Hunters, Police Search for ‘Killer’ in Bong

Armed police and traditional hunters seen in Cow Farm Village, Zota District as they prepared to track down and arrest a killer hiding in the bush.

By Marcus Malayea in Gbarnga Bong County

Traditional hunters in Zota District, Bong County backed by members of the Liberia National Police have intensified their search for Moses Porkpah, the man who allegedly shot and killed his wife with a single barrel gun.

On Thursday June 1, Porkpah reportedly shot and killed his wife Doris Yahn in Cow Farm Village for not giving him a good portion of the food she had prepared on the fateful day.
Cow Farm Village is situated north of Camp Naama, a former military barrack in Zota District, close to the border with the Republic of Guinea.

Residents are shocked and gripped with fear after Porkpah on Friday, shot and wounded two traditional hunters who were part of the party searching for him.

The two victims, only identified as Amos and Andrew, were both shot in the leg and are at the Phebe Hospital in Suacoco undergoing medical treatment.

“We were at different locations in the bush when he saw us and shot us,” one of the victims said. “This guy is an experienced hunter.”

As a result of the unfolding situation in the area, normal farming activities in the district have been suspended, residents said.

Speaking to this newspaper, the Commander of the Bong County Police Detachment, Chief Superintendent Fredrick Nappy, said a team of police officers is in the District working along with more than fifteen traditional hunters to arrest Porkpah and bring the situation under control.

Cow Farm residents are hoping the government can have Porkpah arrested speedily because by hiding in the bush, he has made it difficult for villagers to carry out their farming activities.


  1. This guy is armed and dangerous but he will be caught in a matter of time because I am sure he does not have enough ammunition to use. Traditional hunter usually carry very few ammunition but it is good for security forces to check with the local shops in the district to see if he purchased more ammunition in the past. He killed his wife for food, I am not too sure if he planned such an ugly act to get more ammunition for that purpose. This is a sad situation for the people of Zota district because farming activities has come to a stand still. I hope he will give up and face justice.

  2. It’s about time Liberia have a few trained K-9(dogs) join the Police Force. A well trained K-9, will do a lot better than human; in such case.This criminal would have been captured by now.


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