Hurdles Persist on Pres Weah’s RIA Road Project

President George Manneh Weah

For the second time in a month, President George Weah has submitted a communication to the Senate seeking that body’s indulgence, approbation and acquiescence to authorize the Ministry of Public Works to enter a contractual arrangement with the East International Group Incorporated to reconstruct a 44 kilometers stretch of on the Roberts International Airport (RIA-ELWA) highway.

Through a motion by Sinoe County Senator J. Milton Teahjay, the Senate, for the second time voted unanimously that the instrument does not fall within the authority of the Senate and, therefore, turned it over to the leadership of the Senate to do further consultation and make a report to plenary.

Prior to that motion and subsequent decision, heated argument ensued in the Senate Chambers, specifically with Senators H. Varney Sherman, Oscar Cooper, Abe Darius Dillon, and other like minds wondering whether the issue of road construction was an emergency, for which they were recalled from their annual break for extraordinary session.

The Legislature, through a Presidential proclamation over the weekend, requested that body to return to Capitol Building for a seven-day extraordinary session to discuss pertinent national issues.

It can be recalled that in a communication to the Senate, dated October 3, 2019, President Weah recalled the September, 2017 Senate’s ratification of a pre-financing agreement between the government of Liberia and East International Group Incorporated for the pavement of a total of 65.5km of road.

President recalled that since then, intervention has been made on a total of 21.5km of these roads, while about 44km are yet to be implemented.

“Distinguished Senators, the purpose of this communication therefore, is to seek your indulgence, approbation, and acquiescence of the honorable Chambers to authorize the Ministry of Public Works to enter into a contractual arrangement with the East International Group Incorporated, to carry out the reconstruction of the 44km Roberts International Airport road as a replacement for the remainder of 44km neighborhood road under the ratified agreement that are yet to be implemented,” the President noted.



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