Housing Units For W/Point, NKT, Other Communities

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The Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate is requesting authorities at the National Housing Authority (NHA) to partner with his office to carry out a study on how low cost housing units can be provided for the communities of West Point, New Kru Town (NKT), Clara Town, Logan Town and Jamaica Road.

The Pro-Temp and Gbarpolu County Senator, Armah Zolu Jallah, held discussions Monday with authorities at the NHA on provision of housing opportunities for the five communities and recalled that since his youth days, residents of those communities continue to live under alarmingly appalling conditions.

If his proposal meets the consent of the NHA authorities, Pro Temp Jallah promised to discuss the initiative with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to find possible solution to the age-old impasse of providing affordable housing units for the slum dwellers.

The Gbarpolu Lawmaker stressed that the National Budget appears not to be poor friendly, because superfluous expenditures go toward compensation for officials in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, respectively.

Senator Jallah also talked about launching a campaign to collect waste (garbage) in those communities which continues to have serious effect on their lives.

For his part, the Managing Director of NHA, Samuel Wlue, welcomed what he described as brilliant ideas from the Pro Temp, and cautioned those in authority to for once disregard politics and concentrate on what will improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

Wlue informed Pro Temp Jallah that his institution has already conducted a workable study and has agreed to partner with him (Pro Temp), but said the problem is the lack of will to do what is right.

The NHA boss lamented that Liberians in the five communities were undergoing unbearable conditions because of space, and stressed the need to extend the mortgage system in Liberia mainly to low income earners.

The Pro Temp’s meeting with Wlue at the NHA offices behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs comes in the wake of increasing threat posed by the sea erosion on residents of both New Kru Town and the Township of West Point.

The fence to protect D. Twe High, the only high school in the Borough of New Kru Town has already been washed away by the sea, while the Kru Beach in West Point is likely to follow, as the sea is now only about 20 yards from the main road of that township.

An allotment of US$2 million is reportedly allotted for immediate remedy to his year’s flood situation in those two slum communities.

It may be recalled, however, that the Chairman on the Senate Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, Albert Chie recently informed Senate plenary that as a trained geologist, he advised that the long term solution to the sea erosion in those two communities is the construction of housing units and relocate the residents.

Senator Chie warned that any attempt to contemplate in building barriers in those communities will prove very expensive and may end in failure.


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