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has to be restructured. And as we speak, since our closure till today (Friday, October 25), I have not seen any movement in that direction,” the Pro Tempore told Legislative reporters over the weekend.

Pro Tempore Chie: “So, I am not aware that we will come back; it may happen next week, maybe things will change; but so far to my knowledge, I hear the same rumors that you continue to hear; but I have not seen any movement, no, not to my knowledge; it is possible, but as we speak I don’t have that information.”

He admitted to delays in payment of salaries to both the senators and their staffers for two months but said that the government remains committed to taking care of the arrears within the next few days.

“Yes, I must admit there is two months’ delay for the entire Senate, including all senators. The staffers have not taken pay for August and September, unlike other agencies of government that have taken pay, principally because of the harmonization scheme in the Legislature,” he said.

According to Chie, the budget for the Legislature was reduced by US$10 million, which he said also affected compensation. “All around the country, nearly all employees were harmonized, but at the Legislature, we decided to absorb the shock, so we did not harmonize any of the staffers’ salaries.”

The Senate Pro Tempore clarified that the delay in payment is due to the paperwork at the Ministry of Finance, “because there is a change in the compensation for senators, and that has to be worked out, so that is causing a little bit delay. But the government has the money to pay them and right now, we are working overtime to make sure our staffers get their pay on tine; within a week or so; the money is available at the Ministry of Finance for two months for the Legislature; only the paperwork to make sure that the cut reflects what is in the new budget.”


  1. Thanks for the clarification Sir. We now know that the pay delay is not due to lack of funds, as is being rumored by the usual jackasses.

    However, why Government always wait for the lies to spread, before making clarifications?

  2. The Liberian Government need to be pro-active in the dissemination of information about what is going on in the Government and the Country as a whole.
    Your continued clarification after the lies and misinformation is really killing the image of the Government.
    You need to tell the people what you are doing instead of waiting for those disgruntled losers to spewed lies, before you react.

  3. My suggestions to Weah: He should print a lot of money and saturate it into the economy. As he learned in his economics classes, while doing his post-graduate degree at DeVry, money, particularly the Liberian dollar, does not have to have anything of value to back it up; the more Liberian dollars that are printed and circulated, the more resilient the economy becomes.

    In fact, the best time to print money profusely is when the economy is not generating output, when jobs are suppressed, and when the local dollar is caving in to hyper-inflationary pressures against other foreign currencies.

    He should strategize more on how to clamp down on freedom of expression and connive with the state security apparatuses to silence and murder more critics; thus, this move will invite foreign investors into the country.

    He should continue to strategize and connive with the state security apparatuses to clamp down on freedom of expression, to murder and silence his critics. Huzzah! This is the best way to invite foreign investors into the country.

    If I may use one of his famous lines, “Education does not build a country.” Of course the president is right as the IMF is full of book people; so, he should not listen to its experts. After all, according to him, he can lead Liberia exclusively with common sense.

    The election year 2020 is getting closer; so, in the midst of the budgetary crunch he should pad the government payroll with his CDC partisans whether they are qualified for those made up positions or not, or whether the funds are there or not. After all, it is a winners-take-all government.

    He should keep on engaging in unproductive spending, using large swaths of the nation’s scanty budget on useless foreign travels, while the average citizens cannot provide a daily meal for themselves.

    I wish him the best of luck as he continues his journey of printing and spending his way out of poverty.

  4. Well, one thing though, concerning the so-called printing of new banknotes is that some agencies employees are likely not to be paid again or on time . The overzealous Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah said before the Senate that money to print the new banknotes at the cost of 35 million US dollars was not in the present budget. But would like for the lawmakers to consider and authorized the printing printing. That mounts to giving the regime a blank check to cash in the future. But since the new banknotes must be printed at the request of George Weah , and no money is budgeted for the printing , some agencies are likely to be short change again , leading to more street protests for their present and back wages owed to them by the regime. Well the regime has hired a US Rambo as Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Defense to handle all explosive political protest against the regime.

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