HSI Launches “Feeding  and Treatment” for Domestic Animals

Starving Dogs, Cats Benefits from HSI Free General Health Care Services, Feeling Program In Charlesville

Humane Society International (HSI), a not-for-profit organization (NGO), has launched a feeding and treatment exercised for at least 2,000 for domestic animals, including dogs and cats in Margibi County.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Charlesville, the Country Director, Morris Darbo disclosed that as part of the entity’s responsibility to the fight against COVID-19 in Liberia, they thought it wise to promoting health care services and free food feeling program to starving dogs and cats in the streets and communities, something which, he said, is in response to the fight against COVID-19.

According to Mr. Darbo, everyone knows that COVID-19 is not only affecting human beings but domestic animals as well as cognizant of the fact that these animals depend on human beings.

He believes that in the absence of proper feeding and medication for these animals they will continue to be exposed to diseases and poison as a result they have to go into the communities and streets in search for food, and when they contact the diseases and come back home, they interact with people.

“We are providing food for them in every community for three to four days, followed by general veterinary medicine,” he noted. Veterinary is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals care.

He further said that they also do what he called “take and feel control, rabies vaccination, and de-worming” so that disease that is found in these pets can be treated. “We are targeting 2,000 starving dogs and cats beginning from Margibi and this program will be extended to Montserrado County and other parts of the country,” he clarified.

He stressed the need to take care of domestic animals because when they are affected as a result of any virus the livelihood of people will also be destroyed.

Right now people are thinking about how to feed themselves and their families providing food for their animals becomes a challenge.

He said due to the assistance they have been providing to starving dogs and cats in various the communities, many are now appreciating Humane Society International and even want the entity to continue.

“Coming in to help them with food and medication is like we are complimenting their efforts amid the COVID-19. Helping with food and free health care services for their pets is also serving as a protection for the people,” Darbo said.

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder, and injury in animals care, we take and feel control, we do rabies vaccination as well as de-warming so that disease that is found in them it will be treated.

He acknowledged that animal protection is strange in Liberian society; especially where people are not educated about how to take care of pets.

And we have a small population of street dogs without an owner and they survived leftover food from restaurants and look for food shops and because of the look down as a result of the coronavirus. These places have been closed so they are now finding it difficult to survive.

HSI also donated COVID-19 related materials to the community members in Charlesville

The way the society will interact with animals, that is how these animals will interact with us. Like in some countries when you stretch your hands up to a dog, it definitely feels you are going to play with them, but on the contrary, in our society, we are so violent so they find it difficult to interact with us.

Take and flew these are living parasite that lives on the dog skin common in our setting. We also have warmed Para-virus among other diseases.

“It is an organization that protects all animals we are here to ensure that the society begins to value animals because they are a living thing like us and therefore they must be treated fairly.

“We also have a consultant in the schools where we educate the kids about how to take care of the animal and coexist with them. We also talk to community dwellers on how to talk about the care of pets and wide life.  Mr. Edmond Okai, a beneficiary of the domestic animal treatment exercise was timely and unprecedented, “because some of us don’t have the actual food and treatment for our animals, therefore we want to thank Humane Society for this process. Sometimes you will see an itch, rashes, lice, and sores on the dogs, but we  don’t have the money to properly treat them.”

In a related development, the organization has donated several anti-coronavirus materials to residents of Charlesville.  The donation, according to Darbo, is intended to buttress the efforts of the government and other partners in the fight of the COVID-19 which has taken away thousands of lives around the world.

He told recipients of the materials it was the organization’s own way of identifying with community members who could not afford it at the time of the crisis.


  1. Great initiative, guys! Keep it up, and please keep doing awareness so that the ordinary citizens of Liberia can understand that dogs, cats, and other domestic animals are a part of us and need care.

  2. This is so heart-warming! Animals, especially were created to coexist with us humans. One of their bring around us is to bring a sense of joy we cannot get from fellow humans, and the Most High knew this long before we were created. But as violent a society we are to ourselves, how can we show concern for other creatures. A dog or cat could be a lifetime companion for a lonely person as long as they know how to treat it. Our treatment of animals in Liberia is so disgusting, especially dogs and cats, and I know someone would soon tell me they make good meat🍖 in their stew. That’s much disgusting. I’ve read of countries, especially in the West where animals are so trained that they help the blind, the sick, the lonely and also provide jobs, I mean real paying jobs for people. I call on Liberians to who are graced in this area of animal care to consider volunteering with HSI and get fresh ideas on how to wisely and profitably interact with animals, especially those that can be domesticated and find their passions growing. Thank you HSI for this kindest gesture of yours. Please help us to learn how to love these creatures God has wisely put in our care for our own good. Let’s fight the animal-torture mentality we have as Liberians. For the righteous takes care of his/her pet.


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