Hundreds of Muslims Endorse Weah

Weah addresses a crowd of Muslims who endorsed him over the weekend

Two days after the lifting of the prohibition on the runoff presidential election by the Supreme Court, hundreds of Muslims have endorsed the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) of Senator George M. Weah, describing him as the best candidate for the country.

The endorsement, which was held over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, brought together imams and women and youth groups.

Bobby M. Sheriff, Sr., who read the endorsement statement, said they strongly believe that Sen. Weah is prepared to address issues affecting Liberia and its people, as well as working with everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

He said the coalition represents all sectors of Liberia, because its members hail from villages, towns, and cities with many of them being students, market women, teachers, motorcyclists, farmers, street vendors, engineers, doctors and much more.

“We want to first thank all of those who turned out to vote during the first round of the elections and also thousands of Muslims who worked hard with their various political parties in reaching thus far and showing to the world that Liberians are peaceful. Today, we are joining a political revolution and it continues until victory is certain,” Sheriff said.

“The United Muslims Organization of Liberia, in collaboration with twenty other Muslim groupings, including imams, unanimously agreed to support Weah of the CDC for the runoff election.”

He said they will continue to work hard to ensure the election of a government that will represent the entire population of Liberia, and not just a few.

“We have come to make a conscious decision that will be in the interest of Liberia, because Liberia needs a different kind of leader that will bring real and positive change. Over the time, we have had the opportunity to speak and interact with Liberians, including Muslims who have said that this election is about their needs,” he said.

Sheriff said they believe that Weah is the next president of Liberia, and endorsing him is the best decision, adding, “Weah is prepared to address issues affecting the country through the evaluation of the CDC platform.”

According to him, a CDC government will create thousands of jobs for the people, build the country’s infrastructure and make Liberia all inclusive.

“Weah will build roads, schools, provide access to electricity in various homes and businesses, and support the agricultural sector. This election is about bringing health services to the people and reducing the unemployment rate that affects the people, especially college graduates,” he said.

Many Muslims gathered at CDC headquarters to endorse the presidential bid of Sen. Weah.

Accepting the endorsement, Senator Weah said he was pleased to see such an overwhelming turnout to ensure a CDC victory at the end of the pending election.

“We are delighted to accept your endorsement and want to assure you that our government will seek the interest of both Muslims and Christians. We will make sure that Muslims and Christians will work together and move together in harmony,” he said.

Sen. Weah said he was excited to see political parties and individuals coming together after the first round of the elections, which speaks of togetherness.

“We are your leaders, do not be afraid to talk to us because we are humans, and can make mistakes. For Liberia to move forward, we all need to work together and advance. Your ideas are needed and would help in making Liberia a better place,” Weah said.

According to the Senator, every Liberian played a part in destroying the country, adding that “it is time to fix it” under his leadership as President of Liberia.

“I want you to be prepared for the rebuilding of Liberia. Don’t make Weah president and sit at home, because we need your support and ideas. If you are a market woman, your idea to make others advance will be appreciated,” he said.

The national chairman of CDC, Nathaniel McGill, lauded the Muslims for the endorsement and promised to work with them. “As the runoff proceeds, VP Boakai will have to face the country’s giant. I am sure that we will win the elections at 80 percent,” he boasted.

McGill said the CDC government is prepared to not only retire Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, but will also provide a retirement package for him, including security.
“I know that Weah is a good man and we want to assure VP Boakai of his total benefits,” he added.

Alvin Worzi is a Liberian journalist with over seven years of professional experience. For the past few years, he has been engaged in covering land issues, security, education, gender related issues, politics, and agriculture. Mr. Worzi is currently the Assistant Secretary General of the Executive Mansion Press Corps (conglomeration of reporters assigned at the Executive Mansion). Mr. Worzi is a member of the Press Union of Liberia.


  1. “Be careful what you wish for,” we are often forewarned. What convinces these people that Weah will build schools, roads etc? Where did they get such idea or impression from that George Weah can do those things? If not for a concern for the greater good of Liberia, one would wish a Weah presidency and let these people live to experience what they wish. But God self in heaven knows Liberia has borne more than its fair share of pain in recent years.

  2. Mr. Hilary Snyder.
    Don’t forget, these are the same people you are asking to vote for Boikai. You need their vote to the get Mr. Boikai elected, so you can to where you dream to be. I know Liberia has borne more pain, who brought the pain on Liberians? Did you read Mr. Flomo Domah piece he wrote on the creation of the Lofa Defense Force in the “Daily Observer ” comment section?

  3. Shortly after the October 10 elections, Weah’s supporters took to Twitter in an apparent attempt to mislead the voters in Liberia and elsewhere. To an extent, their tactic of misleading the Liberian people worked, but for a brief while. Today, we are being told that “hundreds of Muslims” have given their endorsement to sen. Weah. That might be true, but knowing the tactics of sen. Weah’s supporters, I am not surprised to read that “hundreds of Muslims” have endorsed the senator. With all things being equal, all the Muslims of Liberia who are eligible to vote will not vote for Weah.
    Muslims are not monolithic! The Muslims of Liberia are not sequestered forcibly in sen. Weah’s pockets! The Muslims are an independent group of the Liberian fabric who will cast their ballots like their Liberian counterparts. There are a good number of Muslim Liberians who strongly support VP Boakai. What is expected of the Weah’s supporters is civility. After the runoff is held, it would be pleasurable for the Weah people to keep their cool and spare the Liberian people an announcement of the winner. Despite its internal problems, the announcement of a winner is something the NEC can do.

    • As we watch from the diaspora, it is very frightening to imagine the affairs of our Liberia toss up for grab by so called “educated-for-the-masses” who spend time in the club rooms casually discussing “who will own which ministry or agency” based on the hours they put in the campaign.

      It will be a path to the demise of true patrioticism and a the cause to serve the people of Liberia. It is clear that the “MO” of these educated guys is so dangerous to the socio-economic growth of Liberia.

      It is my personal conviction that if Liberia is pulled in this direction, than the judgement of Almighty God is inevitable. We have become very offensive to our God. We most pray for the mercy of God so that we be deliver from this Tsunami and avalence of cancerous greed and total demoralization of Liberia.


  4. The Muslims, majority of whom are Mandingoes are only endorsing Hon. Weah, because of Tribal Rivalry and their affiliations to EJS. *She married a Mandingo-Sirleaf. They may also be interested in putting their Islamic Agendas before a President Weah. “Be mindful!”. There is a price. It’s called Quid Pro Quo. Yes Indeed! “Be Mindful.”

  5. weah camp is going by the Russian’s play book…misleading news and this won’t work.
    if you vote weah, you are harming yourself. Mark my word, weah presidency is the
    destruction of Liberia. All will suffer most especially the Youth, women and children.

    I recommend Bokai; he will bring greater development in all areas

  6. Liberians have suffered in the hands and doing of the “politicians”, as they called themselves , than any group.
    Let us dig a little dipper.
    1) The Whig Party ( Americo Liberian politicians and state men). Ruled Liberia from 1847 to 1980. During their time, Liberians with indigenous names like: Hney, kollie, Gbayehfor, Weah etc were not treated right. Education privileges were denied. One has to make a total transition to their social status. By so doing, one name, religion, belief etc….have to be dropped. It was like living in the “ANTEBELLUM SOUTH”, in the United States….the PLANTATION is the only means of survival. Slaves owed their survival to the satisfaction of their masters.
    Here comes the 1980 Coup, hand picked indigenous children, educated under the past Whig Region, were now shering power with backwood schooled-low ranked junta members. The indigenous boys quickly mastered the craft passed on to them by their former suppressors to be used against their own country men ( the majority illiterate masses). In so doing, many political parties were formed: UP (1985), LAP (1985) UPP etc.. Since the reign of the True Whig Party in Liberia 1847 to 1980 ( 133 years), the Liberian people have not seen violent and atrocities against them compare to the short 23 years period from 1980 to 2003.
    UPP angaist LAP, LAP against UP, MOJA angainst PPP, PAL against MOJA etc..
    FAST FOWARD….these are the same group fighting for power amongst themselves 37 years, after an indigenous led Junta ruled us for 10 “Red” years.

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