Hunter Kills 4 Elephants In Sapo National Park

One of the dead elephants as was discovered without its tusks, by the FDA rangers, in the Sapo National Park

The administration of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) in Sinoe County, has arrested a 60 year old hunter for allegedly killing four elephants in the Sapo National park.

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, the hunter, only known as Jarwee, according to the report, illegally entered the Jleepo Forest, near the National #1 Nature Reserve around Nelson village and hunted the animals down.

Up to press time last night, it was not clear as to the type of weapon Jarwee had used to kill the animals, but an eyewitness claimed to have spotted him with a well-loaded automatic rifle.

According to report obtained by the Daily Observer, Jarwee allegedly killed the four elephants in early March, but FDA rangers, who were on a recent foot patrol discovered the carcasses (bodies) of the elephants, without their tusks.

Elephants are among some of the world’s endangered species, and one of most protected animals in Liberia.

“Upon the discovery of the dead elephants,” the park warden, Alexander Gbarway, said they applied all efforts to bring the culprit to book, but have not succeeded, owing to the density of the forest.

Gbarway added, “Under the law, if anyone kills wildlife illegally, said person(s), when found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction, can be sentenced up to four to five years or be fined an undisclosed sum of money.”

“An act of hunting down such animals contradicts section 11 of the National Wild Life Conservation and Protected Area Management Law of 2016,” Garway told a reporter in Greenville.

Meanwhile, some of the residents in Nelson Village said the Jarwee is an old hunter, who has been in the trade since 1980, but was in the constant habit of targeting wild animals, specifically elephant for its tusks.

They therefore called on the FDA to conduct further investigation as the killing of the animals may have involved several other known hunters.

The Sapo National Park is Liberia’s largest protected area of rainforest. It contains the second-largest area of primary tropical rain forest in West Africa after Tai National Park in neighboring La Cote d’Ivoire.

In the Upper Guinea Ecosystem, Liberia has about 48 percent of the rain forest, according to the FDA.

Ever since the Sapo National Park was proclaimed in 1983, there has been very slow progress to protect the areas from intruders; among them are suspected aliens.

The park is the country’s first protected area. Following the prospectors were hunters, many of them former combatants, who poached the park’s animals to sell as meat to their potential customers.

Importance of Elephants

As icons of the continent, elephants are tourism magnets, attracting funding that helps protect wilderness areas. They are also keystone species, playing an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live. During the dry season, elephants use their tusks to dig for water (interesting).


  1. 4 elephants and USD 25 million, which is more valuable? They have swiftly arrested the hunter, but the finance minister is still free.

    No justice in Liberia.

    • Emmanuel Moore, you should be more ignorant and overly insane to justify the killings of endangered species.

      • Do you know how many Liberians have died due to the pervasive corruption going on in Liberia? Do you know how much drugs USD 25 million can buy to treat sick people in Liberia? Hiw many poor people have died from curable illnesses as the result of lack of quality medical care…which is caused by the rampant stealing by the likes of Samuel Tweh, etc?

        Elephant life has more value than those of Liberians who die in their numbers due to poor governance and corruption.

  2. Jarwee’s butt needs to be locked up. Maybe 6 years behind bars will teach him a good lesson.

    I need not talk more because Farley and Miamen said it all for me.

  3. 5 years is not enough! He should be made to pay a huge amount, name those he sold the tusks to, and give him 10 years sentence. Sapo forest is a national treasure and must be protected. Use him as an example to deter others.

  4. Perhaps, he was encouraged by these so-called investors(Europeans, Asians and others) to do it for small money, four(4) at a time? Something is fishes about this; someone is behind this deal, let the security move into that area to investigate, he did not do it for the purpose of consumption, but to sell the tusks, an international connection is in the looming, and is now threatening our endangered species, let them calmly investigate the hunter, something is happening. This could be the beginning of a Hugh problem, I am suspecting some of our Asia so-called investors behind this criminal venture.

  5. FDA is not doing an effective job?

    By now all towns in Liberia should know hunting these animals is wrong. We see wild meat on the roads and in the markets for sale all the time. Do you buy these meats also?

    We have made 2/3 of our family land reserve for forest and animals.

    FDA should also stop the cutting of trees by “investors”.
    May God bless our IQ and Nation.

  6. Sad, yet, it is a teachable situation…They are a source of tourist attraction. One, but four unacceptable. Educate our people please. That is excessive.

  7. Mr. Mentor, which of the two statements below best describes the status of Mr. Jarwee, the alleged culprit in this story?

    1. The administration of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) in Sinoe County, has arrested a 60 year old hunter for allegedly killing four elephants in the Sapo National park.

    2. “Upon the discovery of the dead elephants,” the park warden, Alexander Gbarway, said they applied all efforts to bring the culprit to book, but have not succeeded, owing to the density of the forest.

    Thank you plenty in advance for obliging.

  8. Karen,
    I know how you feel. I agree with you for Jarwee’s buyers to be fined. But please Karen, let’s not kill him. If we do, his ugly blood will be on our hands.

    The gun he used was not a regular hunting rifle. I am convinced that some foreigners were involved.

    So that’s part one.
    Should the case reach to Monrovia, it will be hard for some of us to be at peace. The corrupt justice system is my concern. A drunk Liberian judge who may hear the case, could wisk the foreigner out of the country.

    It happened before.
    A Nigerian national named Bejedi was sent out of the country for medical treatment. Bejedi is the gentleman who became so enraged that he bloodied his subordinate’s lips with a cell phone. The law enforcement of Liberia did their do. But, when a Liberian judge heard the case, Bejedi was given orders to leave Liberia.

  9. Who should be punished take something that he likes from him like maybe his hands you take the elephants tusks so they can’t dig for water take your hands so you can’t eat food

  10. We don’t LOVE OUR COUNTRY, nor do we love one another, is it therefore surprising that we don’t love what is in our country, i.e. nature and our wild animals?

    Our institutions/structures are not fit for purpose. We have leaders, but they have no voices!
    We are the people, but where are the people?… The TRUE, EDUCATED Liberians, not the current Liberian-Americans.
    We have to find the PEACE, the SOLUTIONS TO PEACE.
    Populations grow, and people become more dissatisfied.

    I believe in democracy, but the model that we have has not worked. The manipulation of democracy is a very serious issue in our country, and it has worked! Our population has a level of illiteracy that can be manipulated, and that’s NOT right.

    Liberia needs a SOLID LIBERIAN WOMAN who can justify her actions. A 100% WOMAN, with LOVE OF COUNTRY, a LEADER who can take Liberians to a place where they should be. Demonstrating REAL LEADERSHIP, that is EARNED, and that earning is GOOD LEADERSHIP.

    And Liberia is where it is in 2019. I challenge anybody.

  11. The MURDERING of this peaceful animal is unacceptable.

    This animal has rights and entitled to protection under our law.This is complete cruelty and this has brought tears to my eyes.
    There is a need for the creation of a animal rights law in Liberia or enforcement and advocacy.

    Even a chicken and dog should be detailed, included and PROTECTED once they are COMPANION ANIMALS or PETS.
    What kind of people are we?

    Probably we need to work with communities in these HOTSPOTS to provide an ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF LIVELIHOOD.

    SAD. SAD and SO SAD since 2019.

  12. The Hunter’s butt must be put behind bars for a long period of time after his day in court. The hunter knows that there’s a law that forbids him and all hunter’s from doing something like that. In reality, the hunter took the law into his hands in defiance of the country. What on earth is he going to do with four elephants? The hunter is a jerk. He deserves to be locked up. The lockup will definitely instill some brains in his skull.


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