HRH Charity Foundation Launches SOS Call for 5-Months Old Baby

Little Destiny Moore needs heart surgery and a C Spine Surgery

A local charitable organization called Her Royal Highness Foundation (HRH) is calling on well-meaning Liberians and philanthropists to help save the life of a five-month-old baby boy, Destiny Moore, who has been diagnosed with a heart and cervical spine problem.

HRH was founded in January 2018 with the aim of helping the sick, disadvantaged children, refugees, the elderly, mentally and physically impaired individuals. The organization also extends help to children with other special needs, orphans, children of internally displaced parents, abused children as well as individuals who are socially endangered and in a state of poverty.

Mrs. Karishma Pelham-Raad, Executive Director and founder of the HRH charity foundation, said little Destiny is in serious pain and needs urgent medical attention.

Quoting medical reports, Mrs. Pelham-Raad said after a full examination at Jahmale Medical Solutions, a cervical spine X-ray was carried out on the child. The result came back showing that the anterior spinal line is disrupted by a 5.9mm anterior displacement of C1 on C2.

According to her, Destiny needs an urgent surgery before the bones that are slipping out of his spine slip out totally. Without the surgery, she said, Destiny will not be able to move major parts of his body and he might become paralyzed in such a case.

Mrs. Pelham-Raad, who came across the five-month-old baby during her organization’s COVID-19 food distribution in various communities, noted that little Destiny needs current advanced medical treatment for impairment in the neck.

She said doctors advised that the child be taken abroad for such advanced medical treatment, because “we do not have a Cardiologist in Liberia to carry out the Heart Surgery, and we also only have one Neurologist in Liberia who can carry out the C Spine Surgery.”

Mrs. Pelham-Raad is also a Radio Personality, Activist, and Ambassador for two major brands, Aqualife Mineral Water Liberia and SEGAL Security Firm.

She also quoted the mother of little Destiny that he was born with a serious neck problem that does not allow him to move his neck in any direction, and he also has a respiratory problem. But she is unable to take her child to a hospital to see a doctor due to financial difficulties.

Mrs. Pelham-Raad said, “The little child is in serious pain and needs urgent attention.”

The HRH CEO, who has expressed serious concerns about the child’s health problems, is leading the campaign to help the child get the requisite medical care.

Meanwhile, she is appealing to the Government of Liberia (GoL), particularly President George M. Weah, the international community and business people in the country to come to the aid of little Destiny and assist him to receive urgent medical treatment.

Meanwhile, the HRH Foundation has begun its project to feed 500 needy homes, particularly people who feel that they have been abandoned by friends and families amid the deadly Coronavirus that has affected almost every country with Liberia being one of the most vulnerable.

They have already visited few communities in Montserrado County, to share rice, oil, water, Clorox, soap, and hand-washing buckets to each home.

HRH said anyone wishing to make donations can do so by kindly reaching out via email or call on +231(0) 8881111118, [email protected], and


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