House’s 70th Member Takes Oath

Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers administers the oath to Rep. Roger Domah.

61 males to 9 females; 3 seats still empty

Nimba County District #7 Representative Roger S. W. Y. Domah has been admitted as a member of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature through an Oath of Affirmation administered by Speaker Bhofal Chambers on Thursday, February 15 during the House’s 11th day sitting.

The acceptance and induction of Rep. Domah to the 54th Legislature was based on a letter from the National Elections Commission (NEC) informing the House that it has given him a certificate and declared him winner of the October 10, 2017 Representative Election in District #7, Nimba County, after the final determination of the district’s electoral dispute.

The Nimba lawmaker becomes the 70th member of the House of Representatives, with three seats still empty, including Bong County Districts #4 and 7 and Nimba County District #4.

Rep. Domah’s admission has increased the number of newly elected lawmakers to 39. He replaced Representative Gertrude Lamin. There are 31 re-elected incumbent representatives.
Domah has also increased the male lawmakers to 61, while the females total nine.

According to Chapter 5 of the House’s Rules and Procedures, ‘Each member of the House of Representatives before taking his/her seat, shall take an oath or affirmation to uphold and defend the Constitution and the Laws of the Republic of Liberia as well as to faithfully discharge the duties and functions of the office as a member of the House of Representatives.’

Every six years, there are national elections where citizens in defined geographical areas called electoral districts choose from a range of candidates — citizens living in or near that same area — and elect a person (male or female) to sit in the legislature as representative of their district (defined geographical area).

Seventy-three (73) elections are held for the 73 electoral district seats spread across the country.

Since the October 10 elections, there have been a series of electoral disputes at the NEC and the Supreme Court against the NEC’s official results, thereby delaying the certification of seven of the 73 elected representatives in December 2017 when 66 Representatives were certificated.

Their certification was followed by those of Rep. Clarence Massaquoi of Lofa County District #3 in January 2018 and Representatives Joseph M. Matthew, Jr. of Gbarpolu County District #3, Larry Younquoi of Nimba County District #8, and now Rep. Domah, all in February.


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